Movies in Review: “War of the Planet of the Apes”

War_for_the_Planet_of_the_Apes_posterI have said this many times, I am not the biggest fan of film reboots. However the reboot for The Planet of the Apes is one of the only few I have ever loved, and felt it outdid its original films. I think I have raved about each film in this trilogy. It doesn’t happen too often that a franchise can produce sequels on the same level of excellence, but this franchise has been doing it. I was most excited to see this third film. I am an ape, especially Caesar, fan. The trailer gave me goosebumps, and I had to see how this would end. My expectations were definitely high for this film. I at least expected the same experience as the others. There was no way this film would fall short…right?


Can I say Caesar gives me chills? When he came on-screen, my jaw dropped. This ape is strong and has a presence that intimidates and captures your attention. I love him because he is for, and protector of his apes. I enjoyed the introduction to the film, which let viewers know where we are at with this story and how we got here. There were some great acting performances, especially from Andy Serkis as Caesar, but also from Woody Harrelson as The Colonel (human). My favorite addition to the cast was “bad ape” Steve Zahn. He was absolutely hilarious, and added the bit of humor needed in the film. This story has a number of heartbreaking moments, but also moments of triumph. The only part of the story I didn’t understand was the mute aspect of it. It was explained a little in the story, but I felt like I needed more, since it played a role in what was happening ~shrugs.


I walked out of the theater getting everything I expected and more. I believe this film needs to be seen on the big screen so that you can get the full Caesar experience. Watching this film on TV would do it no justice. This was a great story, and ending to this trilogy. I almost shed a tear when the credits started to roll. Definitely one of my favorite films of the summer…A-

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Movies in Review: “The Big Sick”

The_Big_SickI love a good romantic comedy, especially one with a fun, quirky feel to it. When I watched the trailer for this film I was definitely like “Oh! This looks cute!” I think I have a thing for all things cute…lol. The trailer made me smile and sparked my interest. I haven’t had the time to indulge in as many movies as I would like this summer (a sister has been BUSY), so I was happy I was able to make time on a Tuesday. This movie isn’t being wide released until this Friday, so I kind of feel like I’m ahead of the game with this review…lol.


Was this movie worth seeing??? I was questioning it a bit at the beginning. I wasn’t laughing much, and kind of felt a little annoyed at how it started ~shrugs. However, please don’t let this comment worry you, because the movie was really good…like really. I think Kumail is a funny comedian on his own but the comedic chemistry between him and the actress who played his girlfriend Emily was magical. They played off each other so perfectly, their exchanges were some of the best parts in the film. I wasn’t a fan of the comedy show scenes, especially since the comedians kept telling the same jokes. My favorite scene from the comedy show involved Ray Romano and Holly Hunter. That scene had me dying. The family dinner scenes were really great and some of the most entertaining. 


This movie wasn’t all humor and gets a little emotional, although still keeping comedy in the foreground. This movie doesn’t miss a beat or hitch, except maybe at the beginning, but definitely rounds out well in the end. This is a good movie. It’s written well and has a cast that gives great performances. The humor wasn’t forced, or over the top, it just felt like life, and I enjoyed it…A

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Movies in Review: “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

220px-Spider-Man_Homecoming_posterSeriously…how many times does a film need to be rebooted? What is the infatuation with Spider-Man? He is like the most rebooted superhero out now…but why? I can’t say I was too excited about this film, especially since this is the 3rd reboot of this franchise in less than 15yrs. How many times can we keep retelling this story without getting bored? However I think I must be the only one who feels this way since this newest installment killed at the box office, and I was also there in the mix. I admit the first 2 reboots had me excited about their releases, but I can’t say the same about this one. I enjoyed the cameo this newest Spider-Man made in the last Avengers movie, which is probably the only reason I gave this reboot a chance. My expectations were about average, although critics are raving about this one. 


This movie is as cute as the actor now playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The actor Tom Holland was a good pic to dawn the red spandex suit. He had all the cute, awkward, quirkiness we expect from Peter Parker’s character too. I thought the story had some great humor and fun characters, especially Zenadaya, and the kid who played Parker’s best friend Ned. The story was cute, but more teeny-bopper than the previous films. The biggest thing this film lacked though was powerful action scenes. Spider-Man spent most of the film fumbling and learning his power/skills, and getting saved by Iron Man, who I thought had too much screen time in this movie. I don’t think Spider-Man really shined in this film. The action and stunts were mediocre, especially when compared to the first 2 reboots. In my opinion, this film definitely lacked excitement at times. However, I did think Michael Keaton was a great villain as Vulture. He was the most exciting part in the film.


All in all, not a bad movie, but I can’t say I liked it better than the earlier films. It was cute, but I think I wanted to be amazed. I’m guessing this film was an introduction to this new reboot. I’m just hoping they pick things up in the next film or I can’t see myself riding out with this new reboot…B-

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Movies in Review: “Despicable Me 3”

Despicable_Me_3_(2017)_Teaser_PosterHere we are on another adventure with Gru, now with his family, and Minion crew. I swear these Despicable movies never get old and have been great so far. When I watched the trailer for this 3rd installment, I liked where they were taking the story. Despicable Me has some great writers that have this story progressing in a way that makes sense and is still very entertaining. My kid is a minion fan, as I am, so we were both looking forward to see this one. I walked into the theater with the same expectations I carry with me each time I see these films, there was no doubt I would walk out of the theater unsatisfied.


How can you not love this franchise? Steve Carrell is always on point with his humor and very entertaining. I love how Gru’s character has turned into the family man as a doting father and husband, and transitioning from a villain to an anti-villain. Gru’s wife, played by Kristen Wiig, has always been one of my favorite new additions to this franchise and she also shined in this film as well. I liked that all characters received enough screen time, and the story wasn’t just focused on Gru’s twin brother (whose character I also loved). The story is well rounded, and has enough entertainment for the whole family. Not only is the movie good, but the musical score is everything. Pharrell Williams and The Despicable Me franchise are a match made in heaven. I could imagine someone else writing the score for these films…can you?


The first film is by far my favorite, but this 3rd installment doesn’t disappoint. From the opening weekend box office numbers, it is apparent that we all know that Despicable Me is family entertainment at its best. These films are as entertaining for the parents as they are for the kids…B+

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Movies in Review: “Baby Driver”

Baby_Driver_posterI seriously didn’t think I would find myself sitting in the theater watching this one ~shrugs. I wasn’t really a fan of the first trailer, and seeing Jamie Foxx cast in it definitely didn’t help. However, the 2nd trailer peaked my interest a little more than the first, and I felt that there would be enough going on to get past any bad acting Foxx was going to sprinkle in his scenes. Besides, I had no problems with the rest of the cast, and to my surprise, critics were raving about this movie so much, perhaps there was a chance not seeing it would be a big mistake.


My expectations were minimal for Baby Driver, but everyone is raving about this movie, and I’m sitting over here like “It wasn’t bad.”…lol. The best part about the movie was the driving scenes, which were off the chain, and deserve an applause. However the story took a while to get going and the musical themed style throughout the movie was a little corny in my opinion. I liked the character Baby, but the love story was womp womp, and to my surprise, Foxx wasn’t horrible. He was actually a great character addition to the film, along with Jon Hamm. It took a minute for the pace of the film to get going, but once it did, it was an entertaining ride.


I can’t say I enjoyed the film as much as most viewers (mostly male), but it was definitely better than I thought it would be. The driving scenes were fierce, but the style of the film was a little less desirable for me. This movie packs some excitement, but there are also enough scenes that may leave you asking why you came to see it…lol…B+

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Movies in Review: “Transformers: The Last Knight”

Transformers_The_Last_Knight_posterOk so I know I’m super late with this review, and many of you have likely already seen the film. However I still had to write this review, especially since people’s reactions for the film have been mixed, although with most claiming the film to be awesome. I can’t say I believed the film would be awesome, especially since the change in the cast from the 4th film, which I was not a fan of. I like Mark Wahlberg as an actor, but I definitely enjoyed the cast of the first 3 films, especially the parents of Sam Witwicky. The film kind of lost a bit of the humor and fun that the original cast brought to the franchise. I guess I’m not the only one who also feels this way, because The Last Knight is the lowest rated movie from this franchise, and for good reason…


This movie was soooooooo dumb. Although it was nice to see some of the characters return from the original cast, they only had small and irrelevant small bit parts. I seriously sat through this movie halfway wanting to leave…smh. There was nothing good or exciting about this film, except for maybe the addition of Jerrod Carmichael added to the cast, other than that, it was an epic fail. I’m usually a fan of child actors in films, but the main girl cast for this film annoyed me to my soul. She was so extra, and I fell tired of whining, and tough girl demeanor very quickly. The writing was the worst I have seen for this franchise. I swear I have very little clue what this movie was about because there were too many characters, too many subplots, and dull action sequences that tried to distract you from how horrible this film was. There wasn’t enough Transformer awesomeness, and way too many human scenes. Everything about this film was so extra, I left the theater lost and mentally exhausted. Optimus Prime had about 20min of screen time in the whole movie…smh. However he did have one of the best lines in the movie that gave me chills when he said it.


All in all, The last Knight had me hoping this would be the last movie because I can’t recover from the disappointment I felt from this movie. Two hours of my time wasted, only for me to walk out of the theater with a headache. Shame on this franchise for leasing this film…D-

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Movies in Review: “Cars 3”

Cars_3_posterAs much as I and my kid love Lightening McQueen, I can’t say I was too enthusiastic about seeing this film, although the kid was when he caught glance of the theatrical poster. When I watched the trailer, I like where they were going with the story, as it seemed very appropriate, although I took it upon myself to assume how it would end. It was my assumption that caused my lack of enthusiasm, but I still wanted to see how the story would play out. Although it seems like I had no interest in seeing this film, it was the one I was looking forward to the most this weekend.


I have liked Cars since its first film, but I must say, none of them had my interest more than this one. I was all in on this one, and not me, but the kid was too. My son was captivated by this film. He was singing, dancing, commenting, and by the end raised his arms and yelled “I love that yellow car!” This had me smiling and laughing so hard, and he was right. This is how exciting this film was, but not only exciting, there was a nice story, with some great inspiration to be taken away. I enjoyed this film so much, and my favorite part was the way they transitioned McQueen. I found the ending to be a pleasant and well thought out surprise. This film definitely warmed my heart. I loved the old characters, as well as the new, and what I liked most is that is focused more on McQueen.


Cars 3 was a welcomed surprised, especially since the last few animated films have not been living up to expectations. Me and the kid finished the movie with smiles on our faces as we danced out of the theater, and I think you and your youngins will do the same…A-

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