Movies in Review: "The Change Up"

I was crying laughing within the first 5min. So needless to say I was already sold that this was going to be a great comedy. But did it sustain its hilarity throughout the 1hr 45min…hmmmmmm. Well let me tell you that this story/ideal has definitely been done before. What I really liked is that the characters Mitch and Dave had such different and strong personalities that when the switch happened it was not hard to see the same characters when changed into different bodies. Ryan and Bateman in my opinion always make for great comedic actors and have proven themselves well in this film. It was potty humor, but come on what do you expect. All I need is for it to make me laugh, and at least surprise me. And I’m happy to say that it delivered in this regard. Kids are always a great addition when it comes to comedy, so with Dave’s twins and Little girls the comedy was only heightened.

The writing wasn’t the strongest, but you probably won’t notice. The story gets a little dry here and there, but the laughs make up for it. If this helps, I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t go see it a 2nd time like I did “Bridesmaids” and would with “Horrible Bosses”. So if your at the movies and are looking to laugh, this is not a bad pick, just for laughs. But if your looking for a decent story to go along with the laughs, you might be better off skipping this one. And you may be more satisfied with a matinee. I think Ryan and Bateman gave it it’s winning power…B+


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