Movies in Review: “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”

The_Huntsman_–_Winter's_War_posterOk sooooooo, about this movie, the prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman…hmmmmmm…I wasn’t a fan of the first movie, but when I saw the trailer for this second movie, I was a little excited. Since it was the prequel, I hoped it would be an improvement over the first and possibly have the first movie make more sense. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case at all…


Winter’s War actually had a decent opening weekend. I’m guessing people were hoping for the same thing I was, but instead was left with more confusion. This movie made little sense as the prequel to Snow White. They seemed like two different movies, but with some of the same actors as the original. I enjoyed the visuals, especially of Ravenna & Freya the 2 sisters, but what happened to the brother they introduced in the Snow White movie??? How far before the first Snow White movie was this one supposed to represent, because Snow White’s name was brought up in this film as if she was already an adult. Ravenna definitely seemed more powerful in this film than the first, but there are some contradictions as to how the powers are achieved from this movie and the first. I was hoping this movie was going to be great, but not much about it impressed or made much sense. Kind of made the whole thing feel really unnecessary ~shrugs.


If you are hoping to be astounded, then don’t look this way. Most of the movie honestly seemed to drag. If you watched the first and looking for this to be an introduction to the original, you will find yourself unfulfilled. I don’t know why I expected this to be good…wishful thinking I guess…D+

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Movies in Review: The Meddler”

The_Meddler_Film_PosterThis weekend was the limited release of this film in NY, so don’t be too surprised that you haven’t heard anything about it, neither did I. The only reason I came across it was because The Huntsman was the only major released movie this weekend, and I wasn’t hearing too many great things about it, so I was on the hunt for something to substitute it. That’s when I came across the trailer. Not really much going on in the trailer, but I was won over by Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne, who I adore.

I left the theater with nothing but a smile on my face. There was something so heartfelt about the movie that makes it easy to relate. Susan Sarandon was a natural as Marnie, and absolutely hilarious with very little effort. Everyone in the cast was great, but it was definitely Sarandon who stole the show. It has been a while, but this movie had me all types of emotional. It’s possible I did shed a tear at one part…lol. My favorite part of the story was between Sarandon’s character Marnie, and J.K. Simmons character Zipper. These two were absolutely adorable together, so much so, I found myself crushing on Zipper. Seriously….I want me a Zipper! :(…lol

This is definitely more of a chick movie, something that would be great with a few girlfriends, or a date with your mother. Men will find it entertaining, but doesn’t seem like the type of movie you would go see unless accompanied by a female. If this movie makes it in your area though, I definitely recommend you see it…A

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Movies in Review: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_Theatrical_PosterOk so I think you’re either a Star Wars fanactic, or someone like myself, who could really care less. I have never been able to sit through a Star Wars movie without falling asleep shortly after the movie started…smh. So needless to say I have never watched any of the previous installments, not for lack of trying either. Although movie-goers were all filled with excitement for the release of this film, I wasn’t interested in seeing a movie that would have me watching the back of my eyelids…lol. Well I’m surprised to say, this wasn’t the case.

First off, let me start by saying this movie was corny as hell. If this falls in line with all the other movies, which I heard it did, you guys like some corny ish…ijs. However, as corny as it was, I did find myself entertained…very entertained. I enjoyed the comedy, and the fun and cute interactions between characters. The movie kept a nice pace which never led to boredom. My favorite characters were definitely Finn and Rey, I enjoyed their storyline and they meshed well together. I only had a problem with that awful wig they stuck to Finn’s head. Why did they feel the need to do that? Ugh…

I’m sorry to disappoint all Star Wars haters for actually finding enjoyment in this movie. Believe me I am just as surprised as you are. But I have to speak MY truth, and the truth is I found this movie to be fun and entertaining ~shrugs. It’s still corny as hell, but I do have a thing for corny…A-

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Movies in Review: “The Finest Hours”

The_Finest_Hours_posterTwo of my favorite movie genres, true stories and disaster dramas. So there should be no surprise that I was looking forward to seeing this one. Not to mention the trailer drew me in with it’s visually attractive disaster scenes. Oh…and I’m also a huge fan of Chris Pine…soooooo…yeah. I kinda had mid-level to high expectations for this one. Unfortunately they weren’t met😦.

My first complaint is that this movie was just too damn long for what was presented in the film. There wasn’t enough drama outside of the disaster scenes to really keep this movie at a good pace. I enjoyed the characters, but something was definitely lacking in the story that made it feel kind of empty. As much as I enjoyed the characters, I felt no real connection. Chris Pine was great, but some back story on him would have been nice. I’m a huge fan of Casey Affleck, but he failed me in this movie. I don’t know if his character was supposed to be way, but he felt a little withdrawn, and I just wanted more from him. A little too laid back for me. Eric Bana was annoying as hell, and I don’t usually feel that way about him. It would have been nice to get a little more on the men sent out on the rescue. We only got small scenes/dialogue from them, and they really deserved more. The focus was mainly on the rescue, which involved scenes that didn’t have the visual power it seemed to have in the trailer.

This movie was ok, but lacked the power to really make it a winner. Besides the water scenes, the movie was a little too soft, and lacked depth. I enjoyed being introduced to this rescue story, but I do believe these men deserved better than what was brought to the big screen…C+

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Movies in Review: “Criminal”

Criminal_2016_posterI am a fan Kevin Costner, although his movie roles as of late were less than box office hits. However I don’t blame Costner much because I usually enjoy his performance. I think people have given up on him though as an actor and aren’t really breaking down any doors to catch him on the big screen ~shrugs. Although most of you probably wasn’t checking for Criminal, it was on my radar to see. To be very honest, I thought the trailer was sketchy, but the cast was amazing, so I decided to take my chances.

I was right…the cast was great, but the movies was sketchy. The story was so rushed. A little background on each character would have been nice, and possibly more believable. Reynolds role was too short and then Costner took over. That whole process had me sucking my teeth because we are left forced to believe that this technology just works??? There was no background story on this process or Tommy Lee Jones character either. However performances were decent, but the writing left too many holes and unbelievable circumstances. This movie had almost everything it needed to be decent, but it failed to reach its potential.

Another Costner film that will hit the books as an epic fail. If you are a Costner fan, his performance won’t let you down, but this is an action thriller that failed to really thrill amidst a montage on nonsense…C+

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Movies in Review: “The Jungle Book”

The_Jungle_Book_(2016)I’m a big kid at heart, so when I saw the trailer for this film in live-action I immediately got chills…omg. A huge smile stayed on my face at the anticipation of seeing this movie. The release date for me couldn’t come fast enough. I am looking forward to seeing a number of films this spring/summer, and this was the first of them. I had little doubt I would be disappointed, I was just looking forward to see how it played out.


Holy smokes! This had to be some of the best voice casting ever. I mean seriously…the voices brought so much life to these computer-animated characters. First off can we talk about Idris Elba as the voice of Shere Khan!? Fear still fills my veins…Elba was perfection for the character. I was also more than pleased with the CGI heavily used to produce the film. Very well done indeed. I went to see it on a standard screen, but it looks well worth the money for premium IMAX or 3D viewing. I was a little worried about the child actor in the film, because I had never heard of him, but he was a natural. He was funny, entertaining and knew what he was doing.


I give all the praises to this film. It was one of the best movies I have seen so far this year. It is a visual piece of art that is masterfully voiced. I have little complaints as the film had me intensely enthralled…A must see…A+

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Movies in Review: “Barbershop: The Next Cut”

BarbershopTheNextCutposterOmg…Did anyone realize this is the 4th movie from this franchise which included the spin-off Beauty Shop. We haven’t seen a Barbershop movie over 10yrs! I definitely was surprised when I first saw the trailer, as well as excited. I was happy to see most of the original cast returning, but disappointed that Michael Ealy wasn’t one of them😦. However, the trailer for this new installment looked off the chain, and I was really looking forward to catching this one.

By far the best Barbershop movie to date. The laughs were bigger, the cast was better, and the story had a lot of heart. This one really touches on subjects in the media today, and struggles parents are facing. I was more than pleased with the writing and cast. I honestly could have done without Eve, but thank goodness her screen time was short…lol. I have to give it up for the cast in this film who kept the laughs rolling. Cedric the Entertainer was great as always, but the characters Jerrod and Dante were hilarious too. Oh and I can’t forget about J.B. Smoove, who you know let his comedic chops flourish. Barbershop outdid themselves with this cast.

I enjoyed the other Barbershop movies, but this one has me giving it a standing ovation. I was expecting to enjoy it, but walked out of the theater with way more than that. If you like the other movies, like myself, you will love this one for sure…A

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