Movies in Review: "Bad Teacher"

Ummmmm…I don’t really know what to say about this one, because I’m kind of on the fence. I absolutely loved Cameron Diaz’s character, and Jason Segel was the most genuine out of the whole cast. I just can’t figure out why I wasn’t laughing so much. Cameron was a pisser, and her attitude was amusing to me, yet I still wasn’t laughing that much. Maybe it was the writing, because it was definitely lacking something. One thing it wasn’t lacking was advertising of Loubou’s. Cameron Diaz’s character was flashing her red bottoms in almost every scene. It was kind of distracting, because one can’t help but to focus on a beautiful pair of shoes…Im just sayin.

One thing that I really disliked about the film was Justin Timberlake, who seemed like he was playing in an SNL skit the whole time. He just seemed fake, and over did it. And why does he have to sing in every film that he does now. We know you can sing…the question is, can you act…smh. This is the first film I actually disliked him, so maybe I should blame his lackluster performance on the direction…I’m just sayin. This film was just chuckle funny, not crying in your seats funny. You can wait for it on DVD, and just save your money for the release of Transformers coming out this weekend! Wooooohooooo!….oh sorry, I got a little excited…I give Bad Teacher a C+…


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