Movies in Review: "God Grew Tired of Us"

This 2006 documentary was recommended to me by a friend who was interested to know what I thought. I love recommendations :). I finally had the chance to see it, and it was a great watch. Just to let you know how interesting this documentary was, I watched it late in the evening. A girlfriend of mine was there and she was headed to bed, but as she watched a few minutes, she found herself sitting through the whole thing…

This documentary is about a group of over 25,000 young men from the Sudan called “The Lost Boys”, who had to flee their country because they were being hunted and killed. These men traveled by foot thousands of miles for safety, and most made their homes in Kenya at a refugee camp. When you see the pictures of what these boys looked like traveling with no food, clothes, leaving behind everything they had just to reach a safe haven. Some of these boys, now men, have been in this camp for over 10 yrs not knowing where their mothers, fathers, siblings are or if they are still alive. The most interesting part comes when the movie follows 3 of these men as they are placed in the US…wow what a culture shock!

When one of the lost boys says that he will have to learn to use electricity, and thinks that it will be hard…I was like Omg. It’s like a different world in the US. You will see them as they adjust to life here, work and support their families in Kenya. We even get to see one man reunite with his mother after 17yrs!

I swear this film will have you seeing how spoiled we are as Americans, and how much we take for granted. It may open your eyes and have you appreciate the small things. To go through so much hardship to feel that God grew tired of you…smh. In comparison I honestly feel like I really shouldn’t complain so much. This documentary is a true eye opener to what is going on beyond your own front doors…A+


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