Movies in Review: “Lucy”

Lucy has been on my anticipated top ten summer movie list. The theatrical trailer for this movie was so intriguing, and you know Johansson always puts it down in an action flick. I was expecting great things from this film. Unfortunately my excitement going into the theater didn’t match my feelings coming out :(

Ummmmm…hmmmmm…u ever not know how to define your feelings about something? I’m having this problem with my review for this film. Ummmmm…I can’t say I didn’t like it because I thought Johansson was excellent and the action was good, the story was ok…but uh…Wth was the point again…I missed it. The movie was great, but then suddenly went in a direction that was just weird (to put it plainly). Why was Lucy the only one of the drug mules who was put in prison? What was the deal with the scenes where Lucy was almost at 100%, when she kept going back and forth in time…weird. Then the white room, turning into matter thing…weird. And did anyone notice the police sergeant had a flip phone? I didn’t feel fulfilled by this movie, and left the theater with a screw face of sorts. There are people who disagree with how I view this movie, so just head my review as a warning.

This movie wasn’t horrible and has great entertainment value. But ummmmm…wth really? I didn’t like where the story went in the end. I wanted this movie to be so much better than what it was…Ugh!…C+

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Movies in Review: “Hercules”

When I first watched the trailer for this movie, I said, you can’t be serious. I thought it was a joke. It looked like a movie that was trying to be serious but missed the mark, and I was thinking it had a lot to do with The Rock being cast as Hercules. I love Dwayne Johnson, and I think this was the only reason I went to see this movie…smh.

You know what? The movie wasn’t all that bad…to my surprise. I still had a hard time taking Dwayne Johnson seriously, but his co-stars made him easier to bear. Actually the characters that were cast around him made the movie more entertaining. I was on the fence about how I enjoyed the movie, but I couldn’t deny that I found the character Lolaus hilarious with his storytelling. Hercules’s other mercenaries were all so different and very entertaining. The fight scenes were done well. Hercules teetered on being corny, but didn’t cross the line.

I was thinking I wouldn’t enjoy this movie at all, but I did. There won’t be any Oscar nods coming from this film, but you won’t find yourself bored with its content. Just try not to take it too seriously…B-

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Movies in Review: “The Purge: Anarchy”

Excuse me for my late posts, but I haven’t been able to make it into the theaters for a few weeks. I was gone, but hopefully not forgotten ;). I was able to catch up this week though…sooooo…how about that Purge…lol. I was surprised I liked the first installment, and was definitely thinking this second one would be an epic fail. Well the joke was on me because I enjoyed the second a little more than the first…ha!

What made this movie better was that the story wasn’t centered around one family. We met some interesting characters who were purging or just trying to survive the night. I enjoyed the story for this movie better, but the acting left a little to be desired. Most of the female characters were too dramatic. They were honestly annoying the hell out of me so bad, I was hoping someone would take them out…lol. The movie had great entertainment value by adding the two crews sent out to round-up people for the rich to purge on. The guy with the machine gun in the truck was ill! I loved the crew with the skateboards and motorcycles, especially when they were finally able to speak. My favorite part about this movie was they brought back Dwayne from the first movie with a story-line that made sense…kudos.

The acting ability was low but the entertainment value made up for it. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s good enough to check it out…B

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Movies in Review: “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”

Am I the only one who felt like this second installment of The Planet of the Apes would be disappointing? I don’t know what it was about it that I didn’t feel. I loved the theatrical poster for the film, but every time I watched the trailer, I got less interested. It didn’t look like the story was headed in a strong direction. But I enjoyed the first one so much, there was still no way I would miss this one. I went into the theater with lower expectations than most of you I’m sure. Ummmmmm…Can you say All Hail Ceasar!!!

Da Da Da Damn Ceasar! This is one bad ape…holy smokes. The way Ceasar holds the fort down is too much for words. I’d like to applaud the special effects. Did you see those apes!? How human, but still ape-like did they look? The special effects were amazing! I apologize for how excited I am about this movie, but there was so much about it that was done well. The direction, story, nothing was left by the waste side, making for an almost perfect film. Koba was ill! This ape had no heart…loved it. The humans in the movie were secondary features, because the apes ruled every scene. Who didn’t feel something when Koba tried to challenge Ceasar and Ceasar stood up…Omg…#ICant.

I could go on and on…but point blank…period…this is a summer Must See. I enjoyed the first more, but it doesn’t even compare to this one…A+

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Movies in Review: “Snowpiercer”

I love it when movies that were never on my radar are suggested to me. I never saw a trailer, theatrical poster, nothing about this movie. It came out about 2 weeks ago, and people have told me that I need to see it. I watched the trailer on-line, and I seriously wasn’t impressed. I would have passed on this movie, but more than 1 person said I needed to see it, so I took the chance on it. I walked out of the theater happy I did.

What can I say about this movie. It is suspenseful, action packed, and totally enthralling. I was about to lose my mind with this story. This is a Korean science fiction film, just to give you an idea of type of action and story you are in for. This movie was directed and filmed wonderfully. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. And can you say Tilda Swinton…will blow your mind. Her character was my favorite, although there are a number of great performances and characters throughout. Chris Evans was cool…not outstanding, but good enough to keep the story going, so I will give him kudos for that. What I enjoyed most were the scenes with shock value. You know how a movie throws you off by popping up with something way unexpected? This is one of those films. I wasn’t totally pleased with the ending, but that was only 10min of the story that was unsatisfactory, so I’m not gonna harp on it.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. If you are looking for an entertaining movie that will give you more than a simple plot with cute action sequences, then this is the movie for you. This movie is full of emotion, and jaw-dropping scenes. If it’s in your area, I recommend you see it…A-

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Movies in Review: “Tammy”

Oh how I love me some Melissa McCarthy. So I was surprised at how uninterested I was to see this movie. I don’t know…first glance at the trailer and I felt like McCarthy was trying to do way too much. I was hoping my feelings about McCarthy’s performance were wrong, because I needed a good laugh badly.

Whew! I’m happy to say I did get my laugh on, and was happily entertained for the most part. This isn’t one of McCarthy’s best films, but she did her thing. My complaint is that the story was a bit too all over the place. If it wasn’t for McCarthy I don’t think I would have been able to sit through this movie. Susan Sarandon was an excellent side kick for McCarthy. They had me cracking up. It was like watching a comedic geriatric version of Thelma & Louise…lol. These two go on a pretty entertaining adventure, but something about this movie will still have you feeling a little empty. There were storylines that should have been eliminated or expanded on. Luckily McCarthy does a pretty decent job of making you forget about it.

I was surprised and pleased with how entertaining this movie is. If you try to take this movie too seriously, you won’t enjoy it. Not a bad movie for a matinée or a fun date…B-

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Movies in Review: “Earth to Echo”

Who doesn’t love a movie with a cute robot in it? Awwwweeee…I do…lol. I couldn’t wait to see Echo. The trailer was decent and the Echo character seemed too cute for words. I’m a sucker for cuteness, please forgive me…lol. Critics are comparing this film to E.T., but I just don’t see the connection. This movie reminded me more of Wall-E (a film I absolutely adored), than E.T, but I was hoping it would be as good as either one.

I enjoyed it. I was hoping to love it, but I did enjoy it. This movie had a nice group of characters who are best friends leading the movie, Munch, Tuck, and Alex. I appreciated how the film touched on each characters personal story, but kept the focus on their friendship. They are a super cute group of friends who are comically entertaining. You will definitely fall in love with each of them, my favorite being Munch.

The filming also added to the movie’s entertainment. It felt as if we were looking at lost footage, which really worked well for this movie, and made it more interesting. I enjoyed the robot Echo, but I felt like there wasn’t enough of him. This is where the film was a little disappointing. The story was great, but I needed more Echo. This would be the only thing I say was lacking in the movie.

This movie is super entertaining, and will definitely appeal to the young ones. Some adults may also find it fun to watch also. There are some things lacking, but overall, a very cute movie…B-

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