Movies in Review: “Kung Fu Panda 3”

Kung_Fu_Panda_3_posterIt’s been 5yrs since we last saw our favorite Kung Fu Panda Po. I love me some Kung Fu Panda…and I know I’m not the only one. After the sequel, I did not expect another film. I enjoyed the first movie, and then the second one so much, that I was ok without having another and leaving this franchise on a good note. Sometimes you just have to know when to let a movie end, unlike Shrek and Ice Age…smh. However when I saw the trailer appear on the screen, I was overcome with excitement. Po!!!!!! Did I mention I loved me some Po! Lol…My calendar was set for the release of this one, although my expectations weren’t very high, I was still looking forward to it.

Soooooo…Cute! Po and his crew were in rare for, with the added character additions which added a nice touch to the story. The addition of the other Panda’s was a great place to take this story, and they were hilarious. My favorite Panda’s were the ribbon twirling girl panda, the hugging panda, and of course the cute baby panda’s. Mostly because they were so freaking cute. I enjoyed having Po’s father (the duck) in the story more this time. I always find him humorous. Unfortunately because the focus was on the Panda’s, we didn’t see much from Po’s Kung Fu fighting crew. I did kind of miss them. This made the movie a little less enjoyable for me that the first 2 because of this.

If your kid is a fan of Kung Fu Panda, I’m sure they will enjoy seeing Po at it again in this movie. It is cute and fun. I took my kid and he was trying to be the Master of Chi and complained that his powers weren’t working…lol…B+

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Movies in Review: “Ride Along 2”

Ride_Along_2_posterWe all know how much I enjoyed the first movie ~sarcasm. I pretty much sucked my teeth when I heard that a second movie was on it’s way…smh. It baffles me at the nonsense they allow to hit the big screen…However my tune changed a bit when I saw the trailer. I honestly chuckled. And this movie seemed to have less of what ruined the first movie…Kevin Hart. I’m sorry, I love Kevin Hart to pieces, but too much Hart is an overdose for any movie. But the sequel looked like they scaled him back a little…thank Goodness.

To my surprise, I walked out of the theater enjoying this movie far more than the first. I think Cube and Hart had better rhythm and chemistry. Hart didn’t take over every scene with his high pitched squeaky antics, and Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong were great additions. Unfortunately the writing and story failed tremendously. It was like watching some knock-off nonsense, which is unfortunate because Hart and Cube make for a great duo. I just need the writing for this franchise to step it up about 10,000%. I laughed quite a few times, and smile throughout. Which is great coming from me.

I was expecting to walk out of the theater as annoyed as I was with the first, but this wasn’t the case. I liked this one. It wasn’t great, but definitely a step up from the first. If you loved the first movie for some reason, I see know reason why you wouldn’t like this one. For those of you with any sense, you just have to take this movie for what it is, and it helps to set your expectations really low…C+

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Movies in Review: “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”

13_Hours_posterI love a good war film, and I can usually count on Michael Bay to make the movie explosive. Although the trailer for this film didn’t really peak much of my interest, I was hoping to get more than what the trailer failed to represent. Not to mention John Krasinski looked hella fine in this movie, so the man candy was an extra bonus that drove me into the theaters…Yay…lol.

(Men may want to skip this insert) Ok so Krasinski? Yeah hella fine. I just have to give him a few props because it brings me happiness to look at such man candy goodness. I mean seriously, this is the best I have ever seen him look, and had I known he had all of that going on, I would have been crushing on him a while ago…Damn! (Men may now continue reading review)

The movie was cool. There a number of tense scenes that help the movie build-up. I enjoyed the soldiers, but felt the story didn’t really give us an chance to really get to know them as there were so many other elements and smaller storylines taking away from these characters. For example the Exxon Oil rep and her dinners that kept getting interrupted by attacks. I couldn’t really see the significance in this part of the plot. The movie drags a bit in the middle, but reaches a climax that will have you on the edge of your seat.

This movie wasn’t great, I have seriously seen better true war films. This one failed to focus on the soldiers. I know there is a better story that could have been written, unfortunately it wasn’t. The characters were great, so there is some entertainment value there. There are also some decent explosive scenes to keep the movie alive as well. Honestly this movie is the type of film I would have rather purchased through Redbox…C+

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Movies in Review: “The Revenant”

The_Revenant_2015_film_posterLeonardo DiCaprio is definitely one of my favorite actors, and I don’t believe there has been any part of his work that I didn’t enjoy, but I was this close to not stepping into the theater and seeing this one. Why? I honestly don’t know. There was something about the trailer that appealed to me, but also didn’t ~shrugs. Yes I was on the fence about this one and the 2+ hour running time didn’t make it any easier to decide to see this, but I did…and wow.

The opening scene had my jaw dropped to the floor. I was flinching, and grasping my pearls and chair at what was taking place on the screen. This movie was filmed so masterfully that it puts the audience right in the middle of all the action. Like it seriously feels like you are in the middle of all the violence. Which was absolutely intense. DiCaprio commits 100% to this role. So much so it’s hard not to feel his pain in his scenes…omg. This movie will draw so much emotion out of you, you will feel like you’re the one in the fight. Some of my favorite scenes includes the one with the bear, and the horse…you will die…wow. My only complaint is that there is a little too much down time in between the next action scene. Although beautiful to watch, it caused the movie to drag a bit in the middle.

This movie is an adrenaline rush, and will beat you to exhaustion. Thrilling to the eyes, seeing this movie on anything smaller than the big-screen just wouldn’t do it any justice. This is a theatrical work of art. Although I complain about the running time, taking anything away from what was presented may not have made it better ~shrug…but I still feel it was just a tad bit long, but a great movie nonetheless…A-

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Movies in Review: “Concussion”

Concussion_posterThe new Star Wars movie is only in it’s second week in the box office, and is still the hottest ticket in theaters right now. It’s unfortunate, because there were some really decent movies released this weekend that failed to get any shine. Concussion being one of them. I was looking forward to this movie mostly because I am a fan of football, and an even bigger fan of Will Smith. The trailer grabbed my interest about a subject I kinda brushed off as a football fan.

I had no idea who Dr. Omalu was until watching this film, or how damaging head contact is in the field football. First let me say Will Smith did his thing as Nigerian forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu. I didn’t find his Nigerian accent to feel fraudulent, and he brought such care and power to his role. It felt like Will prepped for this and it paid off. Critics are criticizing the story, but I didn’t feel as if I was missing or need anything more. Yes Smith carried the movie, but also had great support from Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Alec Baldwin. Any lover of football will walk out of the theater feeling some type of way towards the men who go onto the field every Sunday for our entertainment.

I could go on and on especially praising Smith’s performance and this story, but I think it’s best if you see it for yourself. This movie made me laugh and brought out a few other emotions as well. The pace of this film isn’t quick, but still packs a powerful punch…A-

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Movies in Review: “Joy”

JoyfilmposterI found the trailer for this movie to be so strange, but intriguing. It’s the same way I felt about Silver Linings Playbook, which was an amazing film, and both are directed by the director David O. Russell. Given Russell’s previous work, I felt confident that this movie would be better than the trailer had me feeling…and it was.

Russell has the quirkiest way of directing a film. I enjoy what he brings out of his cast and put into their characters. However I honestly had no clue where this movies was headed, and felt a little lost, entertained, but still a little lost at the beginning. Thank goodness for Jennifer Lawrence because she was absolutely perfection as Joy Mangano, the lady who invented the self wring mop (I didn’t know this before I watched this movie…lol). She gave me life, and kept the tempo in this film well. Her co-stars were just as great, adding more to the story. This movie had me on an emotional roller coaster, and I loved it.

Please don’t be alarmed at the start of this movie if you find yourself lost as to where this story is going. The movie gets on track with some nice build-up, and a fairly decent ending. Any faults with this movie had nothing to do with the cast, just some direction flaws. If you enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook, I think you will also have an appreciation for this one. Although not as outstanding, still very entertaining…B+

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Movies in Review: “Sisters”

Sisters_movie_posterTina Fey and Amy Poehler in a comedy? Come on son…that’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a good laugh. I was really looking forward to what these ladies had in their comedy bag for this film. Everyone was more interested to see Star Wars…not me! The trailer for this film had me sold, I was just hoping it would delivery.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this movie is funny as hell. There is no denying I laughed A LOT…tears rolling with laughter. Isn’t that what you want from a comedy? However I thought the story was just ok. It felt like the story needed a jolt of something less predictable…lol. Amy Poehler’s storyline, but wish there was more focus on it. Maya Rudolph is hilarious, and I also wish she was incorporated more into the story.

Everyone cast in the movie was great, held their own, and packed a hell of a comedic punch. Great movie for the girls, good date movie, or if your solo and need a laugh, step into the theater and catch this one. I promise it doesn’t disappoint on laughs…B+

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