Movies in Review: “Overlord”

Overlord2018PosterSo, you guys know I try to stay as far away from horror as I can, mainly because I’m a big punk, but also because horror flicks have a way of just being corny. Nothing about the trailer for Overlord looked corny, nor did it look like just a scream movie. At first glance at the trailer it just looked like a regular war flick, a genre I love, it wasn’t until near the end of the trailer did things go left. I was this close to not seeing this film, but something about it interested me, so I decided to take my chances. My expectations were about average wondering how much horror there would be.

Wow…oh wow…this movie right here!? It’s EVERYTHING. If you are a fan of horror, then you need to see this. I was on-board with this film from the opening scene when we are introduced to the characters, then all hell breaks loose. That shot of the actor falling out of the plane was bananas. I was in total awe and freaked the hell out of anticipation of what was to come. I really enjoyed the cast, and thought they put together a nice blend of different personalities that really worked well together. There is humor, a great story, and horror that will have you shook in your seat and screaming out loud…ijs. You will definitely find yourself caught off guard.

There was nothing corny about this film. It has everything going for it. This is a horror flick you want to see that is well worth the money. I am still freaked out by what I watched on-screen. The Grinch was the highest grossing film this past weekend, and many of you missed out on this gem. Do yourself a favor and see it…A+

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Movies in Review: “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”

Girl_in_the_Spider's_Web_posterI wasn’t completely sold on this film when I watched the trailer. I loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starring Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig in the leads for the 2011 film. I loved it so much so, I was waiting for the sequel, hoping it would follow soon after. However, in 2018, the trailer for the “sequel” was released starring a whole new cast. What!? Why!? I was the least bit happy about the film being recast but decided to give it a go only because my fave Lakeith Stanfield is cast in it. I love his performances and would never purposely miss a chance to see him shine on screen. I begrudgingly went to see this movie expecting to have missed Mara and Craig.

I may have stepped into the theater grumbling, but I walked out of it surprised at how pleased I was. I kind of loved this movie. It had almost the same feel I got from the 2011 film, although Mara’s performance in this role was still far better than Claire Foy’s, but Ms. Foy still did her thing. The story had great action sequences and kept me on the edge of my seat. There were times I found myself unknowingly holding my breath in anticipation. This movie is thrilling and all that I could have expected from this film. Although I expected to miss Craig and Mara, I didn’t. This cast really did his thing, and Stanfield (although a small role) was amazing.

I’m sure the book is far better than the film, but that says a lot because I think this film is really decent. If you enjoy a good crime thriller, then this needs to be on your list to see. It’s not short on action, thrills, or elements of surprise…A-

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Movies in Review: “The Grinch”

Grinch,_final_posterI was very much looking forward to The Grinch as I found the trailer dazzling and funny, which filled me with nothing but anticipation of its release. I adore the Dr. Seuss Grinch character, and loved that he was being voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch for this film. From what I heard in the trailer, Cumberbatch sounded like a good match. The trailer had enough to make me smile and fill me with excitement. I adored the 2000 live-action Grinch film, and only expected more from the 2018 animated version.

I didn’t love this movie, but I did like it. The animation was absolutely loved the animation. It was bright, colorful, and a visual sight. I also loved the soundtrack and voice characters which were both fitting for the film. However, I didn’t really feel like this movie had anything new or exciting to offer to the film. The comedy was cute, but nothing really exciting. This film was subtler than I had expected it to be, and also very short. Honestly, it felt like. made for TV film than something that deserved a box office release…ijs. Kind of like those Charlie Brown stories we get every holiday season. I think I was expecting a little more. ~shrugs

The kids will definitely love this film, and so will adults. It has a very cute story and is visually fun to watch. It was a little too textbook and short for me. I was expected a little bit of newness in the story, and maybe even a little more excitement. Not a bad movie, but it didn’t wow me like I expected it to…B-

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Movies in Review: “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”

Nutcracker_and_the_Four_RealmsI have never seen the ballet production for The Nutcracker, although it’s on my list of things to do. When I watched the trailer for the film, I was thinking great! This has to be a win-win right? I enjoy a ballet, but films are my heart, and from what I saw in the trailer I figured it had to be just as good as the ballet, or at least comparable. The trailer looked visually exciting, having me think it would leave me as visually satisfied as the first Alice in Wonderland film. The story seemed appealing, and the film very well cast. My expectations were on a level I was sure this film could meet.
I knew something was wrong when I noticed that this movie only had a running time of 90min. Which to me seems like a fairly short amount of time for such a tale…and it was. The movie really felt rushed and wasn’t as visually exciting as I hoped it would be. The story was so short, there was very little time spent in any of the realms, leaving no opportunities to meet any of the beautiful characters from each realm. The realms should have been given the opportunities to shine. They were the most visually appetizing parts of the film, but there was only a time of less than 10min spent in each realm. The make-up was cheesy. I was annoyed with what they did to Helen Mirren’s character’s make-up. It looked like something someone doing costume make-up would do for a project. As well as those 2 soldiers who were on post at the gates. Were they really serious? The make-up was underwhelming to say the least for most of the cast, except for the Nutcracker soldier who had enough make-up on his s face to spare. His face was overdone. I kept wanting to blot it off. I thought the story was a little cheesy, with Keira Knightley giving one of her worse performances as Sugar Plum…smh.
I was hoping to love this movie, but it was weak to say the least. It had the potential to be a much better film. It felt like the movie just ran out of money and time. I didn’t hate it, but I can’t say I really loved it either…C+

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Movies in Review: “Nobody’s Fool”

Nobody's_Fool_(2018_film)Ok, so I’m always on the fence when it comes too Tyler Perry films. Although I must admit, I seriously I usually don’t have a problem with his non-Madea movies and find most of them fairly entertaining. However, the difference with the other films is that this one stars Tiffany Haddish, who as I’ve expressed, I can take or leave. She seemed a little, but mostly over the top and obnoxious in the trailer. Good thing this movie had other actors that I adore to get me in the door. I am a true fan of Whoopi and her work on-screen. I seriously wish she was doing more these days. There is nothing she stars in I wouldn’t see. I am also a huge fan of Omari Hardwick, whose talent I have been rooting for since before anyone really started to notice him on his hit TV show Power. Hardwick has skills that need to be recognized. I never expect too much from Perry’s films. If anything, I knew I would be entertained.

As expected, this movie wasn’t exceptional, but it was still decent. I must admit I did like Haddish, she had a number of decent funny moments, but she seemed too much for everyone else around her. Whoopi and her matched really well, but Whoopi had very little screen-time. I was expecting this movie to be more of a comedy, but it was more of a romantic comedy that had a little too much romance in the story. Not that I minded, because the romance involved Hardwick who had a much bigger role in the film than I expected. His part in the film I loved, However I wish Sumpter and Amber Riley’s roles were a little funnier to at least compete with Haddish. Haddish stole every scene she was in, although she wasn’t really the lead, but her character did take most, if not all of the focus. I loved the hair and make-up, especially the looks of Hardwick, Riley and Sumpter. They were stunning.

This movie is cute. I do think the women will enjoy it more than the men. *Side note for the women, the movie is worth going to see for Hardwick alone. Don’t go with your husbands because Hardwick is going to give you feelings in this movie…ijs…fair warning. I fell in love with him and when the movie ended it felt like that was the end of our very hot and heated short-term relationship…ijs. Again, this movie isn’t exceptional, but there are a number of moments I did enjoy…B-

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Movies in Review: “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Bohemian_Rhapsody_posterI love a biographical pic, enjoying the stories of real-life people I may not know but admire, play out on the big screen. I was totally enthralled with the film when I watched the trailer for the first time. I had totally forgot about Queen and how much I loved their music. Although I don’t recall ever really knowing who they were, I do remember rocking to their songs whenever I heard them on the radio, or their videos came across my television. The trailer was nostalgic, as I seriously forgot how many tunes I used to love from them (as I sit hear listening to Queen while writing). Needless to say, I was looking forward to seeing this film. From what was captured in the trailer, I had no doubt I would love it and be entertained.

I was definitely entertained. I loved being taken down memory lane with the soundtrack of Queen. I enjoyed being given a little view into the dynamic of this group with focus on their lead singer Freddie Mercury. Wow…the actor Rami Malek really did his thing as Mercury, as well as the other actors. I know I felt like I was watching Queen. I loved the way the story was filmed, especially that Live Aid scene, which was phenomenal. I remember watching that broadcast on TV, and to see it in a film had me amazed at how beautiful that concert was. I loved the costumes and hair, which were all on point. The film had a lot of emotion.

A running time of over 2 hrs can be a little scary, but this one has such great entertainment value you won’t even notice. I enjoyed this movie as much as I expected too, if not more. Praises to the act Malek who I have never really seen on-screen before. This movie will take you back, and you will enjoy the ride…A-

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Movies in Review: The Old Man and the Gun”

Old_Man_&_the_GunHonestly, I had no desire or interest to see this film. I know this is going to sound horrible, but the reason is because when there is a cast of old actors in a film, that’s exactly what it feels like, a cast of OLD ACTORS (having very little life) …I’m sorry, but ijs. Usually films starring senior actors hasn’t received the best reviews, however this one did. I wasn’t about to see the newest Halloween installment since I haven’t watch the franchise since the first film, so I had time to catch up/watch other things. I decided to see this film mainly because I do respect the cast, and because the reviews were positive. I wasn’t expecting much, but the movie was only 1.5hrs. With that running time I could my chances and not really regret the time I lost ~shrugs.

I must say, Redford really went out in style. As his last film before retirement, he really did his thing. He was so easy going and charming on screen, I found myself swooning over his demeanor and style. Geriatric or not, Redford is a hottie…ijs. I can’t say I enjoyed the story all that much, but the performances were definitely great. I enjoyed the storyline between him and Sissy Spacek, and him and Casey Affleck the best. Affleck’s storyline was a little week, but his screen-times with Redford were wonderful.

I can’t say I loved this movie, but Redford and Spacek were exceptional. They were my favorite parts of the film. The rest of the movie kind of had me snoozing, which is bad for a film with such a short running time. Although this movie is based on a true story, the story is intriguing, but seeing it played out on film was a little weak…B-

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