Movies in Review: “The Nice Guys”

The_Nice_Guys_posterI laugh at this trailer every time I think about it. All I can think about is Ryan Gosling squealing like a little girl, or the scene where he’s freaking the hell out in the car…lol. I had to see this movie just for this and to see Gosling and Crowe in action together. I love both of these men as actors, and I had a feeling this was one I didn’t want to miss.


Wow…I expected the movie to be good, but I got more than I expected. I loved almost everything about this movie. I love how Gosling morphs perfectly into every character he plays. There was something some sweet and quirky about Detective March, and Gosling nailed it. Crowe has played the tough guy before, but it was the dynamic between him and Gosling that made this a winner. There was a young actress who played Gosling’s daughter. I was worried she might get annoying, but she was like and additional partner and only added to its appeal. The story was out of left field and I had no idea where it was headed with added shock moments to keep you on your toes.


Buddy comedy films are here and there, but this was one that worked. It felt harmonized instead of conflicting. I was more than pleased by this one, and I think you will be to…A-

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Movies in Review: “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”

Neighbors_2_Sorority_RisingI was completely stoked about this sequel! I loved the first movie, and my mouth dropped to the floor when I watched the trailer for this second installment…Yes! The sequel now involving a sorority looked like a nice move that made sense. So needless to say, my expectations were on the mountain top for this one, and I was ready to laugh.


I think I walked into this one expecting a bit too much, because I walked out of the theater just feeling ok ~shrugs. What I loved about the first movie was the element of surprise with the humor. Everything came out of left field in the first movie and had me hysterically laughing. Unfortunately this sequel didn’t. Although I like the story of the sorority, I can’t say I really liked the main characters of the sorority. They were nowhere as great as the guys in the last film. The writing for this movie wasn’t as great as the first, so the humor wasn’t where it should have been. I loved Zac Efron in the first movie, but he was uber annoying in this one…No Bueno. Did I mention the writing…smh. Honestly if the writing was better this movie would have been a smash. I still enjoyed the dynamic between Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. They were great and their family dynamic still the same…thank goodness. This installment was a bit slow and didn’t get really funny until the garage scene…freaking hilarious. 


This movie had chuckle worthy moments, but nowhere near the belly laughs I had from the first one. I’m happy at the attempt on this second film, but disappointed that it wasn’t as good as it could have been. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either…it was ok…C+

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Movies in Review: “The Angry Birds Movie”

The_Angry_Birds_Movie_posterOh how excited my son was to go see this movie. Every time the trailer came on he was asking me if we were going to see it. He was so hyped, he even got me looking forward to seeing it. Although I wasn’t really sold on me actually enjoying the film. Come on! Taking Angry Birds the video game and making it into a movie? Whose bright idea was this? But the kid wanted to see it, so I knew I had to go.


Yeah…I kinda hated it. I mean not completely hated it, but I definitely found myself napping in the first half of the movie. As cute as you think Angry Birds would be, it was just a little dull. Most of the characters were dry. The only ones I enjoyed were Red, but his humor/sarcasm was geared more towards adults than kids, Chuck (the yellow bird) he was my favorite because he was a character. He was about the only thing that made the movie fun and entertaining. I also loved Maya Rudolph as Matilda. The voices for each character felt bigger than the characters themselves. I didn’t feel Sudeikis voice really fit Red at all. It felt like an odd match. The Eagle that was in the story was a fail. His character was hardly even necessary.


I thought the pigs would bring some life to the movie, but the action really didn’t kick in until they got to Piggy Island, then the movie was like watching the video game being played, which was actually kinda cute. Unfortunately the movie was already more than halfway over by then. But if there is any consolation, my kid seemed to love it, and so did the other little ones in the theater. They all clapped when it was over. I think I probably would give this movie a lower rating, but the kids really enjoyed it so I’ll give it a C+…lol

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Movies in Review: “Money Monster”

Money_Monster_posterI think most of my intrigue for this movie came from the cast. Although Julia Roberts hasn’t starred in any blockbuster hits as of late, I’ve still enjoyed her performances in any role she tackles. George Clooney has always been one of my faves, and I was happy to see these two sharing the screen, and also interested to see Jodie Foster’s work in the director’s chair. She hasn’t directed a film since The Beaver in 2011, which I enjoyed. I wasn’t expected to be blown away by this movie, but I did expect to get my monies worth…and I did.

What I enjoyed most about this film was the running time. The movie was less than 2hrs, which helped to keep the story focused, short, and sweet. The story moved at a pace that helped to draw you in, along with the dialogue in the story. The acting was also a plus. Everyone was very strong in their respective roles. George Clooney and that dancing though?…lol…smh. Roberts and Clooney were masterful together. I also enjoyed the co-stars who added humor to the story, like the Lenny (the cameraman), Bree (the asst…Also Phylicia Rashad’s daughter Condola…way to go girl!), and Ron. Besides the characters, I thought the plot did a great job of building up. One scene that unexpectedly left was the one with Kyle and his girlfriend…wow…that was tough. ~Yikes

I definitely enjoyed this movie for all the right reasons. Another movie that will have you pissed and Wall Street, The System and the 1%…lol. It is a crime thriller drama that delivers on all angles. It’s nothing exceptional, but it has good entertainment value…B+

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Movies in Review: “Captain America: Civil War”

Captain_America_Civil_War_posterCivil War was definitely the hot ticket this weekend, and it killed at the box office. I know I was definitely looking forward to this one. This was one of my top movies to see this summer. The anticipation built from months of waiting for it to be released. After seeing the trailer months ago, I had very high expectations…but perhaps a little too high…


Some of you die hard comic book fans may not agree with what I have to say about this film, but it is what it is…my blog…my point of view ~shrugs. The movie was great, especially the story line. Definitely gave the movie a nice turn of events, and a jaw dropping moment near the end. However, to me, the movie still lacked power. I thought the story was building up when they introduced the other Winter Soldiers, but that part of story quickly fell flat, and I didn’t receive the buildup I expected. I enjoyed the introduction of the other Marvel heroes into the story. My favorite was the kid who played Spiderman. He honestly didn’t seem like he fit, but he was very well cast, and I enjoyed his performance. Everyone was all hyped about Black Panther, and I had a hard time seeing him as a man in a cat suit and not mistaking him for Cat Woman. Those claws were killing me. He was kickass, but those feline claws kept throwing me off…Meow! #ICan’t.


The fight scenes were excellence, and choreographed very well. I know some may disagree with this complaint, but there was just way to much kick/punch/kick/punch for me. When I got to see a Superhero movie, I expect to see some Superhero ish, and there wasn’t too much of that going on. Even Iron Man seemed weak in this movie. None of his Superhero gadgets were spectacular, and he always has something amazing. Not this time. Half the time his armor wasn’t working, and I wasn’t a fan of the new voice that replaced “Jarvis”…eh.


I enjoyed the movie, I really did. I just didn’t think it was all that super. I had higher expectations that weren’t met. This movie is packed with great action scenes and a nice storyline to run with it. But the superheroes cast for this installment weren’t the most exciting. I really could have used a Hulk Smash to liven things up…ijs. This is still a movie you still want to see because it was really good. But if you are expecting what I expected, just lower your expectations a tad…A- 

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Movies in Review: “Keanu”

Keanu_posterI seriously cannot believe I went to see this movie. I’m only saying this because I’m not the biggest fan of Key & Peele’s comedy show, but for some odd reason this movie appealed to me. Of course it looked dumb as hell, but I laughed throughout the trailer. I sensed that I would regret my decision to see this movie, but to my surprise I enjoyed it.

It is clear that this movie would be filled with nonsense, and my expectations for it to be just dumb were high. I think this helped me in enjoying it as much as I did…ijs. It was definitely funny. Key and Peele are dumb as hell…Lmao. The story focus of the kitten only made the whole thing more hilarious…lol. I enjoyed the way the story played out. Method Man was looking hella fine, so the eye candy was an added bonus. The kitten was cute a hell and the outfits they dressed him in were ridiculous…lol. The only this I didn’t like was the awful wig they put on Hi-C in the last scene. That wig ruined that scene for me a bit because I could take my focus away from it…ugh!

I would recommend going to see this one with your expectations low. However if you are already a Key & Peele fan you will enjoy this one. It was funny, without being obnoxious. That’s all I really cared about…B+

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Movies in Review: “Mother’s Day”

Mother's_Day_posterWhen I watched the trailer for this film, it had my interest, if for nothing else but the cast. I figured it would be one of those cute girl flicks that would make me smile. I enjoy those types of movies:). I was a little surprised to see that critics have been giving it the thumbs down😦. But I had to see it for myself anyway. Critics and I don’t usually agree anyway, especially when it comes to films like these…ijs…

***WARNING*** CHICK FLICK ALERT*** I seriously don’t know how credible my review will be to most of you since this film touched on emotions people of the male variety would have a hard time understanding…ijs. There was nothing special about this movie, except that it was funny and cute as hell. I really enjoyed it. All my mommy emotions got pulled right into it. (Women without kids also may not find this movie to worth your while either.) There was no exceptional acting, but all performances were enjoyable. I didn’t even mind Kate Hudson, who is usually a dud in films. I smiled, I think I cried, well at least teared up, and I left the theater with a warm feeling inside. This was my type of movie. It has the same feeling as Valentine’s Day, and that other movie that came after Valentine’s Day. Both of which critics also hated, and I also enjoyed. ~shrugs

You don’t need to go running to the theater to see this one, but if you have a free afternoon, this is a cute matinee to catch. If you have a date with your mother, this would also be a cute movie to see. If you need a smile and are having a mother’s night out this one should be on your list. Mother’s Day is this weekend so why not see it with your special lady…B-

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