Movies in Review: “The Secret Life of Pets”

The_Secret_Life_of_Pets_posterHow cute and amazing was the trailer for this movie. When I first watched it, it made me smile. Anticipation and excitement for the release of this movie was built months ago. I was a little annoyed at how early they began marketing this movie because every week my kid was asking me can we go see “The Dogs”, that’s what he called the film…lol. I was happy to finally be able to announce to him that we were going to see The Dogs today. When I picked my kid up from daycare on Friday, he wanted to do nothing more than head straight to the theater…that’s my kid…lol.


As much as I loved the trailer, I can honestly say I loved the movie just as much. This is such a cute and beautifully animated film with bright colors and interesting and fun characters. The story was great too, and very appropriate for the young ones. My kid was cracking up on this movie, and he’s 3. I loved the voices picked for each character, but let’s keep it really, Kevin Hart’s voice as that bunny took the cake. I know all of you adults could see Kevin Hart’s expressions shine through that bunny, which only made that character even more funny…lol. Hart’s voice probably was a little too much for the bunny, but it worked. Fluffy Gidget, and the fat cat with the attitude, Chloe, were also among my favorites. 


This was the #1 film at the box office this weekend, and deservedly so. My kid definitely gave his stamp of approval, walking out of the theater screaming “That was awesome!” I looked at him, smiled, and thought “It sure was”…A+

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Movies in Review: “Sully”

sully_xxlgThere are certain directors I would bet on every time, Clint Eastwood is one of them. There isn’t a film Eastwood has directed that I didn’t enjoy. So when I saw that he was in the director’s chair for Sully, my anticipation grew, and expectations high. To add to this, Tom Hanks (one of my favorite actors) is cast as the lead. I was looking forward to being entertained seeing a great movie, because there was no doubt in my mind this is what this was going to be…

Eastwood amazes me. I say this because at first the movie didn’t seem like much. I mean, we all know the story of the plane that landed in the Hudson. It really seems like a simple story. However Eastwood takes it deeper and really makes it a theatrical event. He did an amazing job of making the audience feel like we were on that aircraft. I seriously felt the fear and anxiety, as if I were a passenger on that flight. It was kind of amazing. The direction was excellent, but so were the performances. Tom Hanks did his thing as Captain Sully. I could feel his emotions and the fear of his decision to land in the Hudson. I loved how Eastwood gives us a deeper look into what was written in the headlines. My only complaint was I wish they had better extras in the background. The emotions of the extras filmed after the crash didn’t look believable. It kind of took away from a great scene…well for me anyway…lol.

Sully is filled with emotion, which helped with the experience of the film. I loved everything about it, and walked out of the theater more than pleased…A-

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Movies in Review: “When the Bough Breaks”

when_the_bough_breaks_2016_filmI’m really starting to get disappointed with Morris Chestnut and his movie role choices. He is really starting to be type cast. Starring in the same role in all his movies. The trailer for this movie felt so reminiscent of The Perfect Guy, which a complete fail. The only reason I decided to give this one a chance was because of Regina Hall, who I adore as an actress. I wasn’t expecting anything great from this film. If anything at least I knew I would get a great performance from Hall, and possible get the chance to see Chestnut shirtless, which is close to a win win…lol


First off let me say I enjoyed the performances. Hall was great, Chestnut was average and the newcomer Sinclair was pretty good as well. However this movie was nothing groundbreaking. But what really killed this film was the story and directing. There were a few irrelevant plot lines that only took away from the story. Romany Malco’s character seemed irrelevant, as well as the surrogate’s boyfriend. The build-up in this movie took forever and climaxed quickly at the end, but also let the audience baffled and unsatisfied. This movie was a little unfocused and dragged on longer than what was really necessary. It was getting so bad towards the end, it felt like no one really knew how to end it. Which is why the movie felt so incomplete.


There is really nothing great to see here. At least nothing you need to run to theaters to see…unfortunately. This story has been done before, but done better. Its unfortunate these performances were wasted on such a lack luster film…oh well…C-

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Movies in Review: “White Girl”

white_girl_film_posterSo the 2 new wide released films this weekend, I really had no interest in seeing. This film “Morgan” looked like a counterfeit version of the remarkable film “Ex Machina”, so I had no desire to see that. The other movie released didn’t really appeal to me much either, although I am a huge fan of the two main actors ~shrugs. Well when I have weekends like this, I go searching for Independent/Limited Released films. In my search I came across White Girl…see trailer. That trailer is crazy right!? Right…so you know I had to see this, the positives reviews this film has received also helped to get me into the theater too.

Ummmmmmm…yeah…drugs are bad! I was definitely exhausted by the time credits rolled from this film. It is a crazy adrenaline rush that will have you feeling like your high following the lives of NYC youth on summer break. Your summer will seem like nothing to the ridiculous stuff these kids find themselves in. The story is incredible, but I also found myself a little sick by the things that were happening to the character Leah. I mean…ummmmmmmm…I have no words, I was just uncomfortable and at times angry. Anyone who is raising a daughter may find yourselves feeling the same way. Some of you may walk out of this movie and put your girls on punishment for life, just because. I know I walked out of the theater and was giving men the side eye…seriously. They really take it there in this film, and held back nothing.

I wish I could go into more detail, but this is a movie that you have to see for yourself. If the trailer gets you, the movie is way more intense…A

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Movies in Review: “Morris from America”

Morris_from_AmericaSoooooooo, I a little late reviewing this one. As a matter of fact, I’m so late, this movie is actually making its way out of theaters at this point…oooops. I never heard of this movie, until it was recommended by two of my friends on Facebook, as a movie I needed to review. You guys know I’m not one for reviewing movies that have already been in theaters for weeks, but since this one came highly recommended, had Craig Robinson starring in it, and there wasn’t much released this Labor Day weekend, I gave it a go. I enjoyed the trailer…so why not…


I was told in advance this movie explores hip-hop, and I gathered that from the trailer. But that wasn’t all that the story was about. Yes hip-hop was integrated into the story of a misunderstood black kid living in Germany. I did enjoy the hip-hop vibe, although the story was so much more than just music. The hip-hop music they selected for this film were on point. I was vibing throughout. I also enjoyed the old school rap and artist references, it was like being taken back to when hip-hop was great. Robinson was great to watch as a single father of a teenage boy. Robinson has great comic delivery, but held back just enough for this mildly serious role that he played exceptionally well. The young kid who plays Robinson’s son Mo, was also well cast. It was easy to fall in love with him, and feel his pain as a young teen in love. The young woman cast as his tutor was definitely my favorite character though. She added humor and a level ground for the story.


The story was cute, and at times emotional. It is not all about hip-hop, but hip-hop music is definitely well incorporated into the story. I’m sure you won’t find this film in theaters at this point, but you should definitely be on the lookout for it on cable TV or Redbox…A-

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Movies in Review: “Southside with You”

SouthsideWithYouPromotionalPosterOk so a movie about FLOTUS & POTUS’s first date? No question I was going to be in the theaters to catch this. They are one of my favorite couples, and I had to see how this story played out. When I watched the trailer, there was something so endearing about their first date, but I expected nothing less. Not to mention the actors cast in these lead roles gave me chills. Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers definitely emulated the younger versions of their real life characters. I had high expectations for this film, and didn’t doubt that they would be met.


I absolutely loved this story. Keep in mind the entire movie is about their first date, so to some, the movie may move a bit slow. I found the pace helped in the experience of their date. I love the camera shots and attention paid to subtle details. It gave the movie a light and refreshing feel, but also added to the story. 


Now let’s get to the actors. Where in the hell did they find Parker Sawyers??? It felt like he was made for this role. They couldn’t have chosen a better actor. I was seriously wondering if Obama had a son that they cast to play him in this movie, like Ice Cube did in Straight Outta Compton. Yes the similarities were scary. Felt like it was actually the young Obama, from every word, move, and puff of his cigarette. It was amazing. Sumpter was also great as Michelle Obama. Her demeanor and poise was on point. My only complaint would be that she was trying way too hard to sound like her that it would take away from her performance. It was a little annoying at times, but didn’t ruin the movie. She was still a great choice for the role.


I couldn’t have been more pleased with this film. It is all that you want it to be. It is everything you’d expect from their first date. Such a beautiful beginning. Movie had me smiling inside and out…A+

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Movies in Review: “Don’t Breathe”

Don't_Breathe_(2016_film)Ok soooooooo…we know I’m not one for a horror flick. I often find them to be filled with weak stories and obligatory weak scare tactics ~shrugs. However there a few films in this genre that can catch my interest and drive me into the theater…this happened to be one of them. I really dug the trailer, and I’m also a fan of the young actor Dylan Minnette. I dislike being scared, but I also find it kind of fun and thrilling. I was hoping this movie would live up to this standard. I’m a little surprised to say this, but oh my…this movie was everything.


There was little about this film that I didn’t enjoy. I enjoyed the story, direction and performances by the cast. The movie moved well and kept you on the edge of your seat. My only issue was maybe in the 1st scene when the character “Rocky” did the dumbest thing ever, making it easy for him and his crew to be found, if that was what the movie focused on, but it didn’t…so I guess it wasn’t really a big deal ~shrugs.


This is definitely a horror thriller that horrifies and thrills. There were so many elements in this movie that will have you shaking in your pants. Every move, breathe will have you on the edge of your seat, or jumping out of it. I was scared shitless…seriously. By the time the movie was over my heart was racing 100 miles a minute. There is never a dull moment in this film, and more than enough “OMG” moments…such a thrill.


This is definitely a winner. This movie is filled with real horror, not gag thrills. The story makes sense and characters are great. It will be a jolt to your system all the way to credits end. This movie still has me shook…lol…A-

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