Movies in Review: “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation”

Mission_Impossible_Rogue_Nation_posterUnlike most Americans these days, I still enjoy watching Cruise in films. Tom Cruise doesn’t get the play he use to get in Hollywood, but all that aside, the man always comes through on a Mission Impossible movie. This is one role you can never deny his dominance. The excitement that filled my body when I watched the trailer for this movie…Whew! I couldn’t take it, and I couldn’t wait to see this movie!

Wow…this movie really packed a punch. I’m use to Mission Impossible movies being filled with action, but I was on the edge of my seat throughout most of this movie. This installment was a pure adrenaline rush. It had its humorous antics, which always keeps the movie fun, but this installment had the best female co-star I have ever seen in a while. The character “Iisa Faust” stole every scene and totally out-shined Cruise. Don’t get me wrong, Cruise was still pure awesomeness, but Iisa was on another level…you’ll see. The nemesis Lane was also great, because he was cold and ruthless, it was hard to tell what he would do. The action sequences were off the chain as always, although a few a little to unbelievable, but still a joy to watch.

I could go on and on about this movie, but all you need to know is that you need to see it. If you enjoy spy action movies, Mission Impossible is one of the best. This adrenaline rushed installment is definitely one of my favorites…A-

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Movies in Review: “Vacation”

Vacation_posterOk so I never really watched any of the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. I may have watched a few scenes here and there from some of the movies, but I definitely never sat and watched any of the movies from beginning to end. I know this franchise has a huge following, and thought I may have been a little lost with this new installment. I don’t think I cared much. The trailer looked hilarious, and I needed a laugh.

I laughed…admittedly a lot. It didn’t seem as if it was necessary to see the older movies because this one seemed to be the same movie, now starring the adult kids ~shrugs. I thought Helms and Applegate were cute and funny together, although Helms didn’t seem as naturally funny as he does in other movies. Their kids were honestly my favorite characters. They made me laugh the most. Their older son James Griswold makes the best facial expressions I have ever seen. His expressions teeter on being a bit too much, but they were fun for me. Their youngest son is just freakin hilarious…lol.

Although I laughed throughout, the story was lacking. There was something missing, making the plot feel mechanical. If you want a good laugh, there is definitely one to be had here. If you are looking for anything more than that, you might find yourself slightly disappointed…C+

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Movies in Review: “Southpaw”

Southpaw_posterThere is something about Jake Gyllenhaal that completely wows me. He knows how to take on a character…doesn’t he? I must admit though, when I watched the trailer for Southpaw, I was a little skeptical about him portraying the boxing character Billy Hope and making it believable. My doubts, however, weren’t enough to keep me from seeing this movie. As a matter of fact, I’ve been anticipating this movie since the release of its theatrical trailer. I loved the trailer, and the cast even more. I wasn’t expecting a complete fail from Gyllenhaal, just not his best…

Gyllenhaal is still the man. Can he do no wrong? He was Billy Hope and everything that came with this character. He had the lingo down, as a kid who had the streets raise him. He had the moves as a real boxer, and the physique to back it up. His relationship with his family, and wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) could be felt deeply. It was hard not to feel every emotion, and tragedy this man faced. This movie is packed with powerful emotion. Curtis Jackson did a good job of playing himself…lol…and Forrest Whitaker was the icing on the cake. The back and forth between him and Hope added humor and fun to the film.

There were some slow-moving scenes, and some that could have use better direction, but there is no doubt Antoine Fuqua has another hit on his hands. Those boxing scenes were everything! Reminded you of boxing of old, not this mess we are forced to watch in the rings today…smh. The boxing scenes were exhausting and exciting, exactly how they should be…lol.

This one is a winner because it packs a hell of a punch. The cast was perfect, the boxing scenes were memorable, and the movie is full of emotion. If you love boxing, you will definitely enjoy this…B+

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Movies in Review: “Trainwreck”

Trainwreck_posterTrainwreck is the only movie I was looking forward to seeing this weekend. You know how you have one of those weeks where you just need a good laugh? Well this movie came right on time. How many of you cracked up every time this trailer came across your television screen. I knew nothing about Amy Schumer before, but I’m all about Amy Schumer today. Some of you may know Schumer’s sketch comedy work on Comedy Central. Some of you, like myself, may just being hearing about her for the first time. Whatever the case may be, she will definitely be on your radar after seeing this movie, which she also had a hand in writing…Kudos!

This movie is funny as hell…seriously. It wasn’t comedy that was forced. This movie had such a great story, the humor just happened effortlessly. Schumer had me pissing in my pants. She’s an outstanding comedian, but also a decent actress. I loved the chemistry between her and Bill Hader, whose comedic style comes off a bit forced to me. I really enjoyed him in this role. But can we talk about how much I liked Lebron James. Like I hate Lebron James (yes I’m a Lebron Hater…Bite me)…but I loved him in this movie. Just because of this movie, my dislike for him has decreased tremendously…lol. The only part of the movie that was annoying was the plot that involved her pregnant sister, who hardly looked pregnant at all throughout the movie. She and her family were kind of annoying…in my opinion.

If you need a good laugh, this needs to be on your must-see list. This is one of the best comedies I have seen this year. It has a really cute story, and effortless comedic humor. All around enjoyment for me…A-

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Movies in Review: “Ant-Man”

Ant-Man_posterOk sooooooo…how many of you couldn’t take this Ant-Man movie seriously when you watched the trailer. I was giving this movie the serious side-eye. Felt like I was setting myself up for the disappointment Green Lantern left me with. I love Paul Rudd as an actor, but a superhero…ummmmm no. Although I had little interest in this movie, regardless of the character’s casting, I will always be in the theater to watch a Marvel super-hero film, well any super-hero film for that matter…lol.

I promise, if you go in with low expectations, you will come out of the theater pleasantly surprised (not that low expectations are needed). The movie really wasn’t bad at all. Wow…I am so surprised at how much I enjoyed Rudd in this role. Definitely a very nice fit. The direction they took this movie in worked. My only complaint is that there was a little too much dialogue, making the movie feel long, but other than that I was pleasantly entertained. I loved the “heist” aspect of the story, it kept the mood fun and humorous, especially with Michael Pena as Luis. I love me some Michael Pena. That dude nails it every time. I thought they could have went deeper with the Yellow Jacket story-line. That part of the story kinda got the short end of the stick…oh well…

All in all…not a bad movie. Ant-Man isn’t my favorite Marvel film, but I did leave with a smile on my face and anticipation for the next installment. I think it is a great movie for the family who are Marvel hero fans. Although the extended dialogue may prove to be a bit dull in some spots. Overall I found myself laughing a lot, interested, and entertained…and that’s good enough in my book…B+

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Movies in Review: “Minions”

Minions_posterThe first time I watched Despicable Me, I knew those yellow, babbling minions deserved a movie of their own. I feel like I’ve waited all year for the release of this movie, but the day has finally arrived. I have anticipated this animated movie the most this summer. My kid wanted to see it too…thank goodness…lol. I love my movie dates with my little one :)

All was good with the movie, until you realize there is just too much Minion…lol…like really. I was hoping to love this movie, but it was a little too much. I forgot what was happening, but there were some scenes that had my kid cringing…lol. Don’t get me wrong. he liked it, but I caught him covering his eyes a few times. I enjoyed it, especially Stuart, and his bearTim, they were hilarious. I wasn’t as impressed with Susan Overkill…eh.
The story was cute, but nowhere near as thrilling as the Despicable Me films. The minions seemed to shine better in those films. The pressure of holding down an entire movie alone were too much for these guys. I still think the kids will find it to be great. I mean…who has the heart to hate on a Minion…B+
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Movies in Review: “Self/Less”

Selfless_posterThe only reason I went to see this movie is because I always root for Ryan Reynolds. If it had not starred Reynolds, this movie would have been on the cutting block for me. The trailer was a joke. Was anyone impressed with the nonsense that this movie was trying to market? Although I had my doubts, I was still hoping that the movie would prove to be far better than the theatrical trailer…but it wasn’t.

I’m not the biggest fan of Ben Kingsley in films. I find it hard to take him seriously. I was starting to think this movie was a comedy just because Kingsley was cast…smh. Kingsley opens the film and I was less than intrigued by what was taking place. The story seemed a little rushed and there was very little development before Reynolds came into play. The story  just seemed to drift with interruptions of nonsense here and there. What annoyed me most was the actress who played Reynolds wife. She played the same character in Elysium, with a sick child she was caring for…Ugh! She added nothing exciting to the story, and only seemed to slow it down.

I was really hoping to enjoy something from this movie…but I didn’t. It was really a joke and something that could have cluttered the shelves of the DVD counter as a straight to DVD released film. It’s kind of annoying when movies like this make it into the theater…D-

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