Movies in Review: “American Assassin”

American_AssassinI wasn’t too thrilled about the new releases this weekend. If my weekend plans hadn’t fallen through I probably would have skipped out on the movies this weekend. However since my schedule opened up, I did what I had to do to keep this blog updated…lol. One this is for sure, out of the 2 major released films I was only spending my time watching 1. American Assassin won because fans, not critics, like it much more than the other major released film. I was happy with my choice as the action in the trailer looked kick ass, but my expectations for anything else I was unsure of.


I think I really wanted to like this movie, but the more I sat with it, I couldn’t take how absolutely stupid it was. The storyline was weak as hell. It had not base, and therefore no structure. It fell apart at the seams. Everything about the story was unbelievable and weak. I mean don’t get me wrong, the action sequences were decent, and the best part about the movie, but that’s not saying much. The opening scene would have you believe you are in for something great, but it all goes downhill from there. The movie had a Jason Bourne-esq type of feel, but the feel was all it had. How is the main character able to get away with so much and out of so many situations? His character could have used better development in my opinion…eh.


Although this film wasn’t one of my favorites many of you might ignore the huge holes in the story and some of the nonsense happening. There are enough gun and fight scenes to cloud a movie-goers judgement…lol. I wouldn’t advise paying to see this one. There are definitely better movies out there like this, and more to be released. Save your coins and check it out on cable TV…D+

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Movies in Review: “It”

It_(2017)_logoWe all know how I feel about horror films, I’m not the biggest fan. So before I go any further, No, I didn’t see the original film. Seriously? Why would I do that? Why would I ruin my childhood and hold on to a fear of clowns for no reason…smh. I probably wouldn’t have seen this one either, but there has been so much hype about it, and so much talk about how great the original was, I figured I was old enough and could handle whatever this movie had to offer now. Who am I kidding…the trailer for this movie had me shook, and there was no way I was walking into that theater without support. Thank goodness I had it, or this review would not have happened…lol.


Ok…Sooooooo…I’m going to punch anyone who decides to dress up as Pennywise this Halloween…seriously. I don’t want that clown anywhere near me. It is clear this movie put fear in my heart, but it also satisfied my entertainment taste buds. When I wasn’t being scared to death, I was really enjoying all the other components of the film, especially the young actors that were cast. They really cast a great group of kids, who each had me cracking the hell up. I could seriously watch them all day. The story had a great story and good performance, and humor that balanced out being scared and grossed out at times…lol.


 I think this movie may have scared me more than I think it would most of you, but it’s still a movie worth seeing, if just for the laughs, which this movie has plenty of. I find most horror films to either be corny or just screamer flicks, but this was neither. A well rounded, good horror flick…A-

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Movies in Review: “Home Again”

Home_Again_posterNo one enjoys a romantic comedy more than me. I guess I’m just sappy that way. However I can’t say I was too excited about seeing this one. The trailer was cute, and I love me some Reese Witherspoon, however there wasn’t really anything that I saw special from the trailer. It was one of those movies that just looked ok. I think I could have gone without seeing this film if I hadn’t watched “It” the night before and needed some lighthearted comedy to relieve of the fear “It” put in me…lol. 


So I was right…this movie was just ok, but at least it did do its job and relinquished me from the terror from the night before. There wasn’t anything really special about this film as I suspected. It had some funny moments, but also a very predictable storyline. This movie has the format of something that has been done before. I wish I could go on, but there really isn’t much to say about this movie. The story has cute moments, but is predictable and lack luster at best.


This romantic comedy may hit the spot on a rainy night curled up on your couch with nothing else to do. However I wouldn’t recommend paying a dime to see it. Waiting for this to come on cable TV is your best bet…D

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Movies in Review: “Unlocked”

Unlocked_(2017_film)I’ve been having a blah movie experience these past couple of weeks and was hoping this Noomi Rapace thriller would fill me up. I watched the trailer I was definitely on board for this one, as it is well cast with a few of my favorite actors, and Rapace never disappoints in an action sequence. Critics were rating this one poorly, but I was certain they had gotten it wrong again, there was no way this movie could be that bad. I had about average expectations when I walked into the theater. I just wanted to walk out feeling better about movies again.

I was right…the movie wasn’t as bad as critics made it out to be, but it wasn’t great either. Many of my expectations were met, but this story just missed the mark in so many ways. The story was really kind of juvenile, and had definitely been done before. It sort of felt like I was watching a Jason Bourne-ish type of film, but with a female heroine. Rapace was great, but this movie was not up to her level. Her action sequences were everything, but the story was so weak, the A-list cast couldn’t save it completely. This film had a running time under 2hrs, but still felt long and drawn out. The ending was shallow and predictable which definitely took away from what they built up to this point…meh.

This movie wasn’t horrible, but I don’t think it’s worth any more than paying $5 for ~shrugs. The actions sequences were decent, but this film missed the mark in so many other areas. It just didn’t feel like it was enough. Unfortunately I still walked out of the theater feeling a little empty and unsatisfied…C-

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Movies in Review: “I Do…Until I Don’t”

I_Do...Until_I_Don't_posterIt’s been a bit slow on the movie front the past couple of weeks. I won’t be surprised if you’ve heard nothing about the 2 movies I am reviewing from this weekend because I heard nothing about them either. However in making my movie plans, I came across this film, as there were really no major released films dropping this weekend, or at least any that I wanted to see. After watching the trailer, I thought it looked ok, I loved the cast and I was in the mood for a comedy. I had very little expectations, except I did expect to laugh…unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Some films take a minute to get going as we are introduced to the story and characters, and I feel I gave this film it’s time to develop. Unfortunately it didn’t develop into much. I spent most of the movie waiting for it to get funny. Do you know how nerve racking it is to sit in a theater to watch a comedy and not laugh at all? That alone was a serious waste of my time. The movie was well cast but these actors couldn’t bring any life to the stale writing. There were so many comedic opportunities that were missed in this film, and it was kind of annoying to watch. I was hoping things would get better but it also failed miserably in the end. Yes there were some things to take away when it comes to relationships, but nothing really exciting or anything that came across well. All of it was just kind of corny ~shrugs.

I was hoping to have something positive to say about this movie, but after thinking about the film for a few days, I realized I left the theater really unsatisfied with what I saw. This movie had talent and a story that never reached its potential…D

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Movies in Review: “Logan Lucky”

Logan_LuckyIf I can be honest, I was totally skeptical about this film. I thought the trailer was a little goofy and it starred Channing Tatum. By now you should know I have a love hate relationship with Tatum’s performances. Hardly any of the roles he gets cast for, do I think he should have been cast for…including this one. To me Tatum always feels like the odd man out. Like he doesn’t quite fit the character he’s playing ~shrugs. Having Tatum cast in a film is enough to weaken my enthusiasm, however this film had far more going for it. The movie stayed on my radar because it was directed by Steve Soderbergh, who also directed the Ocean 11 films (which are some of my favorite films), and it also starred Daniel Craig, and other notable actors. This was about the only wide released film critics raved about this weekend. However I wasn’t as optimistic, but took my chances anyway.


I am so happy I went to see this movie. It was like watching Ocean’s 11 reincarnated with hillbillies and convicts…lol. You know how great that Ocean’s 11 franchise was, and I’ve always wished that franchise would return. Well I can finally say it has. I felt a little lost at the beginning of the film, as I wasn’t really sure where the story was headed. However the movie moved at a really nice pace and is filled with a number of interesting and funny characters. There are plenty of comedic moments like Ocean’s 11, but with its own new flavor. I only had one complaint, and that was the scene that involved the firetruck. Where’d the uniforms go (that’s all I will say about that)?


If you like the Ocean’s 11 films, then you will love Logan Lucky. A fun and entertaining movie to watch. I’d like to thank this film for giving Hilary Swank a job…Heeeeeeeyyyyyy Hilary. Where have you been girl???? Logan Lucky was great and I think you need to get on board and see it because there will definitely be a sequel…A

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Movies in Review: “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”

HitmansBodyguard.jpgIt’s always a yes for me for most action comedy films, especially when they star Ryan Reynold’s and Samuel Jackson. Did you see the trailer for this film…lol? Every time I watched the trailer I was cracking up. So I was quite surprised when I noticed critics bashing it. I don’t read critic reviews, I just look at their scores, and the scores this film received were far below what it looked like it deserved. However we all know critics aren’t regular movie-goers like you and myself. In my opinion they’ve lost touch on what audiences really enjoy. But no worries, that’s why I’m here…lol. I admit the low scores dampened my excitement but it still wasn’t enough to keep me from purchasing a ticket.


Not sure why critics dumped on this film so badly, because it had all the ingredients I love in a film like this. This film didn’t fall short on comedy or action. It wasn’t the best film I’ve seen, as some scenes were a bit over the top, but it served its purpose very well and was fun an entertaining to watch throughout. The back and forth between Reynold’s and Jackson is enough in itself to see this film. They were absolutely hilarious and great together. Salma Hayek was the icing on the cake…lol. The action scenes were at times a little unbelievable, but still fun to watch. There wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t totally engaged in this film, and that counts for something.


Not the best written film you’ve seen, but do you usually watch action films for the writing??? The action was great and the comedic performances were on point. I laughed out loud and this film kept my interest until the credits rolled. This is a fun and entertaining film that I think you would enjoy, be it matinee, Redbox, or a date night out…B+

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