Movies in Review: "Higher Ground"

This film might put alot of Christians and uber religious people in a tizzy because of the content, but I enjoyed it, mostly because I can relate. It is Vera Farmiga (who also stars in it) directorial debut as a woman who struggles with her faith in a super religious community. We see how she struggles to stay true and loyal to God who she has never seen and can’t seem to feel his presence in her as everyone else around her does…been there. In her community everything is for and by God, and anything else doesn’t matter. Her faith is tested throughout as her mind wanders, her feelings change, tragedy happens, and in the end she struggles to understand how these things are in God’s plan. Who hasn’t struggled with their faith at some point…I know I have.

It was just interesting to see that struggle so eloquently put into this film. I think Farmiga made sure not to offend anyone, because we all know how religion can be a sensitive subject. However I think she got the point across. I thought this movie was humorous, easy, and thought provoking. It would make for a great matinee or rental for sure. And I’m sure you will find something about you in it…A-

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