Movies in Review: "Let Me In"

Ok so I heard this film was a remake of a swedish film that has gotten pretty rave reviews. I heard that this english version followed the original scene for scene. Soooo I can’t help but to wonder why I was so unimpressed with it. Eh I thought it was a little dull. The following of a romance that developes between a outcast boy and a vampire…hmmmm…I guess I should have known better. I loved the actress (young girl from “Kick Ass”). But I guess I feel they didn’t give enough background into how she became a vampire, and is she like the only one on earth? Why is it that the young boy’s mother seemed to be non-existent when it came to raising her 12yr old son. She was always in a drunken sleep everytime they showed her. And how easy was it for her son to “runaway”. Didn’t understand the whole… you have to say I can come in before I come in thing…that scene where the vampire walked in without the young boy saying come in, was just weird, and wasn’t really explained. Eh…video might suit you fine if you are just into vampires and have to see it. Otherwise, your not missing a thing. D Rating for me :/


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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