Movies in Review: “Get Out”

get_outAnyone who watched the trailer for this film finished the trailer and felt like your mind was just taken on a trip that you couldn’t understand. I knew I had to see this movie because I need answers and closure from the short psychological trip the trailer had sent me on. This movie has been getting so much buzz and I had to see if it was all worth it. To add to the anticipation, the film is written & directed by Jordan Peele of Key & Peele. From what I’ve seen from Peele’s comedic talents only added more interest with how he wrote and directed this film. I had no idea what to expect, although I think I was going to get more nonsense than anything, I still had to see it for myself.


This movie is straight bananas. The trip that the trailer sent you on only gets extended in the film. I’m not a fan of horror flicks, and even less of comedic horrors, which often have a way of being cheesy, but not this one. Everything about this movie was on point. It had horror and comedy without dabbling into the cheese pool. The music was on point and had me jumping in my seat. The characters and performances were great, with my favorite character being TSA agent Rod played perfectly by the comedian Lil Rel Howery. He was the perfect comic relief, in the midst of the horror. I think the film did a great job of building the story all the way to the end. There Peele gave excellent direction for scenes that added to the chills and creeps, like the scene when the main character Chris went upstairs and the reaction of the guests downstairs, which was crazy…lol. All I’m going to do is shake my head at Rose Armitage…smh.


This movie is everything. It is the right bit of crazy, horror, and comedy in an entertainment filled flick. I would honestly watch this movie again, but you need to get to the theater and make sure you see it at least once…A!

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Movies in Review: “Rock Dog”

rock_dog_2016_teaser_posterThere was little to no marketing for this animated flick. I came across its theatrical poster months ago, and it didn’t really capture my attention as most posters do ~shrug. I stumbled upon its weekend release date when I was searching for new releases that I needed to see, and this one was on the new release list. I think I honestly would have passed on this film if I didn’t have a kid. The reviews weren’t favorable, and the trailer didn’t capture me much, but my kid loves the movie, so any animated film will get my money at this time. I wasn’t expecting much from this movie, but from the poor reviews, I was just hoping my kid wouldn’t be bored to death.


This movie was way better than I had anticipated it to be, especially for my kid, who is 4. I’ve never seen my son so active in a movie. He was excited about the film, often standing up, dancing, or letting me know what was happening…because I had fallen asleep here and there…lol…ijs. I can see why the ratings for it have been mediocre. This animation isn’t enough to keep someone like myself as interested as it did my son. I thought the film was cute, had some fun characters, but was nothing exceptional. Basically this one is strictly for the younger crowd, and anyone older than 5 might not enjoy it as much as the younger ones ~shrugs.


I can’t say that I disliked the film, I thought it was cute. The best part about the movie was watching my son get into it, and clap at the end when the credits rolled (something I don’t often see him do). When we got home he was able to tell me what he liked and disliked about the film and we were singing the finale song which dancing out of the theater…good times. So although the film wasn’t good enough to appease my adult entertainment appetite, the joy it gave my son is enough for me to give it a B!

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Movies in Review: “Fist Fight”

fist_fightThis was the only film I was looking forward to this weekend. With a comedic powerhouse cast this film had I knew I was in for some laughs. I thought the trailer was cute, and I definitely chuckled, and figured the film would only add to the laughs I received from the trailer. Unfortunately this was not the case, and with a cast starring Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, and Jillian Bell, I could not believe at how disappointed I was with this comedy.


When I say I hardly laughed…that is an understatement. I laughed during 1 scene, chuckled during another, and there was far more humor in the outtakes at the end than there was during most of the film…smh…no bueno. The jokes were not landing for this film. Nobody was really funny, and I find that uber surprising because the comedians in this movie are really great. It’s not like the actors didn’t have chemistry, they did, but the writing was super corny and the comedy felt empty. The senior jokes were juvenile and weren’t original, and this was a running theme throughout the story that failed miserably. One of the only funny scenes was the talent show scene. I actually laughed out loud during it. The fight scene was also really good, but these scenes only lasted between 5-10min, meaning that the rest of the 50min I spent trying to keep from falling asleep…smh.


I was very surprised at how little I laughed during this film. There was no reason this movie shouldn’t have been funny, but unfortunately it wasn’t. If you are looking for a laugh, please pass go on this one. I was definitely catching more Zzzzzzz’s than laughs on this one…D

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Movies in Review: “A Cure for Wellness”

cureforwellnessofficialposterSo this weekend I was having a tough choice choosing which films I was going to see. There were 3 major released films this weekend, none of which I was overly excited to see, except for maybe Fist Fight. When it came to the other 2 released films you would have thought I would have picked the one starring Matt Damon, but instead chose this psychological thriller. I think I chose this movie because the trailer captured my interest far more than The Great Wall, although the Matt Damon film did look visually remarkable. I was secure in my two film choices, a comedy, and thriller. I think my main reason for choosing A Cure for Wellness is because the trailer kind of put me in the mind of the film Shutter Island, which happens to be one of my top rated movies. I was hoping to get some of the same experience Shutter Island gave me, but unfortunately this was not the case.

As bad as my review may sound at times, the film didn’t start off that bad, unfortunately it just didn’t develop or end well. There was a bit too much going on in the film that sent the plot all over the place. This film had the potential to be really good, but had far too many scenes that left you asking “What the hell is going on”. This movie could have been 30min shorter because it felt as if the writers took the story into so many turns there was no real end. The ending was so weird, I seriously wanted to punch someone for having me waste 2hrs of my time for it. There were times in the film you thought it was the finale, and but then the movie continued on. I kid you not, this movie is just weird.

I was expecting this film to be so much better, and it had the potential to be. The writers for this film went way overboard and sent the story into a black hole, a waist of a good 2+ hrs. Unfortunately there was no cure for wellness, but they should have focused more on a cure for this ending…womp womp…C-

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Movies in Review:John Wick: Chapter 2″

john_wick_chapter_twoOk…so I admit I wasn’t up on John Wick when I watched the trailer for this second film. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even remember the first one because I definitely didn’t watch it. I’m sure my choice to pass over the original had everything with the lead being cast by Keanu Reeves, whose acting I’d rather pass on. However everyone kept telling me I had missed out by not seeing the first film, and then this second installment was getting even more praise from critics…so maybe I did miss out? Although I wasn’t anticipating this second installment, I definitely had to check it out just to confirm what all the hype about. Luckily for me I was able to catch the first movie on TV the day before going to see Chapter 2.

Ok…so I can see why so many of my male counterparts have been going bananas over this series. After watching the first movie, it’s a man’s dream. There’s nothing but action sequences and body counts, kind of like a lot of kung fu films…I’m with that. I thought the first film was ok, and I liked it for the most part ~shrugs. So I went in to see Chapter 2 feeling like I would get much of what was in the first…and I did. However Chapter 2 was on another level…wow. The body counts, as expected, were crazy, and the action sequences were even more exciting. My favorite scene was the one filmed in the “Illusion” room…Omg…Amazing scene. Luckily for Keanu, and the film, John Wick doesn’t do a great deal of speaking, which works perfectly for Sir Monotone…lol. Keanu does his thing otherwise. He looks great in a tailored suit, kills every action scene, and physically isn’t bad on the eyes…ijs.

I like movies like these because they are a pure adrenaline rush, which is needed sometimes. I left the theater exhausted by what happened onscreen. There wasn’t a dull moment to mention, and entertaining throughout. This is a man’s dream film, but some of you women might want in on the action too…A-

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Movies in Review: “The Lego Batman Movie”

the_lego_batman_movie_promotionalposterIf any of you watched the original Lego movie, I’m sure you had to be excited when the trailer for The Batman version dropped…I know I was. Although I’m not the biggest fan of anything Batman related, I am all things Lego, so needless to say, the premiere date was definitely marked on my calendar.


As expected, The Lego Batman Movie was awesome, and not to mention, funny as hell. These Lego movies are the best, aren’t they!? I found it funny that most of the adults taking their kids to see the film happen to be more excited than the little ones…like myself…lol. Legos were our generation’s toys, so there is something very nostalgic about the film that most parents love. What I love is that they don’t lose the Lego esthetic for the film. The Legos remain Legos, and that only adds to the humor. For the kids, and adults there is a great story, although I do think the humor is a geared more to the older crowd, the younger ones won’t really get it. However there is enough adventure in the film to keep the little one’s entertained and humor to keep the parents laughing…win/win.


I enjoyed this film very much, and just as much as I enjoyed the first one. I walked out of the first film singing “Everything is awesome!”, and walking out of this one making the “Pew Pew!” shooting sound while pointing my fingers at someone…smh…hilarious. If you don’t have a kid to accompany you, no one will give you the side eye for enjoying it alone or with a couple of your other adult buddies…either way, it’s worth seeing…A

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Movies in Review: “I am Not Your Negro”

i_am_not_your_negroI think the title alone is enough to have you turn your head or send a sting through your veins. I’m not sure if I saw the theatrical poster or trailer first, but both had me anticipating this documentary. Every time I walked past the poster it was like seeing words you want to say to every white person just being put there out in the open for them to see, kind of having me like I was saying it out loud, at the same time hoping you understand it. I can admit I honestly didn’t know about James Baldwin. However when I watched him in the trailer my ears and eyes were open, and he had my full attention. It felt like he was speaking for us/me, and this is just what the documentary felt like. I am not a fan of writing reviews for films like these because I admit I’m often fixed with mixed feelings that involve a lot of anger. But please know if you see this film I’m saying this…”Yeah! What James Baldwin said!”


It took me a minute to get into the documentary, as I wasn’t sure where the story was going as the narrative centered on Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcom X, noted Civil Rights Leaders who were all gunned down before the age of 40. What I liked about the documentary revolving around these men was because he made them more than just civil rights leaders who White Americans found as a threat. He made us see that they were men who were fathers, and husbands, brothers, who were targeted and killed…for what…because the White American felt threatened. Very similar to what is happening today, as the documentary dives into the stories of today where black men and children are being targeted by police and gunned down in the street, unarmed, yet still looked at as a threat. Oh how far we have come right? ~rolling eyes. I can’t really say this documentary is for US, but instead for “All Lives Matter” movement, for your white friend who gets surprised when a cop kills another unarmed black man in the street, and all of those still living comfortably in their happy bubble. WE don’t need to see this because we live it every day. I was in a theater watching this film with a silent predominantly white audience who, if only for a moment, got a glimpse of what’s really happening outside of their own secure lives. As was noted in the documentary, American History is not pretty, and without US you would have no history at all. 


This movie couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. White Americans keep putting fuel on the fire, who’s going to stand around to get burned. The pressure is getting hot in America right now and people are going to find themselves shocked when those bubbles you have comfortably been living under begin to POP! James Baldwin did not refer to it as a Civil Rights Movement but instead a Slave Rebellion. We haven’t come that far, and we are on the path for history to repeat itself. As Malcom X said “If one is a citizen, one should not have to fight for his own civil rights”…A+

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