Movies in Review: "Hanna"

Another HUGE disappointment. Where exactly was this movie suppose to start making any kind of sense. You have a father who is grooming his daughter to be an assassin…ok fine. Her main purpose is to kill Mrs Wiegler, who for some reason wants her dead…ok cool, figuring we’d find out why. Ok well once the chase is on, all the things that happen don’t really glue together well. Like they capture Hanna, who kills 3 guards in the cell they are holding her, and escapes. The escape scene was boring. She ends up in a desert with an orange jumpsuit on. Trucks continue to search for her, and it seems to be really hard for them to see a young girl with white hair in an orange jumpsuit alone in a desert…smh. The story only gets worse because Weigler is a rogue CIA agent, who seems to be able to do anything she wants, and no one is stopping her.

She hires a band of men who are suppose to find Hanna, and for some reason have no problem catching up with her as she travels with some tourists she meets along her journey. The interaction between her and the tourists were the only entertaining parts for me. All in all we don’t know what happens to the tourist when they get caught, guess we are to assume that they died as everyone else was exposed of. I could go on and one but its just getting annoying to write this. The film ended as lame as it started. The story the writers tried to put together was a joke…Booooooo!!!! C+


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