Movies in Review: “Draft Day”

Go Kevin…Go Costner….Go Kevin…This is the song I sing in my head when I see movie posters of sexy Kevin Costner. Va va va voom! I am so happy to see my geriatric crush come out of a retirement of sorts…lol. Now this is not to say that I have enjoyed all his latest performances/films, but who cares…it’s freaking Kevin Costner. There was no way I was going to miss draft day. With Kevin Costner at the lead and football being one of my favorite sports, I could smell a winner. I’m lying, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good actually…lol…Thank goodness it was better than I expected.

This movie is filmed all in a 24hr period on draft day. We get to see Costner’s character Sonny Weaver the GM of the Cleveland Browns work to pick the best players for his team, while dealing with all the other BS and influences around him. I know overall this movie wasn’t great, but I rather enjoyed it. I loved the way the 2-way phone conversations were filmed. It kept these scenes interesting instead of having them look like simple phone convo, it brought some needed intensity. The characters were fun, including Costner, who I really enjoyed in this role. Gardner isn’t a fave of mine, but I really enjoyed her as Ali Parker. She brought a nice bit of strong femininity to an office full of testosterone, and made her points with such style. I also enjoyed the intern (whose name misses me), who brings a nice bit of humor to the story.

Maybe it’s because I am a fan of football, but I was really tuned into this movie. It was really fun to watch. It’s not a blockbuster hit, but I definitely look forward to seeing it again when it comes on TV. I would recommend this one for sure. It’s one of those easy-going, entertainment worthy flicks…B

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Movies in Review: “Rio 2″

The animated movies as of late have been hit or miss with me, with most of the trailers failing to capture my interest. But Rio 2!?…Yay! Not like we needed a Rio 2, since the first one was done so well, and a 2nd didn’t seem necessary. But because I loved Rio so much…Yay anyway to this 2nd installment.

Although I enjoyed this movie, you could see that this 2nd installment was a push. The story for this movie was amped up, and is bigger and more over the top than the first. Not to say this is bad, but unfortunately it is obvious. However I still enjoyed all the new characters and the old ones alike. This installment had way more color and movement than the first, which is always more entertaining for the younger audiences. The choreographed music scenes were my favorite. During that musical blue macaw scene, I had to keep myself from getting up and busting a move…lol. That scene was so beautifully done. A few of my favorite new characters were Gabi (the poison frog) played wonderfully by Kristin Chenoweth, and Sangin (yeah I said sangin) Roberto played by Bruno Mars…wooooo! That boy can SANG! Lol

I still stand by my first statement in saying that this movie wasn’t necessary, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss it, especially if you have kids. They will definitely enjoy it, and the kid at heart in you will too…B+!

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Movies in Review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

If you read my review for the first Captain America, I think I made it very clear that Captain America is my least favorite super-hero. I find him to be dull when compared to the others, however I was looking forward to seeing this second installment of our first superhero. Unfortunately my anticipation had more to do with The Winter Soldier character than Captain America. However, all of my dislike for Cap changed after seeing this movie…Captain America is a bad mofo!

Finally! Captain America has some life! He was so badass in this movie I was too excited for words. I loved the action sequences in this movie. Wham! Bam! Boom! all over the place in this movie. The best action sequence came near the beginning of the movie with the car chase with Nick Fury. Wow…what a well-directed sequence. The opening scene already had my interest, but this scene had me locked in. Nice touch on The Winter’s Soldier, although I wish they would have elaborated more on how he came to be. His character is awesome, and I look forward to seeing him in future films. I have complaints about the confusing story line, but everything else about the movie was so good, I’m not even gonna waste my time with it. I do want to say kudos to Mackie for doing his thing as Falcon. Johansson is always great, although her make-up looked a bit on the orange side in some scenes…ijs.

Much respect to Captain America, he is definitely a superhero to be reckoned with. Shame on me for talking mess about him…lol. This movie is all that…for the most part. You won’t be disappointed with this one that’s for sure…A-

SIDENOTE: Was anyone feeling the final scene after the credit? Hmmmmm…

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Movies in Review: “Frankie & Alice”

It’s about time this movie was wide released. I felt like I had seen the trailer years ago when the trailer came on for a movie I was seeing last week…and I did. The movie finished in 2010 and I had anticipated its release. I love Haile Berry, but her roles/characters have been hit or miss with me, although I have seen more hits out of her as of late. I was expecting another hit when I saw the trailer.

Well…it was a hit for Berry, but no so much for the movie. This is definitely an interesting true story, that could have been a great movie…but it wasn’t, and that was of no fault to Berry who put in one of the best performances I have seen from her. The movie however was felt like it had a few holes, missed a few steps. It was like watching a stop with blank spots where more detail should have been added. For example when “Alice” showed up at Paige’s wedding, there felt like there should have been more detail to that scene. This is basically how most of the movie went, lacking in detail. However Berry did a bang up job playing her 3 characters Frankie/Alice/Genius. Her transformations were superb and I enjoyed noticing a difference in the alter egos personalities. To bad the direction for this movie did not fit the performance from Berry, or this would have been a major hit.

I was expecting more from this movie, although I got way more than I expected from Berry. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate it, because I would see it again just for Berry’s performance. It’s decent enough to rent, mainly for Berry. I honestly would have given this movie a lower grade, but I really enjoyed Berry too much to do that…B-

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Movies in Review: “Noah”

Tell me the trailer for this movie didn’t look amazing. This is the first biblical film that has ever caught my interest…ever. I can’t say what it was about this movie that drew me in, but this was the only movie I have looked forward to seeing all month. To add more pressure, I was expecting this movie to be great. I don’t know what any of you expected, but mine were met.

I was really pleased with this movie…really pleased. For any film, you expect there to be some embellishments just for the sake of drama, action, story, so that never bothers me. I thought they did an excellent job with this one. The visuals were amazing. Although most times very dark and grey, it still remained visually appealing. Kudos to Russell Crowe who does an amazing job as Noah. There was nothing cheesy about his portrayal of Noah, which is what I was afraid of. I’m not the biggest fan of Jennifer Connelly, and I thought she would be a disappointing factor, but on the contrary, Connelly pulled off one of the best performances I have seen from her. I loved her in this movie. Emma Watson has washed away her Harry Potter image in this role, and shows she is one actress to be reckoned with. I could go on and on with each performance, because they were all excellent.

Noah is definitely one of the best films released so far this year. Writing, acting, directing, cinematography, costumes, were all on point. Any complaints I have are small, and not worth talking about. If you are looking for a good movie, this is one to see…A!

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Movies in Review: “Sabotage”

I wasn’t expecting this movie to be great, but at least decent. I love a good action filled “bro” movie, and this one had enough testosterone in it to make any woman happy. I went into this movie not expecting excellence, but a great time…instead all I got was 1.5hrs worth of nonsense…smh

Who wrote this mess??? Let me first say that the movie started out pretty decent. The storyline was developing well, and the plot was thickening. There are some decent action scenes…I was getting everything I expected so far. But as the movie continued, the acting got worse, and the testosterone levels were in overload. The movie started to go wrong when Investigator Brentwood and her partner Jackson stepped on to the scene. Her investigating made no kind of sense, and her and her partner were an odd couple. The actress playing Brentwood needs to cool down on the drama classes. I felt like I was watching someone who had just completed her drama 101 course…smh. But she wasn’t even the worse part of the movie. The twist must have come out of someone’s butt because it made absolutely no sense. I would go in-depth with how stupid the twist is, but I would give too much of the story away. Concerning the last scene in the movie, all I can say is really!? That easy huh? Get out of here…smh

This movie has some fun characters, some decent action scenes, but as a movie, none of it really made enough sense for me to care. I wouldn’t waste my time purchasing a ticket, unless you have something stuck in your teeth and want to suck it out by the end of this movie. Because sucking your teeth is all you are gonna be doing when the credits role on this one…D!

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Movies in Review: “Cesar Chavez”


Finally Michael Pena in a lead movie role…yes! If it isn’t clear, Pena happens to be one of my favorite underrated actors. When I watched the trailer for Cesar Chavez, there was a huge smile on my face seeing Pena as the lead. I couldn’t wait for the release. The name Chavez sounds familiar to me, but I can’t say I know anything about him, but I was looking forward to see what Pena would do with this role.

Well…for the most part I was satisfied with the performances. Pena was decent as Chavez, although his performance in some of the later scenes were a little shaky, namely the fasting scenes. He wasn’t as great as I had hoped, and I’ve seen him with better performance. However I loved America Ferrera as his wife. She was a great fit for this character. Rosario Dawson isn’t one of my favorite actresses, but this was the first time I felt like she was more natural and relaxed, and I enjoyed this role for her. Unfortunately the performances were the highlight, because the story was a little dull and seemed a bit rushed. I felt like I needed more back story in the opening scenes. The first 15min felt very rushed. Chavez had a job where he worked in an office? Doing what again? Did I miss a huge part of that story? The scenes following were interesting enough, but quickly plateaued and fell flat. Thank goodness for John Malkovich who with his small role, outperformed everybody.

The movie was ok at best. I think they could have done a better job with the writing and directing of scenes for this movie to give it a stronger impact. It didn’t pull at my emotions, which is what I was looking for. By the end of the film, I felt like the story wasn’t strong enough to make into a movie production…B-

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