Movies in Review: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2”

Mockingjay_Part_2_PosterThis was definitely the movie everyone was trying to see this weekend. The final Hunger Games movie…the excitement is just too much to hold in right!?…Kidding…lol. Like everyone else I was looking forward to seeing how this movie was going to end. They have been marketing the finale of this movie for almost a year, building high expectations for me. But perhaps a little too high…

The movie started out where it had left off at the end of Part 1 so it was easy to follow the story from the beginning. The quest to bring down President Snow was now on it’s way. I must admit I enjoyed the action sequences, especially the scene with the black oil…wow that sequence was phenomenal. I enjoyed the movie for the most part which centered heavily around Katniss and Peta. However I wish Harrelson’s character, who is always great, had more shine, as well as the character Johanna Mason. I thought Johanna would have definitely had a deeper role, and they could have used her to give the movie some kick. Elizabeth Banks has always been my favorite character in this franchise because of her beautiful costumes, but unfortunately even she only makes an appearance in 2 scenes. Even Snow wasn’t as present as I hope he would be, only behind a camera, or news broadcast. There are scenes that gripped at my heart, but the ending was a little weak for me and definitely predictable. I enjoyed the message, but I guess I was expecting a little more.

I wasn’t disappointed by this finale, but it seemed to climax in the middle and dwindle into little at the end. However it was still fun to watch. It’s hard to make a finale that will satisfy everyone, so I’m not gonna fault it for that. It has great entertainment value, and many will find it to be a satisfactory end…B+

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Movies in Review: “The Night Before”

TheNightBefore2015posterAs much as I enjoy Seth Rogen in a comedy, I had little interest in seeing The Night Before with it’s band of unlikely cast mates. It was hard to take these guys seriously as real friends. Well no, it was hard for me to see how Anthony Mackie fit into this bunch. I think Mackie is a good actor, but this role…ummmmmmm…No. However I needed a some humor in my life, and I had the time, so I went to see it anyway, and found myself pleasantly surprised.

Ok so Anthony Mackie still looked like the odd man out to me, but the trio still worked. I expected to laugh, but the laughter definitely went beyond that. As I sit here writing this review I’m cracking up thinking about some of those scenes…Omg…freaking hilarious. These guys are fools. Rogen was absolutely amazing as you would expect, but Gordon-Levitt and Mackie did their thing too. As fun as the main cast was, my favorite character was Michael Shannon who plays Mr. Green. Shannon is an amazing actor who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. When the movie just felt like nonsense, Shannon gave it life. You will see what I’m talking about when you see it…lol.

Absolutely hilarious is all I have to say. On the verge of being straight nonsense, but came out shining like a star. There are comedies that you can watch over and over, I would have to add this one to the list…A-

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Movies in Review: “Secret in their Eyes”

Secret_in_Their_Eyes_posterNot too many people had their eyes set to watch this film with it being released the same weekend as the final movie for The Hunger Games, but I did. The cast alone had me sold on this movie. I honestly can’t say I was too intrigued by the trailer, but the performances from the cast definitely made the movie seem worth while as a fan of thriller films.

So this is a remake, which I never watch the original film, but I’m definitely interested in seeing the original now. This movie started out at a decent pace as we get introduced to all of the characters, and story. I enjoyed most of the beginning, but I have to admit, I expected a little more. I enjoyed the performances from the cast, especially Roberts and Ejifor, but the story felt like it had a few holes and left me with some unanswered questions. However the movie did thrill and I was a bit surprised by the ending, but I needed just a little more and I would have totally been won over. With that being said though, I still left the theater pleased, mostly because my emotions were drawn in.

I hear this remake is no comparison to the original. But if you’re like me and never saw the original, this one will still do the job. Although the story didn’t have enough beef, it still satisfies with great performances, and interesting ending…B+

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Movies in Review: “Our Brand is Crisis”

Our_Brand_Is_Crisis_(2015_film)_POSTERI love a good political movie, and this movie sparked all of my interests. Sandra Bullock is always a hit of miss for me in films, but I am still a fan of her work. I liked how she looked in the trailer and felt this would be a role that was a hit. The cast looked great, so I was expecting the movie to be just as good.

I liked it, although it didn’t really pack the punch that I hoped it would. Some scenes that captured my interest in the trailer kinda fell flat in the movie. Thornton was great, but I wish there were more scenes with him and Bullock because their on-screen chemistry made for some interesting dialogue. I enjoyed Bullock, although it took a minute for her character to get rolling. The best scene in the movie was the bus scene. That scene packed the energy that I wish the rest of the movie had.

The movie was cool, and the performances were good, but the movie lacked power and energy. I wasn’t bored, but I have to admit, I was expecting a bit more. It wasn’t as fun or funny as the trailer…shrugs…B-

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Movies in Review: “Burnt”

Burnt_Poster_UpdatedThe trailer for this movie didn’t really look that exciting. To be quite honest I didn’t really get the story from the trailer either. However I am kinda partial to movies about food, says my inner fat girl…smh. I also have a thing for Bradley Cooper, and his gorgeous baby blues. I wasn’t expecting much from this one, but I was ok with going along for the ride…

The movie wasn’t great, but also not a complete waste of time…sorta. The story was a little all over the place and erratic. I think if it had more focus, it might have been a better film. There were too many characters but no real background or character development. I kinda think the film would have been better if some of the characters had been trimmed down. Adam Jones played by Bradley Cooper had way too much going on, and most of it made little sense. I enjoyed the food scenes and the sequences with Sienna Miller, and Daniel Bruhl, but the movie didn’t feel as if it had much purpose, except for the one powerful scene with the character Michel. It was one of the only scenes that sparked any emotion from me.

The only real thing this movie did was make me hungry. My eyes enjoyed the sight of Bradley Cooper, but other than that…eh. It wasn’t a horrible movie. It’s just not one you’d race to the movie theater to see. I might recommend it for a matinée, or even an evening in with RedBox…C

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Movies in Review: “Steve Jobs”

SteveJobsposterThere must be some overwhelming fascination with Steve Jobs with this man sparking 2 biographical films within 3yrs of each. I would usually ask if this was necessary, but in this case it definitely was, since the first film was just mediocre for such a brilliant and complex man. Although I thought Ashton Kutcher definitely had an impressive resemblance to Jobs, it was Fassbender who captured his intricacies to perfection. I had no interest in seeing a repeat of Steve Jobs story, however I was very interested in seeing Fassbender.

Michael Fassbender is the man. Although he looks nothing like Jobs, it still felt like I was watching Steve Jobs. I didn’t know the man personally, but Fassbender’s performance exuded everything I had heard or read about him. He was a brilliant and intricate businessman, and we have a chance to feel all this in a story that is centered around 3 different product launches in his career. Within the launches we get to see the development of his relationship with his daughter, which was nice subplot that made Jobs seem human. Kate Winslet also gives a phenomenal performance as Jobs confidante. Their chemistry was great. It was like watching 2 great friends, with Winslet rounding out Fassbender. There was so much information packed into this film. Not one word spoken or a scene empty or a waste.

If you are fascinated with Steve Jobs, this is one biographical film that I think you will enjoy. It felt like this movie to the most important parts of his life and put it beautifully in a 2 hr theatrical feature…A

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Movies in Review: “Bridge of Spies”

Bridge_of_Spies_posterI’ll admit, this trailer wasn’t the most interesting cold war thriller trailers I’ve seen. Actually I thought the trailer was kind of dull. The only thing that did pique my interest in this film was Tom Hanks, who I have an undercover crush on. I love me some Hanks, and always enjoy any movie he headlines. Unfortunately, I think many people felt the same way I did about the trailer because this movie ranked #3 for this weekend’s ticket sales, even falling behind The Martian, Which has been out for 3 weeks now…smh. Although the trailer didn’t appease me, I was confident I was in for more than the trailer was letting on.

Thank goodness I went bet on Tome Hanks because I got a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. However I don’t think many of you will find the appreciation I found for it. The movie isn’t fast paced at all, kind of moves at a nice steady medium pace. For those of you who like big theatrics, and over the top action, you also won’t find that here. The thrills in this movie are presented in the most subtle way. Just enough to keep you interested throughout its 2 hour running time. The best part about this movie was the script and the performances. Tom Hanks was superb as lawyer James B. Donovan. It is hard not to be captivated by this man’s performances. I also enjoyed the character Rudolf Abel who had one of the most profound line’s in the movie “Would it help?” The movie has a way of appearing to lose focus, due to a few subplots that all work cohesive for the story.

This one has everything that matters going for it. I smiled when I left the theater having spent my money on a theatrical work of art. I love it when movies get back to what matters, story, writing, directing, performances, all on point. If you appreciate a GOOD movie without all the bells and whistles, then this is one I think you will enjoy…A!

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