Movies in Review: “Beyond the Lights”

I am a hopeless romantic, but for some reason I found myself less interested in seeing this romantic drama, which is strange. I don’t know why. I liked the trailer, especially the soundtrack, but the story didn’t really capture me. I am a huge fan of Nate Parker, and was happy to see him in another role on the big screen. I had low expectations for this movie, and was just hoping to be entertained.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. First off, they picked 2 of the most gorgeous people to play the leads in this film. Gugu and Parker were giving me life. I can’t even hate on Gugu, that girl is gorgeous. She looked just like an up and coming artist dealing with the pressures of success. I enjoyed her story and the message that resonates throughout the movie. A very well written and beautiful movie. Then lets add in Nate Parker…O.M.G! I have never seen a man look so damn fine. I’m sorry, but the man is beyond fine. He was the perfect man needed to stand by Noni’s side. It will be easy for you ladies to fall in love with this man when you see him on-screen, I promise you that.

All in all, a very cute story. It made me smile, and sparked something I thing all women need, the ability to find your voice. Go see it, for the story, and the eye candy. I promise you won’t be disappointed…B+

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Movies in Review: “Foxcatcher”

You don’t really see Steve Carell doing too many dramatic roles. He is an excellent comedic actor, but I like to see comedic actors be able to step out of their element and still deliver. I watched the trailer, and immediately was intrigued by Carell’s character. This role was unlike any other I have seen Carell do, and I went into the theater feeling like he would be great. And sure enough, he was…

Steve Carell was creepy and excellent as John duPont. Nothing like his comedic roles at all. Carell dives right into this dark character and shines. But I wasn’t as surprised about Carell’s performance as I was with Tatum’s. Let’s be clear I am not a Tatum fan. I don’t hate him, but I do find myself surprised by the roles he is able to get. With that being said though, I have definitely seen improvement in his acting abilities with each role (but I’m still not convinced…lol). He was pretty good as Mark Schultz, and Olympic Wrestler. Ruffalo and Tatum did a really good job getting into their roles as Olympic Wrestlers. They had the look, walk, mentality that shined through. I kept thinking, wow, they really look like wrestlers. Unfortunately, although I rave about the performances, I did found myself a little bored with story. I honestly dozed off more than once. It moved a bit slow for me, and the running time could have been shortened by at least 30min. It picked up at the end, and left the audience a little shocked, as this movie is based on a true story.

I was intrigued by the trailer, and was definitely expecting a little more from this more. It had some fleeting shock value, and great performances, but the story was unable to fully hole my attention until the end. You will enjoy seeing Carell in this role. Just be warned that the story is a little slow, but decent…B-

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Movies in Review: “Interstellar”

Ok…so now this movie…Honestly when I watched the trailer for this film, I wasn’t impressed, but there was so much positive hype behind it I figured I had to see it, although I was hesitant. Can I tell you I almost let this movie pass me by because it had a running time of 3hrs…Uuuuuggghhh!!! Who wants to give up 3hrs of their life for a movie?…Unless the movie is excellent. Thank goodness this movie was damn near excellent…lol

There have been a number of people comparing this film to Gravity, but I guess that has a lot to do with the outer space aspect of it. But the movie reminded me more of Inception. Not that it was about dreams, but you know that thought-provoking migraine you got from Inception? Yeah you will like feel that here. I honestly was expecting to find myself bored here and there, because of the running time, but I was surprisingly entertained throughout. There are some slow spots, but would I edit anything, probably not, because it all seemed necessary for the story. I think a little of this movie got lost in translation for me, but I would love to see it again to pick up the pieces that I missed (I made 2 bathroom runs…smh). I didn’t know where the story was headed, and at one point I didn’t think it was going to find a conclusion, but then it does and now I find myself on the edge of my seat…Wow. I have to give a shout out to all performances in the film, especially the Robots Tars and Case. They were honestly my 2 favorite characters…lol. I was happy that Anne Hathaway didn’t annoy me, she was excellent as Dr. Brand.

Interstellar was stellar. Some of you may find it to be too slow, but I think this is what makes the movie grand in the end. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie late in the evening, because you will need the energy to pay attention to the story. Every piece of the story ties together from beginning to end. I went to see it in IMAX, but it didn’t seem as grand as Gravity was for this extra cost…A-

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Movies in Review: “Big Hero 6″

This is the animated movie I have anticipated the most this year. When I first watch Baymax in the trailer, I absolutely fell in love. I knew I had to make it a date between me and my little one. I wasn’t expecting it to be exceptional, but I was expecting it to be good. Can I tell you this movie was far better than good!

This movie had me in such a great mood when I left the theater. I was watching this moving and found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, as were most of the adults. This movie was so cute and such a joy to watch. My son is almost 2 yr, and was entertained enough to sit through this 2 hr feature. I don’t know what to say about Baymax, all I know is I want one. Such a great character. The movie does get a little heavy but the other characters, including Baymax help to sweeten it up. Hiro’s Aunt Cass, played by Maya Rudolph, is a hoot, I also enjoyed the character Wasabi…lol.

Who walked out of the theater giving out fist pumps?…lol. Me and my son exchanged several, as he kept imitating Baymax…so cute. This movie is a good one for the family. I heard adults weeping it up during one scene, and laughing throughout most of the movie. This movie definitely deserves an applause in my book. Very well done…A+!

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Movies in Review: “Nightcrawler”

Well this movie played out nothing like I expected from what I watched in the trailer. Maybe I was texting or halfway not paying attention when the trailer was on, because I got the story-line all wrong. But I guess it really didn’t matter to me what was in the trailer, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal, and that’s all I needed to see to confirm my attendance for this film…lol

Ummmmmm…Nightcrawler….Ummmmmm…yeah you need to see it. I love almost anything Gyllenhaal has done, but this is definitely on a different level. He outdoes himself as Louis Bloom. There is this bit of crazy with this character that will have you scared as shit. You know how someone strikes fear into your heart while having a normal conversation that involves smiles but whats being said cuts like a knife. Yeah that’s Bloom and he had me terrified. Bloom is like a rational crazy person, and I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s the only way I can describe him, because you won’t see him coming…lol. This movie gave me chills. Standing ovation to Gyllenhaal for this one.

I could say so much about this movie, but all you really need to know is that you need to see it. This is a crime thriller at its best, and there’s nothing cliché about it. This movie is totally fresh…A+

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Movies in Review: “Before I Go To Sleep”

Truth be told, I am not the biggest Nicole Kidman fan. I kinda find her work to be a bit dry and dull, or maybe that’s my own personal perception of her…but anyway. I didn’t hear anything about this movie, and only came across the trailer when I was researching my weekend movie line-up. Again not a fan of Kidman, but Colin Firth and Mark Strong however, I am, especially Firth. Firth always gives me theatrical excellence, so I figured not even dull Kidman could ruin this movie for me.

Not only did Kidman not ruin this movie for me, she was the star of the show. This has to be one of my favorite performances from Kidman. She played the frail Christine masterfully. I was completely into her story and was rooting for her through it all. I loved how her amnesia was pieced together. The amnesia was a little annoying at first, but the more pieces that were put into place made for a pretty interesting story. There were a few ~side eye~ details in the storyline, but the unexpected twist had me messed up so much I let it go. The thrills were somewhat cliché, but the film had a steady pulse that will have you wanting to see it through to the end.

I enjoy a decent thriller, and this was one that didn’t falter. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. Great cast performances and a twists and turns that may hit you unexpectedly. I enjoyed it…B

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Movies in Review: “Dear White People”

Dear-White-People-PosterNot much promotion happened with this movie. I think I came across the theatrical poster twice in random passing, and saw the trailer once. The trailer and the poster slightly caught my attention, but social media fueled it. I searched for other trailers for this film, and found myself instantly intrigued. I’m a week late with seeing this, but the buzz to see this movie drove me into the theater.

Ok…soooooo…I don’t even know where to begin with this movie. I feel like maybe I got something wrong because this movie has positively acclaimed reviews, and I walk out of the theater on the verge of absolute dislike for the movie…smh. Ok so I know it’s a satirical  drama, and everything about it is supposed to be overly exaggerated to touch on subjects and make points in a humorous way, but there was an overload of ish happening in this movie. My head was seriously in a scramble by the time the movie ended. There were so many issues, and story lines being addressed that made the movie feel like it was suffering from a lack of concentration. I enjoyed the characters, although the writing sucked. This is a movie that could have used the help of some financial backing. The party scene in the movie should have been a major impact, but instead was a huge distraction because of all the background noise and weak production. I enjoyed all the characters although they were so cliché to the point where it wasn’t funny and was all too see-through. I found myself scrunching my face and rolling my eyes through most of the movies. Like how many times are we going to keep referring/criticizing Tyler Perry movies in black satire? ~rolling eyes

Most of the movie was crappy in my opinion, but there were some scenes and moments that stood out. There are some beautifully shot scenes with the character Samantha White. There is also a movie theater scene which was reminiscent of a scene shot in Do The Right Thing. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It had some humorous character in it. I thought the reality show producer seemed a bit pedophilish and creepy, but the last scene with him and the Dean and President of the school had an impact. I liked the ending…lol.

I was definitely hoping to like this movie more. It had enough star power, but did have enough financial backing needed to make it better. Sometimes too much information takes away from the point. This movie offered too much and almost left me with nothing…C+

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