Movies in Review: “Justice League”

Justice_League_film_posterI’m not the biggest fan of DC Comics, Batman vs Superman almost ruined any interest, but Wonder Woman definitely helped to regain any confidence I lost for their movies. I can’t say I was too excited to see Justice League, especially after seeing Thor, Justice League just looked corny…right!? Also I’m haven’t been on board with Ben Affleck taking over as Batman. I’m not a Batman fan anyway, but I did love Christian Bale. Wonder Woman was probably the only reason I went to check this flick out, so needless to say my expectations weren’t that high, but I was willing to give it a chance.

A very valiant effort for DC Comics. I’m surprised to say that I enjoyed this movie way more than I thought I would. As I don’t like giving spoilers, I unfortunately have to tip-toe around this review because my favorite parts about this movie I’m unable to mention without giving too much away :(. However I will say Ben Affleck didn’t bother me as much in this film, which definitely upped my experience. I enjoyed the cast, Wonder Woman (of course) was amazing, and The Flash was cute and added a lot of humor. From what I watched in the trailer I didn’t expect to like Aquaman, but Jason Momoa did his thing! Cyborg was my least favorite…eh. He just felt like the odd man out. There were some nice action scenes, as you would expect, and I was fairly entertained throughout.

I kind feel like this movie came out too close to the release of Thor, a reducing its ability to stand alone instead of being compared (which of course I did). After seeing Thor this movie doesn’t compare, but when looking at it from a DC Comics movie performance, it was pretty good, and keep in mind I was unable to speak about the better parts of the film (well at least better in my opinion). I enjoyed Justice League, and I think you will too…B

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Movies in Review: “Murder on the Orient Express”

Murder_on_the_Orient_Express_teaser_posterWhat captured my attention from this trailer was the look of the film. The talented cast helped too, but I definitely found the film to be very visually appealing, especially the costumes. Not to mention I also have a thing for murder mysteries, and this film reminded me of a murder mystery board game I used to play when I was young. This was definitely a film I was looking forward to seeing. My expectations surprisingly weren’t high for this one, however I was still expecting to be entertained.


I kind of loved this film, far more than critics will give it credit for. It appeased all of my senses, especially visual. It kept my attention especially since I was trying to solve the murder mystery myself. I loved the characters, especially Kenneth Branagh as detective Hercule. He was quite a fascinating character, as were the performances from the whole cast. You will be biting your nails as the mystery evolves and is solved. I enjoyed the buildup and the way it ended. I laughed throughout the film, was on the edge of my seat, and by the end on the brink of tears and shock. 


This film was far better than I expected. I never read the book (which film is based), so I had nothing to go off of but what was presented on the screen, which I enjoyed. I love a mystery with surprises, twists and unexpected outcomes. Films like these I become the most involved and entertained. A beautiful film that was visually appealing and very well performed. I think you will enjoy…B+

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Movies in Review: “Daddy’s Home 2”

Daddy's_Home_2Let me first start off by letting you know that I never watched the first movie. Not that I didn’t want to, because I actually did, however life got in the way and I never got a chance to see it. I wasn’t expecting there to be a sequel, and figured the first must have been pretty good if a 2nd film was now hitting the big screen. I must admit I was a little apprehensive, especially after the seeing Bad Mom’s 2, which had twice the mom’s and half the laughs. Daddy’s Home 2 seemed to have the same going for it, with twice the dad’s. I enjoyed the trailer, I was just hoping the additional characters wouldn’t sacrifice the comedy.


Well I have nothing much to compare this film to since I missed the first. So I’m just rating this film on what I watched. I thought this movie was ok. Luckily for them, unlike Bad Mom’s, the additional characters added to the humor, so I definitely found myself laughing. However some of the comedy was so contrived, and corny at times. I think Ferrell and Wahlberg make for an interesting comedic pair, I just wish the comedy felt more natural…eh :/.


Not the worst comedy I’ve seen this year, but definitely nothing to go running out to see. If you catch it on cable, you will enjoy the laughs and the comfort of not wasting of that hard earned cash…C+

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Movies in Review: “Thor: Ragnarok”

Thor_Ragnarok_posterTHOR!!! My favorite God of Thunder! I seriously have a thing for Thor. Thor has me jonesin something awful. There is nothing Thor related I wouldn’t see. I have been anticipating this film since I watched the trailer teasers a few months ago. No matter how many times I’ve seen the trailer, I still got chills. The trailer for this film was nothing less than amazing…am I right!? It’s clear everyone felt the same way because this newest film killed at the box office this weekend, and I’m not surprised. I knew I would enjoy this film, that’s a given, but I seriously got way more than I had expected.


First off, the laughs were on a thousand trillion. Marvel films are known for their wit and humor, but this movie kept the laughs rolling, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the new characters that were introduced, especially Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. She murdered this role. I knew she would be great, but her performance was better than that. I liked that the made her a straight badass that held her own. Thor usually owns every scene, but the light was definitely shared in this film as everyone was on point. I loved Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster and the actress who played his bodyguard, the kept the laughs rolling. My favorite character by far was definitely Korg, the rock gladiator. Everything out his mouth had me in stitches, especially the end. I want to see this film again because it gave me the entertainment value, and laugh that I needed. Having Thor, Loki, and the Hulk go back in forth is always its own entertainment then add the rest of the cast and you’ve got a masterpiece worth an applause.


As much as I love ALMOST everything about this movie, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Cate Blanchett. No offense…but she just looked old. I kept wanting to see a different actress like Charlize Theron, or Kate Beckinsale. I don’t know, but Blanchett was definitely not doing it for me, however she wasn’t enough to ruin any of the feelings I had for this film. I enjoyed the previous Thor movies very much, but this is the first one I’ve wanted to actually pay to see again…A+

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Movies in Review: “A Bad Moms Christmas”

BadMomsChristmasThe original Bad Moms film was such a hilarious surprise, my anticipation of the sequel was on another level. With twice the moms in the sequel, I was definitely expecting twice the laughs and more, especially with this mom/daughter cast. The trailer was funny and I seriously felt that the movie would definitely deliver much more. Do you think I may have been a little too excited for this movie? Yeah…it’s possible…lol. All I know is that I needed a laugh and counted on this movie to deliver…

Soooooo…I did laugh…well, actually chuckled. Although with twice the moms, this movie didn’t pack half the laughs of the first film. The humor definitely missed the mark, and the addition of the additional moms only got in the way of the main characters. What I think made the first movie so funny was because the ladies were always getting into something together. However in the sequel the original moms hardly shared the screen together, instead mostly sharing individual screen time with their own respective mothers. A dynamic that didn’t work as well…meh. The original cast didn’t get to shine like they did in the first film, and brought the laugh value down for me. The additional moms didn’t pack the humor I expected them to. There were way too many characters and stories happening that it was kind of a mess :/.

I know my review sounds like this movie was horrible, it wasn’t, but it had nothing near the laugh value of the first film. If I were you I’d save my dough and watch this one in the comfort of your home. You will have a much better appreciation for this film if very little cash was spent to see it…C+

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Movies in Review: “Jigsaw”

Jigsaw_2017_posterHas anyone been missing the Saw franchise? After 7 movies, was it really necessary to continue with this madness? I mean, I loved the 1st film, the 2nd…meh. I think I also loved the 3rd or 4th film, but seriously only about 3 out of 7 were great, the rest were just ok at best, and were definitely far reaching after a while. When you love a franchise you never want it to end. I was happy when Saw ended, and now wondering why continue it. I never watched a trailer for the film, only seeing the theatrical poster. I know John Kramer (Jigsaw) died in the final film, so how were they supposed to keep this story going? This was probably the only reason I stepped foot into the theater to see this film. That and I also figured if they were continuing the story, they might have some better torture methods than seen in the previous films. This would definitely make this new franchise worth seeing…right?


So the movie played out like it usually does, with the start of the game. As we follow the story and watch the players get tortured and killed 1 by 1, we never really find out the full story as to why they were chosen and how the game came about until the very end. This is a part of the film I actually like, when the story is pieced together at the end. However the movie failed in the torture category. There was really nothing exciting about the torture methods this time, nothing that made me cringe like in previous films. The game was just ho-hum, and started and ended that way. I don’t see a reason to continue past this first film if there is nothing that really separates it from the earlier films. The fact that John Kramer is no longer around really dampers the story even more…eh.


I didn’t hate the film, but it had nothing new to offer, just more unknown actors/actresses getting chopped up. I think it would help this movie if they stepped up to at least B-list actor/actresses…ijs. Also, if they don’t step up their torture game I don’t see this franchise lasting past the 2nd film…C

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Movies in Review: “Suburbicon”

SuburbiconI was definitely on the fence about this movie because the trailer was off kilter, but I’ve found that most films directed by George Clooney are, and I’ve still enjoyed them. Not to mention the film starred Matt Damon, so I thought maybe the film would make more sense than the trailer did, and decided to take my chances with this film. However I was a little thrown off when I saw the rating rotten tomatoes gave it, but they have been wrong before.

This time Rotten Tomatoes rating got it right. This movie was a hot mess. To make it even worse, after watching the film, the trailer actually made more sense than the whole movie did. I did not understand what was going in on in this film, from a twin sister that steps in the place of her dead sister, to the odd racial subplot (which was powerful but didn’t feel like it fit in this film), and the weird murders. Nothing about this film made sense. I was happy that the running time was normal because the slow plot and empty dialogue had me falling asleep at the beginning. The best part about the film was the kid and the relationship happening with his neighbor…ijs.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get caught up with this movie. It is a waste of 2 productive hours, unless you’re trying to take a nap, then this film is perfect…lol. Such a surprisingly huge disappointment…D-

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