Movies in Review: "Wall Street 2"

Hmmmmm…what to say what to say. I first would like to say that I feel that they began showing the trailor for this film waaaaayyy too early. When you create such anticipation like that you better be able to deliver something that is almost perfection. Unfortunately this film was not. It moved kind of slow. But I think that had alot to do with all the wall street lingo that was in the movie. As a regular, not so savvy wall street individual, the lingo almost took me completely out of the movie. All I kept hearing them talk about was “bubbles”…ummmmm…can anyone tell me what bubbles are? I was lost. What kept me in the movie was that outside of the lingo, there was actually a decent story. Loved Carey Mulligan, and Shia LeBouf actually seemed serious and sincere, and I enjoyed it. The story was decent, just nothing super exciting. If you’ve seen the first one and must see the sequal, I’d advise a matinee, or DVD. I’d have to give it a C+, just because I feel they did not keep the “average” person in mind with all that confusing “wall street” mayhem :/


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