Movies in Review: "X-Men First Class"

No questions asked…I loved it. Why did I love it? Because it cleared up so much. Wow who knew that Professor X & Magneto were friends. It was great to see how Magneto became who he is and to see how his and Professor X’s relationship evolved. I enjoyed finding out how each received their names. The story was written well. Kevin Bacon was great, and I had no idea of the tragedy Magneto went through as a young boy. I thought James McAvoy played a wonderful young Professor X. I don’t believe they could have picked  a better actor after seeing his performance on screen…I think I love him now…lol

It was cool how they had the present X-Men make spot appearances, like Wolverine & the older Mystique. Emma Frost & The Beast were great characters that I wish were in the current X-Men line up. It’s funny how some of the mutants age like Professor X and Magneto, and how others don’t like Wolverine…but whatever. It was a really good movie. So if your a Marvel fan you won’t want to pass on this one. It ranks as my favorite now in the X-men series…A!


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