Movies in Review: "Colombiana"

Man I was expecting this movie to be great…well maybe not great…but at least good! Sadly to say…it wasn’t. The opening scenes had me wanting my money back. With the young Cataleya running through the Colombian streets trying to escape from the men who just murdered her family. Alot of the movie was just too far fetched. Am I really suppose to believe that she navigated her way to safety in Chicago with her uncle. And am I really suppose to believe that her uncle can shoot and kill someone in broad daylight, then have a 10 min conversation at the scene, and not face any repercussions?…WTF!

The story lacked real cohesiveness. Like I have no clue why Cataleya’s family was killed. What was on that disk she gave the UN, and why were her parents killers conveniently in protective custody in the US…smh. The only thing this film had going for it was Zoe Saldana, who exudes sexiness as a killer for hire. She is really not bad as an action hero. Her targets at the beginning were a bit boring and the hit in the police station was stupid and a bit over the top. Her “relationship” that was written into the movie was a waste of time. The film only got good when the FBI finally found out who she was, and she set out to get her family’s killer. The fight scene in the bathroom was my favorite, and was choreographed well. The “Cujo” scene at the very end was a lame ending to an already lame beginning. This movie is more suited for DVD, just so people won’t have to hear you sucking your teeth at what is happening on screen…C-


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