Movies in Review: “The Intern”

The_Intern_PosterOk so I absolutely fell in love with this trailer. Cute movies always hit my soft spot, and how cute was the trailer for this film. Although Hathaway isn’t one of my favorite actresses, I really can’t hate on her because any movie she stars in, I walk out enjoying ~shrugs. After a very long vacation, I hoped this movie would give me a good laugh.

How cute was this movie! I really wish you could see my face when I describe films like this. As you read my review envision a lot of gushing, and silly “Omg” girl emotions…lol. The chemistry between Hathaway and DeNiro worked to perfection. I loved DeNiro in this role, and wished I had him as my Intern/Best Friend…lol. His character had this light, airy, and relaxed feel. Hathaway was adorable, and their relationship felt real, which I enjoyed. The comedy got help from their fun and interesting co-stars, who were all great additions to the cast.

I’m on the fence to call this a chick-flick. But because there is actually more testosterone in the film, I have to say the men won’t feel uncomfortable going to see this alone, although this movie is definitely better as a date movie. I left the theater smiling, but I think that had a lot to go with my wacky female hormones getting the best of me…lol…B

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Movies in Review: “Sicario”

Sicario_posterOh how I love me some Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin. I gets down with Emily Blunt too. So I was sold on this movie from cast alone, the trailer was only confirmation that I needed to see this movie. Critics are raving about it, and this was the only movie in weeks I’ve been looking forward to seeing.

With a running time of 2+ hours, the movie kinda dragged for me a bit, but just slightly. The plot, acting, and directing were on point though. This movie had gasping. I was like OMG, I never wanna cross the Mexican boarder…EVER! It is hard for me to explain the feeling this movie gave me, all I have to say is you have to see it for yourself. Benicio Del Toro…smh…this man is everything. This isn’t your regular crime thriller, this one is filled with substance, and thrills that will take you by surprise.

The movie moves a bit slow in the beginning in some spots, but gets better as the film progresses. I am still a little messed up by this movie…lol. I enjoyed it, but left the theater totally disturbed by it…A-

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Movies in Review: “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”

Maze-Runner-The-Scorch-Trials-PosterSo anyone who has read my review of the first movie knows that I thought it was just ok. I remember leaving the theater with little excitement about what I watched. However when I watched the trailer for the second installment, The Scorch Trials, I was looking forward to giving this franchise a second chance. My expectations were a bit like the first movie, but even the trailer for this second filmed out-shined the first one…lol.

I loved this installment far better than the first. This film is getting a lot of flack for plot and character development, and I get the critics point, but the excitement in this movie allowed me to overlook this as a problem. The pace of this movie was faster and packed with more adrenaline pushing actions scenes. Something that the first film was lacking. However, admittedly, if it wasn’t for these action scenes the film would have been a flop, because the plot was a bit weak. This installment focuses more on the character Thomas, who I really enjoyed. His co-stars kinda faded in the background in this film, where as in the first movie, everyone had a story and stood out well.

If you watched the first movie and enjoyed it, I definitely think you will find this one to be a step up. There was an adrenaline rush through this film that kept the entertainment value on a high. I know I’m a week late for this review, due to vacation, but if you were wondering if this is worth seeing, I would have to say yes…B+

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Movies in Review: “The Perfect Guy”

ThePerfectGuyPosterThis was the movie to see this weekend. People have been talking about this movie for months since the theatrical trailer was released. I admit the trailer is quite intriguing, but something was telling me this movie wasn’t gonna be everything we all hoped it would be. However I was hoping to be proven wrong. So I went into the theater with my fingers-crossed…

Hmmmmm…People may not like what I have to say, but if you think about what I’m about to write, I’m sure you will find yourself in agreement. This movie started out fine, introducing characters, and building up the story, and that was great. But as soon as the crazy turned on, the story went awry. What the hell happened? Seriously? Ealy played the hell out of Duncan, and I applaud his performance. Unfortunately the writing did nothing to give his character the strength that it needed. Where the hell did this Crazy come from? And why was it triggered like that. None of this was answered in the story. We know absolutely nothing about Duncan. The story kept bringing up random stuff the would have given the story some ground, but never went anywhere…ie Duncan’s name change, his adoption…Ummmmm…ok. Then there was Leah’s stupid girlfriends, and the super random, overly helpful detective. All of the drama was forced, especially that scene with Duncan and David at the bar. That performance was so cliché, as well as the result of their encounter. Please tell me you didn’t find it all so predictable, especially the ending.

I seriously wanted to like this movie as much as everyone else, and I did to an extent. Ealy held it down, but everything else happening around him had me sucking my teeth a bit. It was nice to have 2 beautiful men share the screen together, getting half-naked and things, but I still can’t overlook the fact that this movie was not a hit. It was entertaining, but I could have watched this on HBO of BET for that matter…C+

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Movies in Review: “Sleeping With Other People”

Sleeping_with_Other_PeopleOh you know how I love a romantic comedy! Definitely one of my favorite film genres. So you know I was looking forward to this one! I adore Jason Sudeikis in any comedy, but when I watched him in this trailer, I fell in love. I had already received a recommendation and thumbs up for this movie before I bought my ticket, so my expectations going in were pretty high.

I wish there was an emoji to express my feeling for this movie. This movie had me leaving the theater will all those mushy girly feelings. There was nothing but stars and hearts in my eyes, a smile on my face and warm feeling all over. I need this type of relationship in my life. Although in reality that is impossible, I still enjoyed what I saw on-screen. I enjoyed this movie because it was cute and funny…cute and funny always gets me. I adored the characters Lainey and Jake. Some of their escapades had me rolling…So cute. The best humor came from the husband and wife duo Xander and Noami. This couple is the prime example of my Relationship Goals. These 2 should have their own movie…lol.

I more than loved this movie. It came right on time to put that much needed smile on my face. This is definitely a chick-flick, with enough testosterone to still keep the men happy. Make it a date-night more, and everyone will walk away happy…A-!

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Movies in Review: “A Walk in the Woods”

A_Walk_in_the_Woods_PosterThis honestly has to be my least favorite time of the year to review movies…smh…seriously. Around this time I go through weeks of either reviewing movies I never really wanted to see (because they’re bad) or seeing movies I hope are decent, only to leave the theater disappointed. Well this weekend was no different. Nothing was going to get me into the theater to see the reboot of Transporter. Statham was the only reason I followed that franchise anyway, so now I definitely won’t bother. Instead I gave this movie a go…see trailer. It doesn’t look exciting, I’ll admit, but it does look entertaining…or so I thought.

Ummmmm…yeah…not as entertaining as I had hoped. Story seemed fit for a charming film, but everything about the characters was so wrong. Robert Redford for instance was a bore fest. His acting was like watching paint dry, so dull. Then you add Nick Nolte, whose voice was like listening to someone scrape their nails across a chalkboard..Omg. Nolte looked awful and was at times hard to understand. However he was the entertainment in the movie. If it wasn’t for him, I probably would have fallen asleep. He and Redford did not match well at all. So what was supposed to be a nice adventure was nothing more than a light walk in the woods. There were a few punches of excitement, but nothing that will make you wanna sit through 90min of this movie…eh…D+

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Movies in Review: “Z for Zachariah”

Z_for_Zachariah_posterMany of you likely haven’t heard of this flick, neither had I. Besides wide release films, I do like to see what’s out in the limited/independent release section. In my research I came across this trailer. A post apocalyptic thriller with 3 outstanding actors cast in it. Movie is based on book of the same name. I know the trailer doesn’t seem extraordinary, but with this cast, I was confident I would enjoy it.

If you are looking for visual excitement, action, and endless dialogue that leads to nowhere, this is not the movie for you. This movie is simplicity at it’s best. The story being told with beautiful camera shots, and subtle expressions and movements from the actors. Thrills are given in the calmest manner, but still give you a rush of intrigue. I loved how they played down Margot Robbie’s stunning beauty, so that the we could stay focused on the story and her acting. She still looked stunning, but unlike her other roles, her sex appeal and looks were not the focus. Ejiofor and Pine were on point (as I expected). The story did not play out as I expected, and left me wanting to read the book. The movie was good, but it felt like I missed some details, or too much was left for the audience to decipher on their own.

This is one of the those movies you have to carefully watch, missing the slightest detail would be a mistake. A simple, well-directed, performed, and filmed movie. I could have used a little more detail with somethings, but then again, I guess I could just read the book…B+

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