Movies in Review: “Hot Tub Time Machine 2″

HotTubTimeMachine2_posterHmmmmm…as much as I enjoyed the first movie, was anyone thinking that it needed a sequel? When I watched the trailer for this I wanted to see it because of how entertaining I found the first movie, but it the back of my mind it looked a case of the unnecessary and even less remarkable sequel…right!? There was nothing really big that was released this weekend, so I chose to see this over The Duff, then found myself wishing I had chosen differently…smh.

Ummmmmm…I was seriously about to walk out on this one in the first 15min. It was kind of awful in the first few minutes. Nothing really made sense, and the comedy failed. However, after the first 15min, things did pick up, well at least it got funnier. Unfortunately for this film it lacked the great story the first one had and instead filled it with an annoying amount of potty humor. The comedic duo of Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry was great, but wasn’t enough to make this a movie I’d recommend or pay for…ijs.

Yes the movie is funny, but is filled with nothing but potty humor, which got annoying real quick. This movie is more for a boys night of drinking and getting high…and I’m serious when I say that. It’s filled with nonsense which alcohol or you drug of choice would make it easier to swallow…D+

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Movies in Review: “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_posterMy my my how I love a man in a well-tailored suit! Did any of you drool when you watched the trailer? Ok…maybe that was just me ~fanning myself. I don’t think I cared as much about the movie as I did about seeing well-groomed men in clothes that fit…lol…ijs. I think this was the most anticipated movie of the weekend for men who were able to get away from being dragged to see Fifty Shades of Grey by their significant other…lol. I passed on the Grey movie…I didn’t even like the book. If you were one of the unfortunate, and missed this movie, you missed a good one.

This movie was way better than I expected, and I think my expectations were about average, but this movie was damn near phenomenal. Your attention will be grabbed immediately. This movie has a James Bondish feel, but somewhat better. This movie is packed with very interesting characters, including the young cutie who plays Eggsy. I loved him, and thought he did an excellent job. I have never seen Colin Firth look so damn good! He slayed that tailored look. The action scenes were well-directed and the story well written. There is excitement, humor, and some may shed a tear. I enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson I think the most. Dressing him as a billionaire homeboy was great for his character. Not to mention all of his quirks that offer the most humor for the film. There is never a dull moment with this one, from the handsome cast, interesting gadgets, and action.

This is the most entertaining movie I have seen in a while, and one that you should not miss. I would see it again if I had the chance, I enjoyed it that much. Now I’m just hoping that they will go ahead with a sequel…A-

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Movies in Review: “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water”

SB-2_posterI am not a fan of Sponge Bob, and probably would have skipped this movie had it not been for my kid, who enjoys Mr. Squarepants. I had no expectations for the movie, I only went for my kid’s enjoyment…

So far I think I have taken my son to 4 movies, and this is the only one he sat quietly and watched from start to finish, and by the end he was up dancing to that ridiculous song…smh. The movie only had a running time of 1.5hrs, but I could feel every minute that passed. Now I didn’t hate the movie, actually, I rather enjoyed it. I loved that it didn’t move away from the character we see on TV. Even when the characters changed from animation to CGI out of the water, they were still fun to watch. I don’t really have too much to say about this one.

I think this movie stayed true to its target audience. If you are not a fan of Sponge bob on TV, it is unlikely you will enjoy the movie, but it will be worth sticking it out if your kid is a fan. My kid walked out of the theater all smiles, and that says alot…B

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Movies in Review: “Jupiter Ascending”

'Jupiter_Ascending'_Theatrical_PosterThis movie ~throws hands up…How many of you were anticipating the release of this film. The trailer definitely caught my attention. I was expecting so much from this movie. Channing Tatum looked amazing, and I was ready to sit back and enjoy this movie. I had my doubts about Kunis, but she looked great in the trailer so I let my doubts subside. I figured there was no way she could ruin this movie…Ummmmm…boy was I wrong.

This movie started out cool, and I thought it was gonna build up to something great, but by the time the movie ended I was sitting in my seat like Whaaaaaa??? This movie is dumb as hell, if I can just get straight to the point. This movie made absolutely no sense. She’s a queen because she looks like the old Queen that died. Now you wanna marry your mother so you can take Earth from her? But your “Mother” has no idea of this old life she had on your planet, sooooooo…where does any of this make sense? Everyone is backstabbing everyone, for a girl who cleans toilets on the southside of Chicago…WTH? I recant my first statement, Kunis did ruin the movie. She was awful, but I don’t think it’s fair to just blame her. The direction was horrible. At one point it looks like Kunis is running around in a video game…awful. The only point I can give it is that Tatum wasn’t horrible, and looked absolutely divine. Like yummy divine… ~fans myself

Other than that, this movie is the pits, and straight nonsense. Who would waste this much money on BS…Uuuuuggghhhh! This movie should have been better than this…what a waste…D-

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Movies in Review: “Project Almanac”

Project_Almanac_posterI definitely think I have a thing for time travel thrillers. Although all of them seem to follow the same premise with similar story lines, I still find them fun to watch. Honestly, this movie reminded me of The Butterfly Effect, which to this day is one of my favorite movies. This one, however was filmed as found footage, which I also enjoy. This movie premiered last week, but I missed it in my line-up, so this review is coming a little late…

The one thing I definitely loved was the main character David. My oh my, what a cutie patootie. I enjoyed his youth and innocence. It felt real. His co-stars made up of his sister, love interest, and friends were also great and entertaining. David’s love interest was a little blah, but her role was small enough not to completely annoy me. I usually like movies filmed as found footage, but the filming of this one had too much movement and was so shaky at times, I almost got a headache. The story was cool, but I wish there was more focus on the back story of David’s father, than David’s crush Jesse. The story was a little predictable, and their were holes in some of the plot that could have used some mending, but overall, not a bad adventure.

I will say that I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the performances from the cast more than I enjoyed the story. This movie has interesting characters, with fun adventures, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. However, if you enjoy movies like this, then give this one a go…B-

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Movies in Review: “Black Sea”

Black_Sea_(film)I heard nothing about this movie, not trailer, commercial…ok well maybe I did see a movie poster. I guess not much marketing was put behind this movie in the US (it’s a British film), but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t worth seeing. There were 3 new movies released this weekend, this one was released last week, and I still chose to see this one instead of the others. All I needed to see was Jude Law’s name in the cast, in fact, his name was the only name I recognized in the cast…lol. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into with this one, but who cares, as I said Jude Law is in it!┬áBut here’s the trailer if you’re interested.

Hmmmmmm…movie started out a bit slow. But Jude Law was to busy making my eyes dance around that I hardly took notice. It’s a decent story though, that picks up and moves along well. I was intrigued by all the characters, and stories being developed. What I enjoyed about this movie is the sinister twist it takes near the end. I swear my body was boiling over some of these characters, and my heart wrenched for the others. Another interesting tale with greed in the mix. What I enjoyed most is the hope I maintained for a happy ending…

Once the story gets going, it is gripping. Jude Law is phenomenal and looks amazing. You will find yourself angered, and may even shed a tear. I know many of you may not have heard about this movie, but it’s definitely one you’d want to see…A-

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Movies in Review: “Black or White”

Black_or_White_posterWho doesn’t love a good family drama? I do, but one centered around race kind of added more interest for me. I was interested to see how the topic would be handled. The trailer was cute with entertaining Spencer, sexy Costner, and the cutest child actress playing the grand-daughter caught in the middle of the dispute. I wasn’t expecting anything exceptional, but I did expect it to be good…and it was…sorta…

Let me first start by saying, as cute as the young actress (Jillian Estell) was in the trailer, she was super bland in the movie. This would be my biggest problem with the movie. I wish they would have had a better child actress, because this little girl didn’t do it for me. The story dragged a little also, and could have been shortened by 15-20 min. Thank goodness for Octavia Spencer as Grandma Wewe, because she added flavor and spunk to the movie. She and Costner worked well together, but Spencer definitely shined more. I think Mackie was miscast as Grandma Wewe’s brother. I usually like Mackie, but he was a little over the top for me in this character. He came off way too fake. Two very interesting sub-characters who added nice humor were Costner’s maid and tutor. They were hilarious. There were some really touching and interesting scenes that made the movie enjoyable. The production seemed a little weak and lacked funds to be stellar, but the homemade look of the film wasn’t horrible…just a little noticeable…lol

All in all, not a great movie, but it was ok. The subject in the story was touched on pretty nicely, so I don’t have too many complaints there. Honestly they could have premiered this on lifetime and saved me $15. I do suggest you save your money on this one and wait until it’s showing on cable TV…C-

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