Movies in Review: "Contagion"

For those of you who thought this movie looked like “Outbreak” let me tell you that it is not. What happened in Outbreak was on easy street compared to the virus that is in this film. It will have you cringing, and the writers and directors do not care about your weak stomachs. It was as close to actually dealing with a contagious virus that one civilian could ever experience. And no one is immune (except maybe Matt Damon :/).

I thought they did a great job of holding nothing back. This movie will actually have you believing that there is already an epidemic out there, or one that is sure to come. It will have you praying that this never happens in your lifetime. The havoc that is caused is outrageous, as you will see in the film. The only problem I had with the film is that it dragged a bit at the end. I was thinking that something else was going to happen, but it never did. The film starts on Day 2 of the virus infection. They show you Day 1 at the end. Some people didn’t care for that ending, but it cleared everything up for me…and my reaction was like wow…smh. Definitely a must see…A!


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