Movies in Review: “Dear White People”

Dear-White-People-PosterNot much promotion happened with this movie. I think I came across the theatrical poster twice in random passing, and saw the trailer once. The trailer and the poster slightly caught my attention, but social media fueled it. I searched for other trailers for this film, and found myself instantly intrigued. I’m a week late with seeing this, but the buzz to see this movie drove me into the theater.

Ok…soooooo…I don’t even know where to begin with this movie. I feel like maybe I got something wrong because this movie has positively acclaimed reviews, and I walk out of the theater on the verge of absolute dislike for the movie…smh. Ok so I know it’s a satirical  drama, and everything about it is supposed to be overly exaggerated to touch on subjects and make points in a humorous way, but there was an overload of ish happening in this movie. My head was seriously in a scramble by the time the movie ended. There were so many issues, and story lines being addressed that made the movie feel like it was suffering from a lack of concentration. I enjoyed the characters, although the writing sucked. This is a movie that could have used the help of some financial backing. The party scene in the movie should have been a major impact, but instead was a huge distraction because of all the background noise and weak production. I enjoyed all the characters although they were so cliché to the point where it wasn’t funny and was all too see-through. I found myself scrunching my face and rolling my eyes through most of the movies. Like how many times are we going to keep referring/criticizing Tyler Perry movies in black satire? ~rolling eyes

Most of the movie was crappy in my opinion, but there were some scenes and moments that stood out. There are some beautifully shot scenes with the character Samantha White. There is also a movie theater scene which was reminiscent of a scene shot in Do The Right Thing. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It had some humorous character in it. I thought the reality show producer seemed a bit pedophilish and creepy, but the last scene with him and the Dean and President of the school had an impact. I liked the ending…lol.

I was definitely hoping to like this movie more. It had enough star power, but did have enough financial backing needed to make it better. Sometimes too much information takes away from the point. This movie offered too much and almost left me with nothing…C+

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Movies in Review: “Fury”

Oh how I love a good war movie, and Pitt has been a part of a few of my faves, so I was looking forward to him giving me excellence in this one. I loved the cast in the movie, although I was a little wary about LaBeouf. You just never know what you’re gonna get from this dude…ya know. To my surprise though…Shia shined.

This movie was a little tough to watch and left me with a pit in my stomach. The story moved at a medium to slow pace at the beginning then ended with pure adrenaline. Pitt is the man. Could you have expected a better performance in this role from anyone else? Pitt had me feeling his pain taken in his service for the War. It seriously felt like these men had served together for years. LaBeouf gave the best performance I have ever seen from him. The script was the outline, and these actors gave it life.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie wasn’t perfect. There were definitely some scenes that dragged on a bit longer than they should have, or were just weird (to me anyway), but I think I forgot most of what I didn’t enjoy by the end. The last 20 min of the movie was hell to watch, and I think I may have cried…I think…lol.

If you like war films, then don’t let this one pass you by. It was a good one to watch…for the most part…B+

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Movies in Review: “The Book of Life”

How beautiful did this movie look. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for color, so I’m not surprised this film caught my attention. I wish I had the theatrical poster to hang in my office. The artwork makes me smile :). Watching the trailer filled my heart with joy. It’s clear I was definitely looking forward to seeing this one.

So cute…so cute…so cute…this movie was so cute. The story for me was a bit meh…but the characters and beautiful animation made up for it. I loved the young Manolo, Joaquin, and Maria. They were super cute and Maria so sassy. Zoe Saldana as the older Maria was my favorite. I loved her sass, it made for pure comedy. The best part about the movie was the visual feast that was given. The colors and costumes for each character (especially La Muerte, ruler of the Land of the Remembered) were amazing. There should definitely be an award handed to this film for visual beauty, because it was outstanding. This alone is enough to keep the little one’s attention.

I was expecting the story to be better, but it totally exceeded my expectations for visual beauty. I don’t think anyone will care too much about what the story lacks, although I did. Although my eyes were satisfied, but my heart wasn’t, I still think you and the family will appreciate seeing it…B+

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Movies in Review: “The Judge”

Who doesn’t enjoy watching Robert Downey Jr. perform on the big screen? He is definitely one of my favorites, and a “friend” in my head type of fellas…lol. There is no question The Judge was the only movie I was actually looking forward to seeing this weekend. My expectations were set at a bar I knew this movie could meet…and it did.

Downey is one sexy man, but I would like to complain about the horrible hair dye job they gave him. It looked like an at-home dye job…ijs…it looked a little fake. Other than that, I really have little to complain about. The movie was cast wonderfully, and performed even better. I am not the biggest fan of Billy Bob Thornton, but I absolutely loved him in this movie. He was sharp, in all aspects of the word. Dale Palmer had to be one of my favorite characters. He gave the movie a light, and humorous feel, making the movie more enjoyable. Downey and Duvall were superb with their dysfunctional father and son relationship. It was kind of hardening to watch.

There are no guns or whistles in this film, just a decent story and great acting…who doesn’t appreciate that. If you enjoy a good simple feel that will grab at your emotions, then this is the flick for you. It flopped at the box office, but in my opinion, it’s worth watching…B+

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Movies in Review: “Dracula Untold”

I’m honestly not a fan of “monster type” movies, like Dracula, and any silly werewolf movie, but I am a fan of Luke Evans (plays Dracula), so I decided to give this movie a chance. If I didn’t like it, it would still be worth sitting there to watch Evans on-screen for 1.5 hrs…lol.




Well Evans was definitely worth it, unfortunately the rest of the movie wasn’t. The movie started out ok, but built up to nothing and my interest began to decline drastically. The action scenes were decent, but each scene kind of turned into the same stuff. The story also wasn’t strong enough to have me care about Dracula or his family, which is what most of the movie was focused on. The movie had some decent movement, but I found I found myself less than thriller with what was going on most of the time…eh…

The movie is very dark, and unfortunately nothing extraordinary. I was expecting a bit more, and was surprised to leave the theater more disappointed. However I did enjoy the chance to gawk at Luke Evans beautifully chiseled face and body…yaaaassss…but that was about it…C+

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Movies in Review: “Addicted”

I hadn’t heard much about this film, and I may have seen the trailer in passing once. I didn’t find anything super interesting about it except that it was based of the Zane novel…cha-ching! I didn’t get too hype about this movie because it seriously looked like a low-budget production. However, the interest of seeing a Zane novel performed definitely peaked my interest.

As I thought and suspected, the film was definitely low-budget. Honestly it should have been a made for TV movie for BET…ijs. However throwing all that aside the film was cast with some very appealing and enticing actors, very suitable for this movie. Sharon Leal was absolutely beautiful and perfect as Zoe. She ooozzzzed sex. Can I tell you there was so much sensuality in this movie, it felt like I was reading the book and watching all the characters come to life. They put Boris Kodjoe in positions you would only dream of seeing him in…Yum! Tyson was my least favorite, but he served his purpose…lol. I am still fanning myself now from all that hotness on-screen…smh.

Honestly, not the best movie, but if you want to end the night with passion, this is the perfect date night movie to get everyone in the mood. Yes it’s like that. After your girl let’s Kodjoe, Beckford, and Levy get into her head, she will definitely settle for what you have to offer…Lmao…ijs. Unless you’re doing the couples thing though, you’d honestly be better off just reading the book alone…C

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Movies in Review: “Gone Girl”

I had planned to read the book this movie is based after stellar reviews for the novel from a few friends. However soon after the trailer for this film released, and I figured I’d wait on the book. Can I tell you the chills I got from this trailer. I was more than ready for this movie release. From the trailer, I was sure that I knew the storyline…boy was I wrong…lol…

I haven’t seen a mystery thriller like this in a while. Most thrillers are easy to figure out, but if you haven’t read the book, you will be in for some interesting twists. This movie kinda had me going insane (in a good way). You will find yourself OMGing through much of it…it’s that good. Ben Affleck was amazing, but that’s no surprise, he doesn’t fail much in films. But the surprise shocker performance came from Mr. Tyler Perry. Perry did that, and proved that he could hold down a scene with an A-list actor like Affleck. Perry was perfection in his role as Nick’s attorney and owned every scene he was in. There was no hint of Madea to be found at all in this performance…you go boy!

Let me tell you this movie was so exciting, I have to read the book, because although the film was great, something tells me the book is going to be better. This one will draw out so much emotion from you, humor, angry and surprise moments that will catch you completely off guard. I was glued to the screen on this one. It has a running time of 2.5 hrs, so you know I had to use the bathroom near the end, but I’d be damned if I was stepping away…yeah it’s that type of movie. The only disappointment was the end. That’s all I’m going to say, because if I say anything else it would be too much…lol…A-

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