Movies in Review: "The Whistleblower"

I went to see this movie because I found the trailer to be very intriguing and I also enjoy movies based on actual events. This film is based around sex trafficking, which is always a mind blowing topic to say the least. Sad to say that this movie wasn’t half as good as the trailer or topic would lead. I don’t know if it was the direction or writing, or maybe it was a bit of both. It starts out a bit all over the place with Weisz’s character failing to receive a transfer. Then she’s watching her ex-husband pack, then we see her in Bosnia…blah blah blah…now she’s having sex with some random dude she met in a bar…blah blah blah…oh and now we start to get to the meat of the story…smh.

All of the best parts involved the girls being trafficked, which they did not show enough of, mostly because of the content of their stories. But you do get to see enough of the torment that these seized and slaved young girls have to endure from these men. And your heart wrenches at the fact that they have no one to turn to because all anyone cares about is the money, not the fact that they are breaking any laws. Everyone is in on it. Rachel Weisz didn’t really add much to her character. I actually thought she was a little weak and a bit boring, and I just didn’t buy it…eh. All in all it had great potential but failed to capture me totally. Not bad if you want to catch it on TV, but I’d save the dough…C


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