Movies in Review: “Magic Mike XXL”

Magic_mike_xxlOk so yeah…I thought the first Magic Mike movie was cute. The story wasn’t great, but watching Channing move was definitely entertaining, so I wasn’t totally disappointed. However… a 2nd film? Ummmmmmm…ok…I wasn’t hyped at all about the 2nd movie. When I watched the trailer it didn’t intrigue me a bit, and I honestly thought that this 2nd movie would be a flop. But a girlfriend asked me to roll with her, and I was like sure why not. Of course the theater was filled with all women who had all rolled in packs with their girlfriends. Everyone in the theater was hype! I guess they knew something I didn’t, because I was sitting calm as could be. But all of that changed within the first 20/30 min….

Still fanning myself as I type. Still feeling warm inside with a huge smile on my face! I’m sorry…but I wasn’t ready…I wasn’t ready AT ALL. Now come on, we know Channing has moves, but ladies you haven’t seen anything yet. This dude pulled out his whole arsenal in this movie and left each of us with pure satisfaction. There isn’t any grand writing, or acting, but is that really what you came to this movie to see???? This movie is 100% PURE ENTERTAINMENT! I swear I was ready to throw my money at the movie screen, and I’m not a fan of male entertainers…lol. This movie had me laughing, and every woman in the theater jumping out of their seats. I was clutching my pearls most of the movie…seriously. I wasn’t ready…smh. The only thing that brought this movie down was the love story they tried to write in, when all we wanted to see was asses shaking…ijs. My favorite scene was definitely the finale at the convention. All of the dancers pull out their best tricks. I have never seen a tux look so good, or be serenaded so beautifully…OMG! I can’t…smh

Girls have a few drinks and get the girls together to make a night of it. Men, just get ready to reap the benefits…yeah it was like that. Now the grade I’m giving this is purely based off entertainment value. When a movie has me clutching my pearls, standing and clapping, and wanting to throw my money at the screen…oh yeah, that’s a winner in my book! A-

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Movies in Review: “Inside Out”

Inside_Out_(2015_film)_posterHow cute is the trailer for this movie! Ok maybe I’m a little too excited about this one, but it’s fun to think how owe emotions are controlled and stored…right!? Such a cute concept and story. This is one of the first movies I have been excited to see from Pixar in a while. My little one was even excited to see this one, so of course we had to make a date of it.

This movie was everything I expected it to be. The story was as cute and entertaining as it could be, no complaints from me whatsoever. The characters were well-developed, and the story interesting enough for you and the little ones to enjoy. I must admit Sadness was annoying me a little at the beginning, but by the end became my favorite character. All the emotion characters were hilarious. I loved this movie from beginning to end. The running time was perfect, so to keep the younger ones entertained without bringing them to boredom with too much movie. The animation was great, beautiful, and colorful. I especially loved the animated detail of the hair for each emotion.

I’m sorry, but I have no complaints here. This movie was executed to perfection. I enjoyed myself, and so did my little one. This was the first time he left the theater and wanted to take a pic by the movie poster. I took that as a compliment and a thumbs up from him. Definitely take the kids…A+

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Movies in Review: “Dope”

DopeTeaserPosterNow the trailer for this movie was Dope. So much so, that I must admit I didn’t really understand what the story was about, but I knew I had to see it. The trailer looked fresh, and entertaining, something that is missed with young films. Dope has received nothing but positive reviews, so I was expecting to see something I could recommend and brag about…Ummmmmm…

Ok, so maybe I’m a bit too old, and not really the target audience for this film. Or maybe I should have been hopped up on Dope to enjoy it more. I’m not saying the movie was horrible, I’m just saying that I didn’t get it. The writing and directing were off. Some of the scenes felt like space filled with dialogue that was just as empty as the space it was in. Did anyone understand the scene between Malcolm and his Senior Interviewer? Can someone tell me what was the purpose of the extended scenes with Chanel Iman. Now Iman is absolutely beautiful, but it was very clear that she wasn’t cast for her acting.

I enjoyed the performances from the 3 leads of the movie, especially Malcolm. His performances should be praised for such an off- kilter flick. I do wish his sidekicks, Diggy and Jib would have had more action in the flick, instead of playing in the background to Malcolm. This movie had some powerful scenes, especially the scene with the bully and his boys. However most of the movie was an adventure that made little sense. It ended well, although I wish the rest of the movie made an impact as the ending did.

All in all, not a horrible movie, but one that is more suitable for the youth. The characters are great, but the writing left a little to be desired. I enjoyed the creative idea of the story, but unfortunately this movie failed to be as dope as I hoped it would be…B-

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Movies in Review: “Jurassic World”

Jurassic_World_posterOk so was I the only one not über excited to see this movie. I mean don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see it, but I wasn’t anticipating it’s release and getting my tickets 2wks in advance just to secure my seat. Honestly if it wasn’t for Chris Pratt, I might have let this one pass me by. I was a little confused by the trailer though, and clearly didn’t pay attention to the title, because I mistakenly thought this was a remake…but it isn’t. So for all those as confused as I was, this is not a remake, this is the 4th installment of this story, a continuation…

Everyone I talk to is giving this movie nothing but high praises. I can understand why, because the best part of the movie came at the end. I found myself on a high when I left the theater, but I quickly had to remember that slight boredom came first, ending in a jolt of excitement…ijs. The movie starts out well enough as we get introduced to the new characters, and Jurassic World (which is visually amazing). Jurassic World is stunning. However the writing didn’t really match what was being shown visually. Was I the only one who thought the movie was a little dry in the beginning? With the exception of the tech operator Lowery, who brought much-needed humor, I was a little bored. However the dinosaurs (again visual) were a nice treat to look at. The movie started to pick up one Pratt’s character was introduced to the story, because Bryce Dallas Howard was super dry in this role, Pratt spiced her character up.

As the movie moved along, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t as impressed with the new hybrid dinosaur as everyone else seemed to be. I was expecting something like the new Godzilla, so this hybrid was a little underwhelming in my opinion. I also expected him to do more damage. My favorite dinosaurs were of course the raptors, and that water dinosaur (this dinosaur is amazing!). The last 25min is when things really got into swing and things started to happen. I was on the edge of my seat until it ended at that point, with my heart racing.

Although not better than the first, this movie had its moments, and was better than I expected it to be. No one will notice their disappointment with the first hour or so of the movie because it ends with a banger. I’m not praising it as much as everyone else, but I did enjoy it…B+

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Movies in Review: “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

Me_&_Earl_&_the_Dying_Girl_(film)_POSTEROk so I’m thinking many of you haven’t heard about this movie, because neither have I. I only came across it because there was only 1 major film being released this weekend, and I wanted to see something outside of the box office hit. So upon my research, I came across this trailer. So what did you think of the trailer? It’s definitely my kind of movie. As a matter of fact, after finding this trailer, I found myself more excited to see this than Jurassic World ~Shrugs.

Ok the movie started out a little weird for me, but I think that was my fault. It took me a minute to get in sync with the way the story was being told, but once I found its rhythm, the movie was great. The characters are so captivating and the little quirks in the story only added to its entertainment value, such as the moose and the squirrel. I loved this charming addition to the story. The young actors of the movie aren’t well-known, but are perfectly cast for their roles, especially the actor playing Earl. This dude is hilarious, and there is something so genuine he brings to this role. Let me not get started on his catch phrase, which never got boring to hear…lol. I could go on and on about each character, because they were all great. This movie definitely isn’t lacking in the performance area, or any area for that matter.

The story is touching and one that the youth can relate to, and adults will enjoy. I was intrigued, entertained, and by the time the movie ended, I was an emotional wreck. This isn’t like many of the films out today. It is one that is masterfully written, directed, and performed. I’d recommend you urgently put this one on your must see list…A-

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Movies in Review: “Spy”

Spy2015_TeaserPosterMelissa McCarthy will get me every time. I don’t think I care what kind of movie she’s in.All I know is if she’s in it, I’m going to see it. I’m only saying this because I wasn’t too enthused with the trailer with Spy. It kind of just looked silly. Yes I laughed at the trailer, but it still looked silly to me. I think I was more interested to see Entourage than Spy, but I definitely going to see both.

O…M…G…far better than I had expected. Yes it was still silly, but in all the right ways. The comedy was on point. Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne had me pissing in my pants with their back and forth. I would have really loved to see the out takes from their scenes, I know they are just as memorable as the scene that made the cut. Can Melissa McCarthy go wrong in a comedy? I don’t think so. But you put Byrne by her side and now you’ve got a work of comedic art. Again, the movie was silly, but also extremely fun to watch. Jason Statham even surprised me with him comedic abilities. He brought sexy and comedy…well done Statham. Nancy, who is Cooper’s, played by Melissa McCarthy, co-worker and friend was also a hoot. The jokes were non-stop, and there was no way I could have been more pleased.

This action comedy takes both to an enjoyable level. A comedy hasn’t made me laugh this hard in a minute. But it’s more than just the laughs, this movie is entertaining and fun to watch. If you need a smile on your face, this movie is guaranteed to do it…A+

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Movies in Review: “Entourage”

Entourage_film_2015_posterAlthough the series ran for 8yrs, I think we were all still sad when the final season came and ended this series :(. Who didn’t love this show, and felt a void when there was no weekly fix of the adventures these group of friends faced together. I think our cries were heard, and we were given a movie…Yay! I got chills every time I would see this trailer, and a huge grin would fall across my face. It was like being reconnected with old friends you haven’t seen in a while. I had little expectations for this movie, all I knew is that I had to see it…

I walked out of the theater with the biggest grin on my face. I was more than pleased with this movie. he movie felt like and extended version of the TV series, which I enjoyed, but critics disliked. It felt like coming home. Ari was on one, but in the best way. Everyone was in rare form. I couldn’t get enough of Ari, and was pleased to see everyone from the series make their return. I wasn’t a fan of Ari’s new Assistant, played by Kid Cudi. He was far from a Lloyd, whose chemistry is comedic magic with Ari. We do get to see Lloyd, but not enough for my taste. Surprised to say Drama was one of my favorite characters in the movie, because he was usually my least favorite in the series. I loved him for the film. It was funny because Vincent’s Entourage outshines him in the movie. Vinnie, in my opinion, got lost in the background, which was fine with me. The other character’s storylines were better. I’m not the biggest fan of Billy Bob Thornton, but he didn’t bother in this role, and fit it perfectly. However the creepy, and now chubby Sixth Sense kid, was annoying as hell. I know he was supposed to be an ass, but I think I had more trouble with the actor they chose to play this role…meh…

Roles aside, the movie was fun. I think everyone wanted some action in this movie because there are more guest appearances than I can count. Critics also hated this, but I actually enjoyed the guest surprises that came from nowhere. There was so much going on I think some of the stories didn’t get the chance to develop like they should. I enjoyed the ride of the movie, but was a little disappointed with the ending, which felt unfinished and rushed. The film could have used a 30 min extension…but maybe I feel this way because I didn’t want it to end :(. For all fans of the series, I think you will be pleased with the movie, but will still find yourself leaving the theater without closure…A-

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