Movies in Review: “Alien: Covenant”

Alien_Covenant_Teaser_Poster (1)I seriously hate horror films, especially science fiction films. It’s not that they are bad movies, and to be quite honest, science fiction horror films are actually better than others. However it seems with my old age my stomach can’t take all the gore, and I often find myself jumping in my seat in horror or fighting back a queasy stomach from all the blood ~quiver. When it comes to any Alien film I feel the need to go and finish this franchise since rocking out with their movies since 1986. It’s honestly torture, but I have to watch. I’m really hoping they stop making these films soon and the franchise will end…lol. Only because I can’t take the emotional toll, not because the films are bad…


I loved when the franchise started to film prequels to the original Alien films, with Prometheus being the first prequel. I thought it was a nice touch to keep the franchise going, keep it fresh, and to also give audiences some background into how this horror started. As I was watching Covenant, I wished that the film wasn’t released so far after Prometheus. This film references Prometheus a great deal, and I can’t recall half of what happened in that movie. It would help if you caught up on Prometheus before going to see this one, in my opinion. 


You get everything that is expected from this franchise. Although you may feel like you’ve seen it before in other films, there is enough to freak you out and have you feeling the terror. What I kind of didn’t like was the lack of character development. I had a hard time figuring out who was who before they were tore into pieces…ijs. There was no real connection to anyone except Fassbender’s characters as the androids Walter and David. He was what made this film as good as it was. It seemed that all other characters were only put in the movie for the horror ~shrugs. 


I enjoyed the film, but there wasn’t really anything new added. It will still scare the crap out of you, but I still feel like I just wanted there to be a little more. Lucky for them, the ending was good, and terrifying enough to still have me looking forward to the next installment…B+

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Movies in Review: “Snatched”

Snatched2017posterYes I knew better than to interrupt my beautiful Mother’s Day to go see any of this weekend’s new movie releases. There were 2 new wide released movies this weekend and I took my chances with Snatched. I honestly found very little interesting or entertaining about the trailer, but I was willing to take my chances with Amy Schumer because I enjoyed her last film “Trainwreck” so much. I also think Schumer is a hoot, and was expecting to at least belt out some laughs. Unfortunately I caught more Zzzzz’s than laughs with this one. 


Once I saw Goldie Hawn in the trailer, my expectations for this film immediately dropped. Goldie Hawn is not a strong enough comedic actress to share the screen with Schumer. Hawn added nothing to the comedy, and in my opinion, brought the movie down. This is not to say Schumer was great. She actually could have used the help because many of her comedic lines fell flat. The writing for this film was not the greatest, and often very dull. I seriously fell asleep on it. There wasn’t much to this film except corny, cliché lines and plot. 


The only thing really great about this film was that the running time was only a 1.5hrs. However I still walked out of the theater wanting my time and money back…smh. I wish I had more to say about this movie, but I’ve already wasted enough of my time…D-

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Movies in Review: “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

GotG_Vol2_posterOmg! Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Yes I will have a second helping of that please! Do you know how much I loved the first movie!? When the trailer for the sequel hit theaters I couldn’t wait! There was nothing you could say to me that would keep me out of the theater, especially since the trailer only fueled my excitement. I think I had little expectations for the first one, and unfortunately this sequel had some big shoes to fill, and I didn’t doubt it could.


Ok sooooo this sequel was giving me all types of humor, straight from the gate. I remembered the first film being funny, but the comedy for the sequel seemed to be non-stop, and I liked it. This was a really solid sequel, although not better than the first, but by all accounts, still worth seeing. I think the first movie had a better story line, and felt more innovative and creative. Although the sequel is still a visual work of art, the visual creativity of the first movie outshined it a bit. However, the laughs definitely go to the sequel. The humor was on 100. My favorite exchanges were between Mantis and Drax. Drax was on another level in this movie, and it was all good. Adding to the lol moments of course goes to Baby Groot, whose adorable features keep you loving him and babyesque movements will keep you chuckling.


I very much enjoyed this movie. Although not as clever as the first, it still scores on visuals, and its entertainment value is still stepped up by the humor and some of the natural tone from the original. As with all Marvel films please stay in your seats until the credits stop rolling and the lights come on…A-

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Movies in Review: “The Circle”

The_Circle_(2017_film)So I seriously thought I was going to be in for a treat with this techno-thriller. Thrillers are definitely some of my favorite films, and one with a technology premise, even better. With the intriguing trailer and stellar cast, I knew this was a movie I had to see. If you can’t tell by now, I walked into the theater with fairly high expectations that I felt should have been easily met…unfortunately I was 100% wrong with this one.


This movie was bad from the opening credits…honestly. There really wasn’t great character or story development in this film. The movie kind of jumped all over the place with scenes that involved the main character played by Emma Watson. To be quite honest, it did this throughout most of the film. I was expecting scenes and story lines to lead to something bigger and thrilling, but each sub plot fell flat and this movie never really reached the climax it needed. Honestly, there was very little thrilling about this film. It definitely didn’t have the story innovation or excitement I got from other techno-thrillers like Nerve. The story seemed to meander into inescapable pit with no way out…and then the movie was over…smh. The ending was the camel that broke the camel’s back for me. The simple, empty ending pretty much summed up what this movie was. 


I haven’t been disappointed like this in a while, especially with a film that had such huge potential for its cast alone. Goes to show that even a film full of talented actors can’t save a film that isn’t written or directed well. There is really nothing to see here. I promise if you go see this film, this is the face you will have throughout…D+


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Movies in Review: “The Fate of the Furious”

Fate_of_The_Furious_Theatrical_PosterI seriously love anything Fast and Furious. It is definitely one of my favorite movie franchises to date. Out of 7 films, there was only 1 that I didn’t too much care for…not a bad film track record. However, after the death of Paul Walker, I seriously thought the franchise would end, and I was ok with that. Although after watching the Fast and Furious 7, it was clear the franchise would continue ~shrugs. I think I had mixed emotions about the film continuing without Walker, but my first glance at the trailer for this 8th installment shelved any doubts or mixed emotions. It is hard to think that the stunts could be outdone from film to film, but the trailer for The Fate of the Furious had my jaws dropped. Chills ran through my blood and I knew I had to see it. My expectations were high, and I was expecting greatness, or at least as much as I received from previous films…and I did…for the most part ~shrugs.


The trailer took me for a loop that I had to know what the plot of Toretto going rogue was about. I did enjoy the storyline of this film, although it could have been a little tighter. It felt like they tried to give screen time to every character that ever played in a Fast and Furious film, but that still didn’t fill the void of Paul Walker being gone. However I did enjoy the performance of Charlize Theron, I thought she made for an excellent villain. Jason Statham was great, and I enjoyed the back and forth with Dwayne Johnson’s character. All the other F8 characters, besides Toretto kind of got lost in the sauce, when their presence was felt more in previous films. I think they gave Tyrese Gibson way too many speaking lines, and his jokes often fell flat. He was funnier in previous installments, but was a little annoying in this one. I enjoyed the actions scenes, with the jail scene being my favorite, but none of the over-the-top sequences beat any of the ones we have seen in earlier films. Most of the car scenes were child’s play compared to those of earlier films ~shrugs. As good as the story was, with an added stellar cast, none of it filled the void of Paul Walker being gone. I was entertained, but there was still an overwhelming emptiness that wasn’t fulfilled.


I think this franchise has gone as far as it can go. I think we would all be ok if this is the last hoorah. The franchise is still ending on a good note, because the movie is still good, a little long, but good. I am satisfied with my heart pounding adventures from this cast. It was a good run, and this was another decent film…B+

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Movies in Review: “Colossal”

Colossal_(film)Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I am not the biggest fan of Anne Hathaway. I can’t really pinpoint where my dislike for her comes from, but I often find myself irked by some of her screen performances, although sometimes she can pull out a performance that I love, but most of the time I find myself irked. So I was surprised at how interested I was to see this film when I watched the trailer. There was something so strange and interesting about it that just appealed to my senses, I guess. It also had Jason Sudeikis in it, who I love. I felt if Hathaway annoyed me, he could possibly offset that…lol. My expectations were middle of the grid ~shrugs.

Well surprise, surprise…I like it, and far more than I expected. Hathaway did irk my nerves a little, but only at the beginning. The movie started out very strange, but had a nice story line, great pace, and moved along nicely. I loved the film’s strangeness that made for a more interesting film. As the movie moved along, I started to enjoy Hathaway, especially her chemistry with Sudeikis. Sudeikis put on an excellent performance of his own, with great humor and emotion.

I have an off kilter personality, so I’m not surprised this movie appealed to me. This film will seem strange to most, but I advise you stick it out until the end, you will be very surprised at how much you enjoy it…B+

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Movies in Review: “Smurfs: The Lost Village”

Smurfs_The_Lost_Village_posterI am so surprised that Smurf movies keep getting made, especially since none of the two previous films were all that great. I might have passed on this 3rd installment, but I was happy to see that the film was all animation this go round, changing my mind about seeing it. Not to mention, the Smurfs happened to be one of my favorite cartoons growing up, so seeing them, I think will always put a smile on my face. Of course you know I had to make it and date out with my little one, who was more than excited to see it. I had very low expectations going in, I was just hoping my son would like it.


Ok, so this movie is far better than the first two, but that still isn’t saying much. I enjoyed that it was animated, although I’ve seen better animation in other movies ~shrugs. The characters were good, but I definitely wanted more from them. Getting a taste of each Smurf’s personality is the best part about these characters, but it seemed limited and constrained in this film. This movie is centered on Smurfette, but the film took a little too long to get going and get to the lost village where a number of other new characters were introduced for a short period (too short for my taste). This movie needed more movement, and adventure in my opinion. Although I think it would appeal more to younger audiences, my son was scared, bored, and ready to go close to the end ~shrugs.


I didn’t hate this movie, and I definitely liked it more than the first 2 films, but it felt more like a made for TV Smurf special, than a wide release film. It wasn’t horrible, but there are improvements that could have been made. If there was nothing else in the theater, I would still take my kid to see this, it’s not that bad, and who doesn’t love the smurfs…B-

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