Movies in Review: “Patriot’s Day”

patriots_day_filmThis movie was finally wide released this weekend, although it had been showing in NYC since Dec 25. As you can see, I was still deciding whether I was going to see this movie. But it was either this or Live by Night with Ben Affleck, who I haven’t been able to take seriously since that horrible Batman v Superman film…smh. So needless to say Patriot’s Day won the toss, and I will leave it up to you guys to tell me about Live by Night ;).


This movie is about the Boston Marathon bombings that too place not too long ago in 2013. To some of us it’s like it happened yesterday as we were all following the details of the investigation on the news. I probably didn’t follow the story as much as everyone else, since I was more worried that there was a bomb somewhere else ready to go off…smh. I wasn’t worried that this movie would be good, but films like these can be hard to watch, especially when you lived to experience it. I’m not sure if any of the people who were involved in this incident have seen the film, but from my stand point, I thought that it was very well done. This movie still gives me chills. The intensity is on another level for this film. It’s like you are personally experiencing the tragedy. What made the film more real and intense was the real video camera footage that was added in the film. My body still has chills. The experience of this film with have your emotions in overdrive. I know I was a wreck. The direction was great, and the performances stellar. I cannot express how I, considering, enjoyed this movie.


There is no way you will walk away from this movie not feeling something. With a running time of a little over 2hrs, you won’t even be able to take your eyes off the screen. By the time the credits roll your body will be filled with emotions that will cause you to cry, and looking for a very strong drink…ijs. If you are into films like these, then I recommend you see this before it leaves theaters…A+

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Movies in Review: “Silence”

silence_2016_filmI wish I could tell you what made me decide to see this film, especially since movies based around religion aren’t my favorite films. Not that I’m not a religious or spiritual person, but I’m not one who would speak about it at the dinner table…ijs. Although the premise of the story didn’t really grasp my attention, I am a huge Scorsese fan. He has directed some of my favorite films like Shutter Island, The Departed, Wolf of Wall Street, and more. So I may have been on the fence with this film, Scorsese had a track record with me that had me feeling I should give this film a chance. 


I’m really not sure how to review this film, however I came to the absolute conclusion that I do not like films centered on religion. Films like these bring out too many emotions, and anger is the heaviest one…smh. I can say that I do enjoy the way Scorsese directs a film. I loved how the film looked visually. I also enjoyed the performances, but it was the content that failed to appeal to me. What made matters worse was the almost 3hr running time of this film. This movie felt so drawn out for no reason. By the 2hr mark, I was ready to go. You will leave the theater feeling like you have just spent 8hrs there. I think the movie would be more appealing to audiences if they had kept the story short and sweet. By the time the credits rolled, everyone in the audience just looked exhausted and like the life was just sucked out of us…and that’s what it felt like.


Silence is getting praises and being looked at as some of Scorsese’s best work, but I’d beg to differ. My first question for critics is…”For Who?” What movie-goer seriously wants to sit through this movie? I enjoyed aspects of it, but found myself snoozing, bored, and ready to leave for most of the film. No person wants to give up 3hrs of their time for that…ijs…C+

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Movies in Review: “Hidden Figures”

hidden_figures_2016Biographical films are definitely one of my favorite genres of movies because there is nothing like watching someone’s real life story play out on the big screen. However films like Hidden Figures take it a step further by bringing to the surface pivotal moments in history that otherwise would have remained unknown and forgotten. I never knew the of the vital role black women played in getting us into space. When I first viewed the trailer my mouth dropped and there was an overwhelming feeling of pride and excitement to see this film. The trailer did more than intrigued me, and this film is likely the one I’ve been anticipating the most this year. There was no doubt in my mind this movie would be a hit, and I was looking forward to being educated on the beautiful black women playing an essential role in the Nasa Space program.


I would like to give this movie a standing ovation, and I am so happy this story was brought to the big screen. As a black woman, the pride I had watching this film gave my spirit life, and I recommend every person of color, especially women with daughters, go see this film. It is all of that and a bag of chips. This story needed to be told. These women played a huge part in history that can’t be denied. What I loved about this film, besides the excellent performances, direction and story, were the lessons I walked away with. The strength of these women to overcome obstacles will touch you to the core. Preparation meets opportunity was a core message with Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughn. This was the message that hit me the deepest, and well as us looking out for one another and bringing each other up with support.


I could go on and on about this film because it brought out so many positive emotions. I walked out of the theater feeling revived a brand new. This film definitely lifted my spirits. Shout out to Pharrell for the banging soundtrack, because the movie was definitely on point. This is a movie you don’t want to miss out on…A+

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Movies in Review: “Passengers”

passengers_2016_film_posterI love me a science fiction space movie, one of my favorites being Gravity, which is what I think I compare all space movies too these days…lol. Although Passengers trailer didn’t give me the feeling Gravity did, it still intrigued me. I am a huge fan of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence is an actress whose work I respect as well. I loved the cinematography in the trailer, and there was enough of a teaser for the story line to have me wanting to see how this film played out. I did not have the best movie experiences this weekend, so I was really hoping this one would be able to deliver.


Womp Womp…Definitely didn’t live up to the trailer. This movie was so freaking long that it had scenes that could have been eliminated because it made the movie drag. At least 15-20 min could have been eliminated just to keep the pace of the movie going. There was far too much down time. The movie didn’t really get on a good pace until halfway through, but by that time I was a little too bored to really enjoy the last half of the film. The second half of the movie was pretty good though. However the ending failed miserably. In the last scene I was sitting there like “Really?”…smh. Honestly the second half of the movie was so good that if they had worked out a better ending I probably would have given this movie a higher mark, in spite of me being bored to death for the first hour…lol.


Passengers wasn’t as intriguing as the trailer. Unfortunately the best part of the movie doesn’t begin until the film is halfway over, and by the time the movie ends I pretty sure you will find yourself rolling your eyes and sucking your teeth…lol…C

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assassins_creed_film_posterI don’t know if any of you were like me and found little interest in the trailer for this film. The only reason I went to see this movie was because Michael Fassbender was starring in it, so I thought maybe I was missing something and was wrong about this movie. I think Fassbender is a phenomenal actor, and couldn’t see him in anything not worth seeing, even a little. I mean he was in The Counselor, which wasn’t a great film, but had some nice performances, especially from him, that didn’t make the film as bad as it should have been ~shrugs. I tossed a coin o with Assassin’s Creed, and decided to take my chances…


One of the biggest movie mistakes I think I’ve made this year. True to form, Fassbender was great, but this movie was dumb as hell…lol. I should have known since the film is based on a video game…smh. Video games made into movies don’t usually translate well, and you will definitely find yourself lost in translation with this one. I think only fans of the game would find worth in this film, because I was lost and totally annoyed with this movie. It felt like I was watching a video game with live characters, because there was no character development in the story. There were just character after character. The action sequences were well done, but that should have been expected right??? Nothing in this movie made sense to me, and I kept think was “Who Cares?” Although some of the dialogue had subtitles even the English spoken words didn’t make sense…lol. Ugh…this movie should have been left at the arcade.


I was not a fan of this film. It was so annoying to watch because it didn’t feel like a movie. There was limited dialogue that hardly made sense to me, filled with great action sequences, but a story that had no substance…Ugh! Can we please stop making video games into movies…ijs…D!

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Movies in Review: “Sing”

sing_2016_film_posterWe all know I love a good animated film, more so now because it is also the perfect activity me and my son can share. I’ve seen a number a spectacular animated films this year, however Sing was being advertised as one that would beat all the rest. From what I watched in the trailer, I didn’t really believe that, but thought it would be cute enough that I would be entertained, and my kid would have a great time.

Just as I thought, this movie really didn’t live up to all the marketing hype. The singing was absolutely phenomenal, but everything else about the movie was just ok. The story was blah, with mediocre animation. There wasn’t anything too exciting about any character to really make me care about the film. However the singing performances are powerful enough to definitely draw you in and keep you from walking out of the theater. I would give a standing ovation for that alone, but unfortunately everything else fell a little flat. The humor was just wasn’t there, and there was very little excitement to be found in the story ~shrugs. Kind of what I expected from this movie…

I would not rate this film anywhere near the top for animated films released this year. I think Moana is still in the theaters, and by far a better movie choice if you haven’t seen it. There isn’t too much except the singing that grabs your attention. I have to admit though, my son seemed to enjoy it, and was lit up with interest during every vocal performance, and was dancing as the credits rolled, however for me, the movie was a bit of a bore…C+

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Movies in Review: “Fences”

fences_filmI was so sad that I was unable to catch the play when it was on Broadway and starred Denzel Washington. However when I watched the trailer, I was beyond happy, and totally looking forward to the release of this film. What sparked my interest even more about this film was that Denzel would also be in the director’s chair….Yaaaaasssssss. The screenplay for the film was written by the late August Wilson, and finished right before his death in 2005. I am pleased that the release of this film has finally arrived.


I can see why August Wilson is 2 time Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama. I not as familiar with all of his work, but the writing in this film gave me goosebumps. There were more than a few lines that had reacting with an “Amen”…wow. To add to the writing you have Viola Davis and Denzel Washington giving us Oscar Winning performances in both their respective roles. By the end of the film I was giving a standing ovation for them both, especially Denzel who also did a hell of a job in the director’s chair. There is nothing I can say badly about this film because it is true perfection. I’d like to also recognize the performance given by Mykelti Williamson as Gabriel Maxson. You know this actor from a number of small roles, but the performance he made in this film has shined a light on this man’s capabilities. He was everything, and I didn’t know he had it in him. He was my favorite character in the film by far.


I went to see 4 films this weekend and 3 of them I absolutely loved, but this one was by far my favorite. This is not a film you need to think about seeing, you just need to go see it…A+

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