Movies in Review: "Beats, Rhymes & Life: Travels of A Tribe Called Quest"

If your a fan and grew up in the 80’s this film is a must see. It will take you back to that time when music use to be fun, and not so angry. Wow… it has De la Soul, Jungle Brothers, Leaders of the New School, many more and of course The Tribe. Who knew what was going on behind the scenes with this group. Well this documentary really lets you in on what was going on. I think that with groups there is always an expiration date. There is always going to be one member of the group who is going to shine brighter than the others…that’s just a given. If you can walk away with the friendship still in hand, then that is a great thing.

I had no clue Phife and Q-tip were going at it like that. Phife is a real funny dude and keeps it straight 100 in this documentary. I heard Q-Tip stopped promoting this film. I can’t see why, it doesn’t look like they tried to make him out to be the villian at all… I am glad to see that all the group members are doing what they love to do now, and are still successful. The film is great. I wanted to run out and repurchase all their music! There is no doubt in my mind that you will love it…A!


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