Movies in Review: "Saw 3D"

I would have to say that Saw is lucky they came out on Halloween weekend, and also a weekend where they were practically the only new release, or it probably would not have made 1/2 as much money as it did. But I think they knew this, and therefore planned it this way. My oh my I had such love for this franchise after seeing the first one (which I loved!)…the second one was a bit flat for me…the 3rd was also another great one…4th, 5th, 6th I want my money back…now the 7th. 3D huh?…not even…and there should be some law against movies advertising 3D and having u pay for it, and you sit in a movie and not get what you paid for! I said all that to say that I watched 95% of this film without the glasses on, so what does that tell you.

The opening trap was not even one of his best, and seemed to have no real relevance. As a matter of fact, I think they began to run out of ideas for traps, because most of them in this film were just lackluster, except for the garage trap. The story line with the “fake” survivor, actually wasn’t all that bad. It was all the other really ridiculous stuff that the writers felt they had to throw in there to give a cohesive “ending”. All I was thinking was…Come on son! Are you serious! How many of these old survivors are you going to keep bringing out the wood work, just so you can keep this story going. I mean seriously, Jigsaw died 3 movies ago! SMFH…All I can say is that I’m glad its over…but something tells me that that’s not the case either. It just seemed like they were trying to leave something open for the angry black girl who had to cut off her arm, and the other survivor accomplice left. Well if they do recharge this film, I won’t be a part of the viewing audience at all. This movie produced 7 films, and I only thoroughly enjoyed 2 of them. Not a very good record :/…This movie gets a D rating for me, because there was just way too much nonsense…


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