Movies in Review: “Southside with You”

SouthsideWithYouPromotionalPosterOk so a movie about FLOTUS & POTUS’s first date? No question I was going to be in the theaters to catch this. They are one of my favorite couples, and I had to see how this story played out. When I watched the trailer, there was something so endearing about their first date, but I expected nothing less. Not to mention the actors cast in these lead roles gave me chills. Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers definitely emulated the younger versions of their real life characters. I had high expectations for this film, and didn’t doubt that they would be met.


I absolutely loved this story. Keep in mind the entire movie is about their first date, so to some, the movie may move a bit slow. I found the pace helped in the experience of their date. I love the camera shots and attention paid to subtle details. It gave the movie a light and refreshing feel, but also added to the story. 


Now let’s get to the actors. Where in the hell did they find Parker Sawyers??? It felt like he was made for this role. They couldn’t have chosen a better actor. I was seriously wondering if Obama had a son that they cast to play him in this movie, like Ice Cube did in Straight Outta Compton. Yes the similarities were scary. Felt like it was actually the young Obama, from every word, move, and puff of his cigarette. It was amazing. Sumpter was also great as Michelle Obama. Her demeanor and poise was on point. My only complaint would be that she was trying way too hard to sound like her that it would take away from her performance. It was a little annoying at times, but didn’t ruin the movie. She was still a great choice for the role.


I couldn’t have been more pleased with this film. It is all that you want it to be. It is everything you’d expect from their first date. Such a beautiful beginning. Movie had me smiling inside and out…A+

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Movies in Review: “Don’t Breathe”

Don't_Breathe_(2016_film)Ok soooooooo…we know I’m not one for a horror flick. I often find them to be filled with weak stories and obligatory weak scare tactics ~shrugs. However there a few films in this genre that can catch my interest and drive me into the theater…this happened to be one of them. I really dug the trailer, and I’m also a fan of the young actor Dylan Minnette. I dislike being scared, but I also find it kind of fun and thrilling. I was hoping this movie would live up to this standard. I’m a little surprised to say this, but oh my…this movie was everything.


There was little about this film that I didn’t enjoy. I enjoyed the story, direction and performances by the cast. The movie moved well and kept you on the edge of your seat. My only issue was maybe in the 1st scene when the character “Rocky” did the dumbest thing ever, making it easy for him and his crew to be found, if that was what the movie focused on, but it didn’t…so I guess it wasn’t really a big deal ~shrugs.


This is definitely a horror thriller that horrifies and thrills. There were so many elements in this movie that will have you shaking in your pants. Every move, breathe will have you on the edge of your seat, or jumping out of it. I was scared shitless…seriously. By the time the movie was over my heart was racing 100 miles a minute. There is never a dull moment in this film, and more than enough “OMG” moments…such a thrill.


This is definitely a winner. This movie is filled with real horror, not gag thrills. The story makes sense and characters are great. It will be a jolt to your system all the way to credits end. This movie still has me shook…lol…A-

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Movies in Review: “Kubo and the Two Strings”


I loved the trailer for this movie. I thought it was visually beautiful, and the characters very entertaining. I’m surprised at how poorly it did at the box office though…smh. Stop-motion animation are usually hard sells. I’m definitely not the biggest fan, but there was something about this film that had me very interested. It was the movie I was looking forward most to seeing. Of course I had my little man by my side, and we made a date of it.


It took a minute for this movie to really get going. It definitely started a bit slow, but eventually got into a nice groove. I loved the visual effects. I found them to be magically adoring and fun. The characters were entertaining, especially the banter between Monkey, Beetle, and Kubo. However the story, and visually, the movie was very dark. My 3 year old had an emotional time watching this one because there are a number of “sad” moments, and dark monsters. My kid was crying or shuddering and covering his eyes throughout most of the film…smh. Halfway through the movie, I had to hold him. I was really surprised at how dark the story was. Although I enjoyed the story, unfortunately I don’t think it registered well for younger audiences at all. 


Kubo was a visual delight, in my opinion, but failed to register to younger audiences. I enjoyed everything about it, although it was a little too dark to take my 3 year old too. This movie is receiving critical acclaim from critics, and I’m a little surprised. It was a good movie, but my mark for it is a bit lower…B+

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Movies in Review: “War Dogs”

War_Dogs_2016_posterWhen I watched the trailer for this film, I honestly didn’t find the story-line appealing, a true story about 2 gun runners??? Ummmmmm…ok. I really can’t see why this story needed to be told, but ok. The only thing that got me into the theater is Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. I enjoy both these young actors and it’s unlikely that I would pass up a film each were featured in. I was expecting to be entertained, and at the same time angry at the story. I was correct on both…


I found most of my entertainment with Jonah Hill’s performance. He was definitely outstanding as Efraim. Had he not been cast in this role I can’t say this movie would have been half as good as it was, and the film wasn’t great. Just as I thought, the story pissed me off. Everything is ALWAYS about money. The things people are allowed to get away with, such as starting wars, just to make money is ridiculous…smh. The performances were good, but I honestly didn’t find anything spectacular about these two men to require a movie based on their time as gun runners ~shrugs. I thought the movie ran way longer than it needed too, and the girlfriend of Miles Teller’s character was so whiny, all her scenes put me on the verge of a headache…annoying.


There were a number of things that irritated the mess out of me in this film, but there was still enough entertainment value in both Hill and Teller to keep me seated and not running out of the theater. I’m sure this movie will be more entertaining to most of you than it was for me. The story kind of rubbed me the wrong way, so I was unable to enjoy it as much as I should have. In my opinion this movie is decent, nothing spectacular, but decent…B-

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Movies in Review: “Sausage Party”

Sausage_PartyWhy was I so interested in seeing this film? Well no one does a movie and pushes the envelope like Seth Rogen does. When I first watched the trailer for this film, my mouth was on the floor. I loved the idea of the animation with food. When I saw the R rating, I was like OMG…I have to see where they take this movie. Let me tell you, Rogen and his crew outdid themselves with this one. This movie is everything and a bag of chips…seriously…

I swear I will never look at produce the same…lol. It’s crazy, because as stupid as this film was, it was so brilliantly done at the same time. The humor was definitely on point, but it was the story that really surprised me. This film touched on subjects of sexuality, religion, race division, among others in the most interesting way. I found myself saying “Wow” and laughing hysterically throughout. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this movie. As great as it is though, please do not take your children or even young teens. This movie has an “R” rating, but I swear it could have easily received and “X”. There’s cursing and strong sexual overtone throughout, but it turns into straight up porn at the end, if that’s even possible for animated produce…lol. Seriously…the scenes at the end had me clutching my pearls and I was like what the hell is going on…very entertaining though.

All adults must go see this movie, you will have a ball. It’s an animated comedy film unlike any other you have seen. Well worth the ticket price…A-

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Movies in Review: “Hell or High Water”

Hell_or_High_Water_film_posterThere really wasn’t much I had any interest in seeing this weekend except Sausage Party, but I felt like I needed to see more than one movie for the sake of this blog ~shrugs. In my research I came across the trailer for this film, whose trailer I had seen in the theaters. The trailer wasn’t exceptional, but still sparked some interest. I loved the cast, and I enjoy a good heist crime film. I had little expectations, and was really going just to be going ~shrugs.


This movie wasn’t full of excitement and gun play, instead packed with noteworthy performances and a strong story. Although I found this movie to be a bit slow at times, I found its strengths in the characteristics of a film that are most important to me. The characters were well developed and performances executed brilliantly. My favorite characters were the 2 Texas Rangers played by Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham. Their union made for a very humorous combination that made more interesting to watch. The combination of the two brothers played by Chris Pine and Ben Foster had the same effect. As “simple” as the film seemed, its execution was what set it apart from other films like it. It focused on the characters and story, and not over the top action scenes, which worked well.


If you can appreciate a good story and can deal with a slow paced film, then this is for you. This film was very well executed and had everything good going for it…A-

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Movies in Review: “Suicide Squad”


The trailer for Suicide Squad didn’t appeal to me as much as the theatrical art and movie posters did. I found those to be fun and exciting. The trailer for me was blah, but I did have interest in seeing this star studded cast in action, especially Jared Leto as The Joker. DC Comics doesn’t really make the best films, but I was thinking with this cast, they should be able to knock this out of the park, and erase all memories of that Batman v. Superman catastrophe…

You ever watch a movie so disappointing, you don’t even want to talk about it? This was one of those movies that had me on the verge of not writing this review…smh. What will it take for DC Comics to get something right…smh? As great as this cast was, there was nothing they could do to save the plot of this film. This movie had so many issues, including the way it was directed. It was very choppy and went from 0 to 100 in 20min. The storyline was so awful I wanted to punch somebody. But as bad as this movie was, I did find enjoyment in many of the performances, especially Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (she nailed it), and Jared Leto as The Joker. Harley got plenty of screen time, but I did wish The Joker had a more relevant role in the plot. I’d love to see a movie with just these two characters. Will Smith did his thing as Deadshot, although there was nothing overly spectacular about his performance. It was just decent. I wasn’t a fan of the actor who played El Diablo. He was a whiner, and the special effects used for his character were juvenile at best.

There was nothing at all riveting or special about this film, except for Quinn and the Joker. This movie had the potential to be great, but a weak plot and horrible directing failed this exceptional cast miserably. The feelings you had towards Batman v. Superman will likely carry on to this film. I would save my money and wait until Netflix, Redbox, or cable TV…C-

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