Movies in Review: “The Equalizer”

Denzel Washington is one of my all-time favorite actors. There is rarely anything he’s starring in that I have missed. But when I watched the trailer for this movie, why did I find myself the least impressed. I was giving this movie the straight side eye, thinking Denzel is too old to play this character (although I didn’t know who this character really was), from the trailer it just looked odd. This will probably be the last time I doubt Denzel…what was I thinking…smh…

First off, the character Mr. McCall is too wonderful for words. He is like a breath of fresh air, that person you wish you could cross paths with. As the movie gets going I’m questioning who McCall really is, thinking I wouldn’t get an answer. Although a very small part in the movie, I was happy to get some clarity about this man. But many of you may not care about that part when McCall is in action. This movie had a kind on Man on Fire kinda feel, but again, totally different and better. I loved how the action scenes were filmed for Denzel and for us the viewing audience, they were some great scenes to watch. To add to the entertainment value was the casting of Marton Csokas who plays McCall’s nemesis Teddy. Teddy will put fear in your heart. Every scene this character was in had me cringing anticipating what he would do. The cat and mouse chase between these two was so entertaining to watch.

This movie was nothing like I expected, but far better. I enjoyed the light-hearted feel this movie had, especially at the beginning. McCall was an easy character to fall in love with. He had his wits about him, which was played out well by Washington. Although not as good as Man on Fire, but if you liked Man on Fire, then you will definitely enjoy this one…B+

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Movies in Review: “The Boxtrolls”

Let me start by saying that stop-motion animation is not one of my favorite types of animation. As a matter of fact, I kinda hate them (ok maybe hate is a strong word), but I don’t remember the past stop-motion animated film I have seen. However the trailer for The Boxtrolls hit me differently than the other films like this. This one actually looked cute and enjoyable. I felt so confident about this movie I even decided to bring my 1yr old along, thinking he would enjoy it too…talk about bad idea…

Now my child sat through the entire movie (I was so surprised), but I was sitting there cringing at what I brought him in there to watch. The movie is kind of gross and dark for my tastes for kids. Although the claymation was beautifully done, there was still very little entertainment value in it for the kids, unless your child gets a kick out of being grossed out. I was hoping to get more of connection with the Boxtroll characters, but this didn’t happen. Far too much attention was focused on “Eggs” and the annoying little girl Winnie…omg she was so annoying. There a few cute and funny scenes that could have been played up, but the movie seemed to focus around cheese and a cross-dressing villain…smh. My kid reacts to entertaining shows, but the only reaction this movie got out of him was a jump of terror when one of the characters completely exploded on screen…smh.

I didn’t find this movie to be up to par. The story had so much potential, but I found myself dosing more than a few times. I wouldn’t recommend this for the younger kids, it’s really a dark movie. You boys may find it more entertaining, it seems to have all the nonsense young boys love…lol. I was really expecting to like this one, but I left the theater annoyed I bothered to walk in…C+

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Movies in Review: “The Maze Runner”

Who hasn’t been looking forward to this one? I know I was. The theatrical trailer for this one was well done. I was expecting nothing but a great movie, but I guess I should have done some research about the movie first, then maybe I would have left the movie more satisfied…

This movie opens well, and everything else after is greatness. There are great visuals, an intriguing story line, and a phenomenal performances by the young cast. There is great suspense, I found myself jumping in my seat more than once. The movie moves at a nice pace so interest isn’t lost. I just wish I knew that this movie was the first installment of a series, because I was completely satisfied with the movie until it ended…and you know how I hate empty endings. This movie built my emotions up, only to leave me flat in the end. Although it is a series, there had to be a better way to end it right? Most series end with you anticipating the next installment. This one ended with me rolling my eyes and caring less about the next movie. Which is bad, because for the most part the movie was pretty great…but that ending…smh…

I didn’t leave the theater the happiest, but I did enjoy everything about this movie that happened before the end. I’m sure most of you will enjoy this, and won’t leave the theater as vexed as I did…lol. Other than the ending, it is a pretty decent movie…B+

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Movies in Review: “A Walk Among the Tombstones”

Liam Neeson movies aren’t what they use to be. So I was a little less than excited about this movie, although I did find the trailer to be a little intriguing. Because of this, I bit the bullet, bought a ticket, and crossed my fingers as I walked into the theater. I wasn’t completely disappointed when I walked out of this movie, just a little disappointed…

In all fairness Neeson has gotten a bad rap for playing basically the same roles. Well with this one, it was different…sorta. Neeson actually does a really nice job, and I enjoyed his performance the most. The story was a little slow at times, but for the most part it was thrilling and intriguing. It ran a little longer than it needed to, trying to build suspense, and sometimes they were far too slow at building it. The way this movie dragged at times is my biggest complaint. The excitement picked up at the end, but I left the theater with little closure. I wanted to know the reason for the killing spree (did I miss this detail).

The suspense was great, but the story was far from solid for me. I enjoyed Neeson in this role, so no complaints there. If this movie had been edited by 20min, it probably would have been great…C+

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Movies in Review: “This is Where I leave You”

I love a good comedy, but I love a comedy even more when it’s not “trying”to be funny…ya know what I mean? This is one of those comedies where the humor is effortless and not forced with complete nonsense. This was one of the movies I was looking forward to this year. Well to be honest, I look forward to any movie Jason Bateman is starring in. He is one of my favorite underrated actors. Besides Bateman the entire cast for this movie looked phenomenal. I had fair expectations for this film, and all were met.

I enjoyed almost everything about this movie. I loved the way this comedy drama was written and played out. There was so much drama, but the comedy made it easier to take and watch. I found myself falling in love with each character. Fey, Bateman, Driver, and Stoll worked so well playing the Altman siblings. It was easy to see them as a real family. The playful brother and sister dynamic was my favorite part about the movie.

This isn’t a slap stick comedy. This is a comedy that has a nicely written story, sprinkled with a little drama, and filled with heartfelt humor. These are the type of comedies I always appreciate, and I think you will too…B+

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Movies in Review: “No Good Deed”

No matter how many times I watched the trailer for this movie, there was nothing in me that got excited to see it. I love Taraji and Idris, but this movie didn’t look worth anything. So needless to say, my expectations for this movie were very low…and it is a good thing that they were…

This is a movie I would call “For Shits and giggles”, because I was watching it knowing it was bad, but still found it entertaining enough to keep me interested. Point blank, the story was awful. Talk about predictable. Why did everyone seem so surprised by that so-called “twist” at the end…really!? The twist didn’t shock me one bit, in fact, I found myself rolling my eyes at this story. But as bad as my review sounds so far, there were things that I enjoyed. I did find parts of the movie to be thrilling. Idris played the hell out of a malignant narcissist. Every move he made had me on the edge of my seat. Taraji was also great. Although some scenes with her and Idris were hard to believable, they were still very entertaining to watch.

This story had so many holes it’s hard to say this movie was good. But the performances from Elba and Taraji definitely gave this review a boost. I had to mull over my true feeling for this one for a while, because I actually walked out of the theater entertained, but I also knew this movie was no good…lol My advice to you is go see this one with low expectations and you may find it more entertaining…C+

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Movies in Review: “The Drop”

I saw the trailer for this movie only once for the first time last weekend. I had heard nothing about this movie before this trailer, but this was all I needed to confirm it as a must see for me. If you have never heard about this movie, it stars the late James Gandolfini, and the oh so sexy Tom Hardy…see insert…

Beard or no beard it still equals GORGEOUS! Ok…back to my review…

Besides being a fan of Hardy’s good looks, I am also a huge fan of his body of work,,. Lawless, and Warrior just to name a few of his movies. My expectations were right where they needed to be for this movie and its phenomenal cast, and I got everything I expected.

Let me just say the movie felt weird…not bad…but the way the story flowed was weird, but it was this weirdness that made the film more intriguing and unexpected. Hardy was flawless as Bob. His character seems of centered, and this is what makes him intriguing. He felt like a mystery, and you will find yourself trying to figure out his angle. Hardy was definitely my favorite character, but I also enjoyed the performance from Matthias as Eric Deeds. Matthias’s character also added to that strange weirdness I kept feeling through the film. He and Hardy worked so well off each other, and you will find yourselves stunned by the end.

This movie was almost perfection for me. I love watching a movie that catches me completely off guard. This movie is filled with interesting characters and great story. It feels a little empty in spots, but it works for the story. If you haven’t heard of it, it is my recommendation you put it on your list to watch…A-

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