Movies in Review: "The Fighter"

Hey I know I’m super late with this one, but it’s the holidays…what can I say. Will be back on track after the new year! 😉

This real life story of Mickey (the fighter), and Dickey (his brother), was played out well by Mark Wahlberg, and Christian Bale (who I am not usually a fan of). I have to give props where props are due, because Bale did his thing as strung out Dickey. From the crazy weight loss, to his drugged out antics. They show the real Dickey at the end of the movie, and you are able to actually see how well Bale portrayed him. Wahlberg to me, can do no wrong. I am a total fan of his, although he’s been in a couple lousy movies lately, but he came back strong with this one. It was nice to see Amy Adams get gritty. She played one hardball cookie. She was so tough, I honestly don’t think that I could take her…lol. But seriously…she was great.

Now when it comes to Mickey & Dickey’s family, my friend thought they had picked these women off the street. Seriously their mother and 7 sisters did not look like actresses, and they will have you cracking up with their “straight from Boston” attitudes…I liked them. Almost everything was great about this movie. But when you add children to the mix, you just never know what your going to get. In one scene, Dickey has his 4 yr old son, and his son is singing the Baskin Robbins ice cream and cake song (which only came out last year). I guess they were hoping no one would notice, or didn’t realize it, because they didn’t bother to edit it out…lol.

All in all though a really good movie…A-


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