Movies in Review: "Don’t be Afraid of the Dark"

This wasn’t a film I was interested in seeing, mainly because I don’t do horror, and I’m not a huge fan of Katie Holmes. I am however a fan of the young actress Bailee Madison, and also the review buzz for this film was positive, so needless to say, I got on board. Uuugh the opening scene had me cringing, which for a horror flick is a good thing I guess.

Then Katie Holmes’s character comes into play, and everything I dislike about her grabbed my attention. Just so you’re clear, everything I dislike about her is her inability to ACT. Almost every scene she’s in she makes the same stupid and awkward face. Her eyes have this strange look like she’s trying to capture an emotion that just fails miserably. She was only appealing to watch when she was getting tortured by the little goblin creatures…lol…I know…that’s mean…BUT TRUE! Other than Katie though, the film wasn’t that bad. I was scared, those creatures were creepy enough, and what they did to Holmes character at the end just made it all worth it to see…for me anyway. If you’re a horror film buff I think you will be pleased. I mean don’t get me wrong, some of the scenes are a little ho hum, and I’m guessing a horror film just wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t raining or at least overcast everyday…smh. The dreary weather in the film actually had me wanting to curl up and take a nap, I’m thinking you may get the same feeling so don’t go tired…B+


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