Movies in Review: “American Ultra”

American_Ultra_posterI am a Jesse Eisenberg fan, to the extent where I will go see anything he’s starring in, including this nonsense. I have yet to see anything from Eisenberg that I didn’t enjoy, so although this trailer had “Hell No” written all over it, I went to see it anyway. The story looked absolutely ridiculous, but I was sure I would find myself entertained. Well I was wrong…only about the entertained part…

This movie was definitely nonsense for anyone not high or coked up on something. The movie didn’t start bad, but it did get progressively worse as the story went on. There was just way too much nonsense. Too many characters that didn’t add any substance to the story. They had John Leguizamo acting like an idiot. I get he was supposed to add humor, but I didn’t really find myself laughing…eh. Kristen Stewart isn’t one of my favorite actresses, but I had no complaints about her in this movie. She and Eisenberg were kind cute together, and their story worked. It was everything else outside of them that was a mess. The assassin’s trying to kill Mike Howell…stupid. Topher Grace was getting on my last nerve…ugh.

Who would make a movie like this and release it on the big screen. This movie felt like a straight to DVD movie. The type of movie you’d watch at home with your homeboys, drinking with the munchies…ya know. I wouldn’t waste my money seeing this in the theater, there are better movies out…D

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Movies in Review: “Hitman: Agent 47”

Hitman_Agent_47_posterUgh…I didn’t want to see this movie…smh. If it wasn’t for a free movie ticket I had in my possession, I don’t think I would have had much to post about from this weekend…lol. I love action movies, but this had horrible written all over it. Did anyone else think this movie would be any good? I was so bored with this movie, even writing this review has me yawning…

Dumb…I guess I have to continue. Yeah I get the film is based on a video game, but the movie was just like a video game. Instead of thrilling action, the movie was filled with theatrical performed action scenes, which were unreal. If someone is shooting at you point-blank with an automatic weapon, there is no way you are standing there with your handgun dodging bullets…come on son…Smh. The movie was way too mechanical and stiff. I did enjoy Zachary Quinto’s character and the female who played Agent 90. If there was a better story written around these 2 characters with a splash of Agent 47, this movie probably wouldn’t have been as bad as what it was.

This is an action film that failed to impress with its dull action sequences and weak story. If I were you, I’d just go play the video game…ijs…D+

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Movies in Review: “Grandma”

Grandma_Movie_PosterI enjoy getting a little extra time to spend watching more independent/limited release type films. In my research to find something to see, I came across the trailer for Grandma. I had actually found 3 movies I wanted to see, but this one intrigued me the most. It was Tomlin who really caught my attention and made my choice easy. I had a great feeling about this movie from this trailer, and I was in the mood to see something good.

Movie wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be, and I’m not saying it was bad either. The story is very cute, and Tomlin was absolutely amazing in this role. She was everything I hoped she would be. I left the theater wishing I had a Grandma like her…lol. This movie had a refreshing feel about it, and a story that is centered around mothers and daughters, and relationships…fun. I enjoyed the story, but didn’t really understand why the layout was setup in chapters. Usually this doesn’t bother me, but in this movie it kinda seemed unnecessary. I laughed and smiled through most of the film, but still left the theater feeling like something was left unfinished.

I can’t say I disliked this movie, I did enjoy it, but it was definitely missing something. I can’t really say what that something is, but it was definitely something. Besides this, this movie is refreshing with great humor, making it a decent movie. It caters to the women. I don’t think a man would be interested in seeing this on his own, not to say the men won’t enjoy it, but ijs…B-

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Movies in Review: “Straight Outta Compton”

Straight_Outta_Compton_posterSo it seems everyone was excited to see this movie when the trailer hit theaters. I think I must have been the only person who wasn’t. Honestly I thought the film was gonna be nonsense. I wasn’t a fan of hip-hop in the 80’s, I was definitely a RnB head. I’m not ashamed to admit I knew nothing about NWA except the few times I’d see them on MTV. I remember always thinking, why are these grown men walking around with Jheri Curls?…and why are they so damn angry? That is all that I thought about the group. So of course I couldn’t really see why a movie about them was necessary…~shrugs

Kudos to the man F. Gary Gray for directing another movie hit. To my surprise Straight Outta Compton was #1 at the box office. I was definitely expecting this movie to flop. I honestly went into the theater ready to be bored to death, but an hour in, not one bit of disinterest. My eyes were glued to the screen as nostalgia took over. I admit I didn’t know much about the group, but they and their music weren’t unknown to me. The story behind the music was kinda phenomenal to watch. I thought this film would be dull, but I was more than entertained. The actors were chosen perfectly for each character. O’Shea Jr. really did his pops justice. It’s felt like I was watching Cube himself. It was great that the actors resembled, and at least sounded like the characters they were playing. Who else was shook by the actor portraying Suge Knight? Dre worked with a number of artists, and some make appearances in the film as well, which made for a great story. It was nice to see how talented and smart these guys, looked at as thugs, really were. I had no idea. Although hard to watch, it was interesting to see them struggle with Policing. I think F. Gary Gray did a great job of reminding us how in over 20yrs, not much has changed.

Now can we talk about the music…Wooooh! I forgot how much I enjoyed Dr. Dre’s beats, as I sit here listening to NWA now…I was bopping my head all through this movie. I was worried that 2.5 hours of my life was going to be wasted, but when the credits rolled, I sat in my seat until the lights came up. It seems I didn’t want it to end…A-

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Movies in Review: “The Gift”

The_Gift_2015_Film_Poster1First off, I want to shout out Joel Edgerton for his first movie as writer and director. Not a bad job at all sir. I enjoy Edgerton as an actor, but when his name came across the screen as the writer and director, this put his talents on a whole new level for me. I was intrigued by the trailer for this movie, and I felt like I had some idea of what the story was about, but after seeing the film, I had it all wrong.

This was a very nice thriller. Scenes were in a way to build intrigue and suspense, having most of the audience on the edge of their seats and screaming in fear…yes I screamed…lol. The acting was great. I thought it took a minute for the story to get going real good, but everything builds up perfectly to the climax at the end. “Gordo” is the creepiest guy I have ever seen on-screen. You will love the story because it is hard to figure out, and most will find themselves surprised.

This story will creep you out, and mess you up. It wasn’t perfect, somewhat slow, but it definitely packs a hell of a punch…B-

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Movies in Review: “Ricki and the Flash”

Ricki_and_the_Flash_posterI do love me some Meryl Streep. In my opinion she can do no wrong. Her acting abilities is some of the best in the game, and she’s definitely one of my faves. I was more than looking forward to this movie. I adored the trailer, and knew Meryl Streep would not disappoint.

Well I got one thing right, Meryl Streep didn’t disappoint, but the movie did. Streep deserves all the praise as Ricki. She played the hell out of a struggling musician, and distant Mother. She wasn’t the problem, nor were any of the other actors. The problem was that there was just too much damn music, and not enough story. It felt like I was at a concert I had no desire to attend. Don’t get me wrong, the music was great, but I came to see a movie, not a concert…smh. We only got about 35min of a story, which were the best parts of the movie. Streep’s real life daughter played her daughter in the film and she was my favorite character. Her emotions were so raw and real. I enjoyed this mother/daughter team. I wish they went more in-depth with the family issues, instead of the music.

This movie definitely had the potential to be better, if the focus wasn’t so centered around the music. The cast outside of the band deserved more shine in the story. There was 35min of excellence, and a mini concert filled the rest of the running time…smh…C+

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Movies in Review: “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation”

Mission_Impossible_Rogue_Nation_posterUnlike most Americans these days, I still enjoy watching Cruise in films. Tom Cruise doesn’t get the play he use to get in Hollywood, but all that aside, the man always comes through on a Mission Impossible movie. This is one role you can never deny his dominance. The excitement that filled my body when I watched the trailer for this movie…Whew! I couldn’t take it, and I couldn’t wait to see this movie!

Wow…this movie really packed a punch. I’m use to Mission Impossible movies being filled with action, but I was on the edge of my seat throughout most of this movie. This installment was a pure adrenaline rush. It had its humorous antics, which always keeps the movie fun, but this installment had the best female co-star I have ever seen in a while. The character “Iisa Faust” stole every scene and totally out-shined Cruise. Don’t get me wrong, Cruise was still pure awesomeness, but Iisa was on another level…you’ll see. The nemesis Lane was also great, because he was cold and ruthless, it was hard to tell what he would do. The action sequences were off the chain as always, although a few a little to unbelievable, but still a joy to watch.

I could go on and on about this movie, but all you need to know is that you need to see it. If you enjoy spy action movies, Mission Impossible is one of the best. This adrenaline rushed installment is definitely one of my favorites…A-

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