Movies in Review: "Conan the Barbarian"

Wow this movie was expected to be a box office hit, with a budget of 90 million, but it just turned out to be a box office flop, only making 10 million its opening weekend. One of the problems is that they unnecessarily released it in 3D. When are you producers and directors going to understand that no one is interested in paying $4+ more for your already overpriced movies…smh. Besides, there was really no 3D action in this film anyway.

Anyone who was hoping that this film would compare to “300”, let me tell you that it doesn’t. This was the only reason I went to see the film. This movie wasn’t even half of what “300” was. It was way too barbaric. I think they overdid it on the bloodshed, and fighting. There was really no story, or dialogue. It seemed as though they were trying to out do themselves with the bloodshed, which by the end of the film had you saying “alright…enough with the blood! No one bleeds like that anyway”…smh…horrible. I thought Jason Somoa was an excellent pick for Conan, its just that the writing and direction was so poor, that there wasn’t really much depth to his character. I was thoroughly disappointed…but this is a film definitely more suited for the men. I would advise you wait for the rental, or matinee…C


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