Movies in Review: “Tomorrowland”

Tomorrowland_posterI will say that I was definitely intrigued by the trailer and all the promotional clips for this film. It starred George Clooney, who isn’t one of my top actors, but I do usually enjoy the films he’s involved in. This weekend was an extended holiday weekend, and I was hoping this movie was worth giving up my extra day off to lay on the couch…but unfortunately it wasn’t.

The movie started out interesting enough, well sorta. I didn’t really understand the documented filming the characters Casey and Frank Walker were doing at the beginning. By the time the movie ended, it didn’t feel like that part was even necessary, and the intro into the film could have been written a better way. However I did enjoy the actress who played the character Casey, she was the best part about the movie. Unfortunately the story was written with too many holes. It was way too long and seemed to lose its focus. The cinematography was great to look at, it wasn’t enough to pick up where the story was lacking. Was the scene at the Blast from the Past gift shop really necessary? That scene was the corniest 10min I have watched in a movie in a while…ugh.

This movie had the potential to be so much better than what it was, but the content was watered down with nonsense. There is a decent message by the end, but by this time I don’t think anyone really cared. I was definitely hoping to like this one better than I did, but I didn’t…C+

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Movies in Review: “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Max_Mad_Fury_Road_Newest_PosterSoooooo…don’t kill me…but I had little interest in seeing this movie. Yes it starred 2 of my favorite actors, Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, but I’m not really a Mad Max fan. This is the 4th Mad Max movie, and I think I only watch 1 of the first 3…smh. If it wasn’t for a friend strongly recommending this movie, I might not as been as impressed to see it as I was when it was released.

I enjoy a good post-apocalyptic film…but be warned, this film is unlike anything you have ever seen. I left the theater totally messed up by what I had just seen. This movie is crazy in all aspects of the word, and will blow your mind. It’s an absolute visionary work of art. My eyes are still amazed at the over-the-top stunts, the filming, and interesting characters…this movie is amazing. First off…can we talk about the band playing the theme music riding with the “War Boys”…that was insane! Can we move on to those swinging poles they used to snatch the girls out the car…What!? Blown…my mind is blown…

I could go on and on, but I would give too much away. This movie is unlike anything you have ever seen, and a movie that definitely needs to be experience on the big screen. You would be playing yourself if you choose to watch it at home…A+!

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Movies in Review: “Pitch Perfect 2″

Pitch_Perfect_2_posterPitch Perfect was a musical comedy hit, so it seems only fair to hit fans with a sequel…right!? I’m usually not a fan of sequels, but not in this case. This was a movie that made sense to have a follow-up. I was happy to see from the trailer that all characters were coming back to reprise their roles. I was only hoping that the story and music would be as entertaining as the first.

I have to give it to Elizabeth Banks as she co-starred and took the reigns in the director’s chair, not a bad job at all. However I definitely think the first installment had more charm. This film missed the mark on a lot of its humor. Some of the new characters added, failed to improve the movie at all. “Flo”, the Guatemalan addition to the Bella’s was stale. I could hear crickets with 90% of the jokes she had in the movie…smh. I thought the new legacy Bella played by Hailee Steinfield, would have packed more of a punch, but she seemed to fall in the background.

However I did enjoy the addition of Keegan-Michael Keys as Becca’s boss. He was hilarious and insane as he always is. His comedic nonsense was a breath of fresh air this movie needed. I was happy to see Elizabeth Banks and John ¬†Michael Higgins reprise their roles a the a capella commentators. Their comedic improvisation is hard to beat. Das Sound Machine was also a great addition, although I wish their was a little more of the Treblemakers, who I thought had better performances in the first movie. An added plus, and the most important element, the singing was definitely on point. The singing was without a doubt Pitch Perfect. The last Bella performance left me floored…it was beautiful.

Although not as great as the first, still not at all a bad sequel. It was cute, fun, and entertaining. If you enjoyed the first one, I would recommend this one, however I would adjust your standards in comparison to the first…B

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Movies in Review: “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Avengers_Age_of_UltronHot movie ticket of the weekend was definitely the Avengers. Everybody I know went out this weekend to see this film, so I was this close to not even writing a review, but I really have to get my feelings out about this movie. I was expecting this movie to be good, but not this damn good…

From the gate this movie was in full motion. There was no warm-up, no-prep…From the gate Avengers go! I loved this opening, and it set the pace for the rest of the movie. All our favorite Avengers were in full effect with their comedic taunting (Did Cap just say language?)…lol…hilarious. Does anyone think Black Widow is the ish!? They were right on point choosing Scarlett Johansson for this role.

I didn’t think they could improve on the first Avenger movie…but they did. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed the story. I know a few elements were changed from the original comic book series, but I think they dotted each I and crossed every T to have this movie make sense. There were so many intricate pieces to the story that all came together in the end. What I enjoyed most is that the story got more in-depth with some of the Avengers personal stories, like Hawkeye. Hawkeye got a little more screen time in this film, and it was all worth it. This movie was an action paradise. There was never a dull moment. Oh… shout out to Beats by Dre for the ill product placement…Nice!

I could go on and on about this movie. I loved the introduction of new characters, although the actor who played Quicksilver wasn’t really my favorite. Ultron was amazing. I loved how Ultron’s facial expressions looked exactly like James Spader. I was so intrigued with Ultron. However my favorite new character was definitely Vision (played by Paul Bettany), which is weird because I’m not the biggest Bettany fan, but he was wonderful as Vision. Was anyone as drawn into Vision’s costume/make-up?…Wow! Very well done…

Like I said, I could go on and on…This movie was worth 2.5 hrs, and worth the extra money I spent to see it in IMAX. This is definitely one of the best movie released this year, and one you don’t want to miss…A+!

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Movies in Review: “Brotherly Love”

BrotherlyLoveMoviePosterThere wasn’t a great deal of heavy promotion for this movie. I honestly wouldn’t have heard about it if the trailer hadn’t come across my FB newsfeed…good ol’ FB…lol. Anyway, for those of you who also haven’t heard of this film check the trailer. Cute movie right? Yeah I thought so, and found myself more than interested to see it.

Not a bad urban drama. What I enjoyed most is that a lot of our talented actors of color got a chance to let their talents shine…and shine they did. I don’t dislike Cory Hardict, but I don’t think I’ve had the chance to see what kind of talent this young man has. Hardict holds down the lead in this movie. I enjoyed him from beginning to end. He owned every scene, and I would hope his performance will lead to other major roles. Keke is one of the most seasoned actors in the movie, but she wasn’t really my favorite. However her and Quincy Brown were excellent together. As a matter of fact I was quite surprised by Brown. Not a bad job at all ~knodding head. This isn’t a story we haven’t seen before, so I found myself less impressed with the story, but surprisingly impressed by the talent on the screen. These kids made something out of nothing. The production was a little weak, making the movie feel like it would have fared better as a made for TV film…but whatever…

I enjoyed the movie. There was a nice twist, but too many holes and storylines left without closure. With only a running time of 1.2hrs, there wasn’t enough time to give the story time to close properly. Not a bad movie though, but more suitable as a rental or cable viewing…C+¬†(I would have given it a B- if it was marketed for TV)

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Movies in Review: “Ex Machina”

ex machinaDidn’t hear anything about this movie until I was mapping out weekend movies to check. This weekend’s new releases were looking weak, but I decided to check the trailer for this film and immediately wanted to see it. Technology thrillers are always fun…right, and with the cast (both male actors I adore) I wasn’t about to miss this one.

I loved the setting for this movie, a very secluded area. It added to the thrill of the film. This story was cool, with great performances from Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson. I think I got everything I would expect from a movie like this, suspense, intrigue, and by the end I was totally freaked out. This is one of those movies where the details and the story is important. There are no over the top theatrics to hide behind, and this movie still delivers.

The ending wasn’t my favorite part, but everything in between and leading up to it was pretty damn good. I enjoy a good twist, and this one delivers…B+

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Movies in Review: “The Water Diviner”

The_Water_Diviner_posterIf it wasn’t for movie scheduling, I would have missed this movie all together. The trailer didn’t interest me at all, even with Russell Crowe (one of my favorite actors)in the lead role. But since I had time to spare in between the starting time for my next movie, I took my chance to pop in and see this…

There is no doubt Russell Crowe is an amazing actor, however his directing skills are questionable¬†This was definitely not the best directed film I’ve seen, and it caused the story to lose focus. The movie seemed to be all over the place in the beginning. Things didn’t start coming together until mid-point, but by then I was starting not to care. I also wasn’t a fan of the writing, although the scenes in the Turkish hotel were some of the best scenes in the movie…unfortunately. Everything about this movie was too hard to believe, and made little sense overall.

I think I got just what I had expected from this film, a great performance from Crowe, but nothing more than that. If it reaches your cable channel, you will be more satisfied than a ticket purchase at the movie…C-

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