Movies in Review: "Laugh at my Pain"

To all the fans who were not able to get tickets to Kevin Hart’s “Laugh at My Pain” comedy tour, you guys lucked out because he brought it to the big screen! I saw this show live and was crying laughing the entire time. When I heard that it was coming out as a movie I knew that it was well worth my money to see him again…and I was right. I laughed just as hard as when I saw it the first time. I find Kevin Hart to be absolutely hilarious as a stand up comedian, and there are only a few of them who can get the laughs out of me that he does…hilarious.

They taped his last show in LA to a sold out crowd of 15,000 people. There are plenty of shots of celebrities who came out to show Hart some love. Just to name a few, Shaq, Boris & Nicole, Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut, as well as a number of other athletes and celebrities. I swear I haven’t laughed so hard since “The Kings of Comedy” came to the big screen, but I think I laughed even harder at this. If this movie is in your area, it is a must see, unless of course you’re not a Kevin Hart fan…A!


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