Movies in Review: "Battle Los Angeles"

OMG! This film was 2hrs of non stop fighting, and I’m serious when I say that. The aliens are attacking in the opening scene. Then the film tries to lead up to the story before the attack. But it just gets a little confusing at that point because you start to get introduced to all the characters that are gonna be in the film and get a very small glimpse of “their story”. You start seeing their characters names and positions on the screen, but by the time that’s finished you really don’t know who is who because then the fighting starts and never stops! Quite honestly I was exhausted after walking out of the theatre…and I’m serious when I say that. The film lacks in story and dialogue, but totally makes up for in action with explosions, gun battles, fights…so needless to say ladies, this film is totally for the men. This is not to say that you won’t like it, but your man will Love it.

One thing that bothered me was Neyo. It was like he was “Neyo” in a marine uniform. You have to see him. He does the same “perfect gentleman” move that you see him do in all his videos and TV appearances. And he must of had something in his contract that said he had to wear those black dark rimmed glasses…smh. If he’s really trying to make it as an actor, he needs to get out of playing the same character…better known as “himself”…I’m just sayin…All in all though not great, but not bad…B-


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