Movies in Review: "The Smurfs"

Wow the smurfs just really have appeal when it comes to kids. These guys tied with movie blockbuster Cowboys and Aliens, which was expected to be the #1 movie this weekend…GO SMURFS! I am a smurf fan, and although I was not amazed by this film, I can say that it kept its original essence of the smurf cartoon. Adding live characters really didn’t take away from what the smurfs use to be when you were growing up. You only get a real taste of only 6 of your favorite smurf characters, Brainy Smurf (was just like his animated character), Grouchy Smurf (I thought George Lopez was a perfect choice as the voice for this character), Papa Smurf (same ol Papa), Smurfette (not bad Katy Perry), Clumsy Smurf (his voice was a little meeker than I remember it from the animation, but it worked, and he was my favorite in this film), and Gutsy Smurf (they gave him a kilt in this movie, and he’s Scottish. Slight change from animation). There was also Gargamel. I thought his costume could have been alot better, but he was a true Gargamel. His cat Azriel was the best, he kept making the most hilarious face. He was my 2nd favorite character.

I don’t think they did a bad job with this movie. But if you were never a fan of the Smurfs, you won’t really be able to like, understand or appreciate the film. I mean I loved the animated smurfs, and the film was just ok for me. But I am an adult now soooo… I went to see it and the theatre was packed with kids who were clapping with excitement at the end. So it may be one you have to bite the bullet for just to have your kids see it. Planning to take my nephew this weekend…smh. Btw this movie was filmed in 3D although I watched 85% of it with my glasses off. So save your money and catch it 2D if you can. All in all I’d say just go for the kids…B


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