Movies in Review: "Abduction"

If you actually thought this movie looked interesting from the trailer, I’m inclined to say that you may have been smoking at the time…smh. I thought the trailer was lousy, and that this was going to be a bad look for Director John Singleton, who has not directed a film since “Four Brothers” in 2005. Its been a while for him in the directors chair, and unfortunately we can’t call this a comeback at all…smh.

First of all, this movie is not for anyone over the age of 16yrs, and it would help it if you were also female. It was obvious to make Lautner the focal point, and to hopefully have the women swooning. This may have worked, because the teenage girls watching it at the time I did were giggling at every scene he was in…yeah Im nauseous. Its a good thing that this young man has the looks, because he definitely doesn’t have the acting chops to carry a whole movie. His skills fall right in line with Channing Tatum (who I loathe as an actor…smh). Lautner sounded like he was reading from a teleprompter, and all his action scenes looked choreographed instead appearing to be real action. It really doesn’t get any better, and was a waste for the exceptional acting of Maria Bello and Sigourney Weaver, who must have owed Singleton a favor to appear in this annoying piece of work they call a movie. The storyline is for teens. Adults would only find themselves wanting to vomit…D-


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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  1. GaryLee828 says:

    What are you talking about? This was a classic! Singleton & Lautner are clearly the new Cameron & Schwarzenegger! lol.

    Ok, so obviously kidding. A review I finally agree with except only one thing…how did this avoid an F? Come on man, you give this the same letter grade as “Drive”? See what I mean about “Drive” now and the rating you gave it? You’re putting it in the same category as drivel like this – and you can’t seriously equate the two.

    • I honestly remember very little about Abduction, but if I didn’t give it an “F” its because there was someting that I liked to keep me from that grade. Giving these movies the same letter grade is not a comparison of the 2.My expectations for both were different when I went to see each of these films.


      • GaryLee828 says:

        Okay, think about this for a minute:

        Drive = high expectations

        Abduction = low expectations

        Drive = did not meet high expectations

        Abduction = met low expectations

        Thus, both films get D’s? LOL.

        You’re totally allowing your expectations to dictate your opinion on the film, when a film should be graded upon the quality in which its made. Expectations aside, Drive is a heck of a lot better than Abduction. You’re essentially conveying to your readers that Ryan Gosling was as bad as Taylor Lautner.

        Whatever, I’ll shut up now. Some people just don’t get it. If you somehow think the “Drive” trailer is misleading, and that “The Place Beyond The Pines” trailer portrays an accurate description of the movie then you’re just on another wavelength. The Place Beyond The Pines trailer clearly makes it look like the story is about Gosling robbing banks to provide for his son, and Bradley Cooper trying to hunt him down.

      • You are trying to get me to write my reviews from your perspective, and thats not whats going to happen. Thats what you have your movie review blog for…lol. Your trying to compare all my reviews to Drive, a movie I didn’t like, and you happen to disagree with. In any case I respect your opinion of the movie. But I didn’t like it. And as far as me giving the same review grade for Drive and Abduction, both in my opinion were bad, although not in the same way. My rating for the movie doesn’t imply the same rating for the actors in the film. Its seems that you are failing to read my review, and instead are just looking at the letter grade. These movies could never be compared like that, so I don’t know why you are trying. Drive in my opinion had the same feel as PlaceBeyond the Pines. But I found The Pines more enjoyable to watch and did not find the trailer to be misleading, as I don’t think I had a clue what to expect after seeing it. However after seeing the Drive trailer I had no clue there was such a deep love story written in it. This happened to be my least favorite part about the movie, along with the lack of dialogue, action/movement of the story. It annoyed me. I had a better reaction to Place Beyond the Pines, and therefore enjoyed it more. My opinions and reviews are not for everyone. But theanks for stopping by and trying to stuff that lame movie down my throat…lol


      • GaryLee828 says:

        I did read your reviews I commented on. And Drive’s trailer did indicate a love story. You could tell it when Ryan Gosling was standing in the elevator with Carey Mulligan and her son and he was telling her he was a stunt driver. You could tell they liked each other. Or maybe that just flew over certain viewers’ mind! lol. Good news though, Fast & Furious 6 comes out soon! You can have all your fast driving there and I promise you there won’t be a story, so you’ll give it an A I’m sure! lol.

      • Ha…now your just trying to be a prick about how I felt about the movie. Not interested in debating about it when you want to try and throw shots. I don’t know you, and don’t think by reading my opinions in this blog, that you know me. Clearly you are not listening to me when I tell you why I disliked the movie. The lady who sued the filmed expected it to be like Fast & Furious, but don’t come at me with your ignorant reply thinking I expected the same. You are on my blog ranting about a movie I PERSONALLY did not like. Not because it wasn’t like Fast Five, but because of the reasons I have posted in my review and in the 10,000 replies you keep posting. I hate repeating myself, so pls use your time to reread all of my gracious replies for your own entertainment.


      • GaryLee828 says:

        The movie not having a story so you giving it an “A” wasn’t intended to be taken serious. You didn’t give Abduction or Bullet To The Head an “A” grade. Now, if you had given them A’s then maybe that statement would have been literal. If you’re gonna be my girl you’re gonna have to learn to take a joke. And to like the movies I like.

      • I can take a joke with the best of them, but seeing as we dont have the strongest repoire I can’t tell what angle you are coming from. And as far as thatbeing your girlthing…You can CAN that…lol. And its clear we don’tlike the same movies…


      • GaryLee828 says:

        Your auto-corrector messed up your comment. When you typed “TAP” it changed it to “CAN”. I know what you meant though.

      • Lol…that was actually kind of funny…and disgusting at the same time


      • GaryLee828 says:

        Stop flirting with me

      • You have an exhausting personality, so there is no flirting coming from me.


      • GaryLee828 says:

        The exhaustion is coming from using your brain. 🙂

      • The exhaustion is comes from talking in circles…


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