Movies in Review: “Get Hard”

Get_Hard_film_posterYou guys know how I feel about Kevin Hart in movies. He’s usually hit or miss, and I don’t try yo get excited about any of his new movie releases for fear of being let down. However Get Hard was different. You add Will Ferrell into the mix and this looks like something that may be worth my while…Right!? I know we were all thinking that. The trailer looked decent and I wasn’t worried about these 2 being able to deliver in the comedy area, and I was ready to laugh…so let’s Go!

Smh…wth…I can’t…Are we still writing movies like this? You waste the talents of 2 remarkable comedians for this!? First let me say the first 25min of the movie were a total bore…yawn. When things finally got into motion I had a hard time relating to the story, but instead found myself more offended by it. This movie had all the racial, and stereotypical comedy antics that would rub anyone the wrong way today. Everything was done in such poor taste. The entire movie was a big stereotype…smh. It’s unfortunate too because Ferrell and Hart were actually great together. I would love to see them in a comedy that had more depth and used their talents better, because this was not it. I did laugh, but how can you not crack up off these two.

This movie felt like it was written for teenagers, not for anyone with some sense. I’m a little ashamed at Hart for even riding with this one. But I would love to see him in another project with Ferrell. As much as I loved the performances of these 2 comedians, I can’t ride with the bullshit in this movie…D+

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Movies in Review: “Home”

Home_(2015_film)_posterThere is no denying that I love a good animated movie. However my intentions to see them are different now having a little rugrat. I can’t say I wasn’t interested in seeing Home. I was definitely attracted to the bright colors and cute animation I watched in the trailer. But it was the interest my son had with the trailer that had me ready to buy 2 tickets opening weekend.

This movie was as cute as could be and had my little one drawn to the screen. The animations were fun and colorful, which will keep any little one’s attention. The character “Oh” perfectly voiced by Jim Parsons was adorable. Captain Smek, voiced by Steve Martin was absolutely hilarious. He and Oh had the adults in the audience laughing out loud. So needless to say, adults will find a bit of entertainment they can hold on to. I wasn’t fond of Rihanna as the voice for Tip. I felt her voice for the character was a bit annoying…Ugh! They also felt it necessary to play her music throughout the film also…smh. This only increased the annoying factor.

This isn’t one of Dreamworks best movies, but it does a nice job of still keeping one entertained. If you have a little one I would recommend taking them. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s not bad either…B-

*Sidenote…My Review for Get Hard will follow tomorrow…
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Movies in Review: “The Divergent Series: Insurgent”

Insurgent_posterI can’t say I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, especially since I wasn’t that thrilled about the first movie of this trilogy. But I knew it was the movie to see this weekend, so I took my chances expecting nothing more than what I got from the first one, which wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either…eh…

I am surprised to say that I enjoyed this one much more than the first. This movie had more of a punch that the first movie lacked. There were more interesting action sequences, and the movie was more visually entertaining. The cast even had a spark/jolt about them. Shailene Woodley was easy to forget as the heroine Tris in the first film, however that was not the case in this installment. Woodley was the star of the show and single-handedly made this movie what it was. She was kind of amazing, and I was definitely impressed with her performance. Miles Teller added great humor, and Kate Winslet was powerful as Jeanine. This movie is facing some criticism, but I was pleased with what I watched, and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

This movie isn’t for everyone. It’s a teeny bopper film, but with the improved energy and action sequences in the movie, many of you not in the teeny bopper age range may still find it fun to watch. It’s kind of Hunger Game-ish…kinda…so you be the judge on whether this is your type of movie. I enjoyed it…B+

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Movies in Review: “Cinderella”

Cinderella_2015_official_posterCan I tell you I was the least bit interested to see this movie. It seems that everyone is into remaking all these fairy tales, but few live up to the magic found in the fairytales…eh. I wasn’t intrigued by the trailer, it just looked average. However it was either this or the Liam Neeson movie, and I will never spend money to see Neeson play the same character in a movie again. So Cinderella was the winner. So with no expectations mostly, I went into the theater wondering what mess they had turned my Cinderella into…

Ummmmmmm…Can I tell you this is the best fairytale movie I have seen in a while. It was absolutely remarkable. First let me compliment the costumes…O.M.G! The costumes were amazing! Everything Cate Blanchett wardrobe had me drooling. Don’t get me started on Cinderella’s dress for the ball…WOW! That dress took on a life of its own as it waltzed and sashayed across the dance floor. It was really a sight to see. Helena Bonham Carter’s costume as the fairy godmother was pristine. Everything was so delightful and eye-catching. It was beautiful.

From the trailer I can’t say that I was impressed with Lily James as Cinderella, but after seeing her in the movie, I don’t think they could have picked a better actress. She captured all the beauty and innocence little girls love about Cinderella. I think everyone was perfectly cast for their roles, especially Cate Blanchett. Wow…Blanchett gave perfect evil stepmother…lol.

I loved how the movie still felt as magical as the story. The beauty and essence of the fairytale wasn’t lost at all. It was absolutely remarkable. I think this is the perfect mother/daughter movie to see, or if you’re a fan of fairy tales, you don’t want to miss this one. I want this movie in my collection to watch over and over…A+

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Movies in Review: “The Second Best Marigold Hotel”

marigoldThere is nothing like a sequel to mess up a film that was already great…Right!? I loved the first Marigold Hotel movie to pieces, and didn’t feel a second was necessary. But this still didn’t stop my excitement to see my favorite senior characters living out the rest of their days at the hotel. My expectations weren’t high, I was just hoping this second installment didn’t ruin the joy I had with the first.

I am happy and surprised to say that this movie continued the joy I had with the first one. All characters reprised their roles and were in harmonious tune with each other. The best part about the movie, besides the characters is the beautiful scenery, which is filled with such beauty and color, only adding to the delight of the film. I enjoyed the progress that developed among the characters and the hotel, and especially the relationship between Sonny and his now fiancé. The movie was centered around their wedding and the expansion of the hotel, which made for great storyline’s that meshed well with each other. The humor, and fun are still in full swing with this one, and you may also still find yourself shedding a tear.

I was pleasantly pleased and surprised by this one. This is a delightful movie that is a great watch for all that just want to watch a feel good movie. If you liked the first one, you will definitely enjoy this one just as much…B+

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Movies in Review: “Chappie”

Chappie_posterTo say that I was excited to see this movie would be an understatement. Written by some of the same people behind District 9 (one of my favorite movies), I knew that I would be in for a remarkable treat if it was anything like this movie. The trailer had me hooked and intrigued, and the filmed featured Hugh Jackman, who is one of my favorite actors to look at…lol. I walked into the theater unfortunately with high expectations but left the theater pissed.

I think this movie kind of ruined my day actually, mainly because it had me wishing I had watched The Second Marigold Hotel instead…smh. Where to begin with this mess? Well first, there was very little story development. I wish I knew more about the robot program, and about the programmer himself. The movie felt rushed and was filled with less than thrilling characters like Ninja and Yolandi, who were just annoying as hell to watch and listen to. I wish the movie centered around Chappie and his maker instead of Chappie and the nonsense Ninja and Yolandi were in to. Chappie was a joke, and should have been developed into a better character, but unfortunately was a waste of time. The movie moved too quickly only to develop into a big ball of nonsense in the end…smh.

Ugh! This movie was so bad, my stomach still hurts thinking about it. There was nothing about it I enjoyed that I would give it praise for, which is unfortunate. I wished I had something better to say about it, but I don’t…F

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Movies in Review: “Focus”

2015_Focus_film_posterShame on Will Smith for only starring in a movie every couple of years now…Uuuughhh…the torture! Admittedly Will isn’t “Mr. Blockbuster” any longer, but I still enjoy any film starring him that is released. How many of you went to see this movie just because of Smith? I honestly wasn’t that intrigued with the trailer, but all intrigued with Smith. I wasn’t expecting a blockbuster, just an entertaining performance from Smith…oh…and some eye candy…lol.

What a beautifully filmed movie. It is hard not to immediately get captivated by the scenery, and the lavish attire. Oh and I can’t go any further without mentioning how FINE Will Smith looked…Yaaaassss! The story was decent, and moved along smoothly at the beginning, but too many subplots were being introduced, weakening the original storyline. Some may not notice because Smith and Margot Robbie are so charismatic together your attention won’t be focused on the potholes in the story.

If the storyline had a little more focus (pun intended) this would have been a great movie. The ending was shallow, but with all of this being said, I still found myself entertained. Believe me you won’t notice the mishaps because the entertainment value of this film is on 100. I would recommend seeing it, because it was so much fun, and intriguing to watch…B-

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