Movies in Review: “In Time”

I was very shocked to see that this movie ranked #3 in tickets sales this weekend. Out of the four movies I had the chance to review, this was by far the worst one. Honestly, “In Time” was a waste of time…my apologies for sounding cliché.

Uuuuugggghhhh!!!…Justin Timberlake please return to making music, something your actually great at. I honestly use to be a fan of him as an actor, especially after seeing him in “Alpha Dog”, “Friends With Benefits”, and his crazy stints on SNL. However the more roles he seems to be able to get that are less like the person he is in real life, the less appealing he gets. For the life of me I can’t understand why a casting agent would think Timberlake would be the person of choice for this role…smh. I’m sure if a more seasoned actor had taken this position, no one would have noticed how lame the premise of this story was. Seriously? We don’t age past the age of 25…yawn…what are the benefits of that? And the resolve for over population is that after 25yrs you have 360 days before your time runs out and you die…come on! There are time keepers, and a section of the population with very little time that live in the “ghetto”…(insert screw face). As the movie played along, it became very predictable and horribly unbelievable, and even less thrilling…smh.

My advice to Justin is that he not take on roles that are beyond his capabilities. He acts like a robot, and his emotions were stiff, and sub par…all the crying scenes, even the kissing scenes were mechanical. I’m guessing he didn’t like Seyfried as much as Kunis because I thought he seemed more comfortable in his “Friends With Benefits” role. And that could be because he was playing a character a lot like himself. It is obvious he had to step out of the box to play Will Salas, and he wasn’t ready…oh well.

I think that you will find yourself rolling your eyes throughout this movie more than anything, so it might be best to stay away from it in the theatres. If you like Justin and want to see him in action, catch it on Netflix, or wait until it’s showing on TV. We know they cut parts out to fit TV slots, but don’t worry, you’re not missing anything important…D :/


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