Movies in Review: “Jack & Jill”

Oh Adam Sandler…smh. I must admit that the idea of “Jack & Jill” twins is a really cute idea. But I think putting Sandler in the middle of this idea degraded it to just mediocre. As I am not a true fan of Sandler and his movies, I had no great expectations when going to see this film. Sandler has a strong fan base standing behind his style of comedy, so I will give him that. However this movie played out for me the way most of his movies have. I chuckled, but that’s as far as the laughter went.

Sandler gives you the same style of comedy in all of his movies. This makes a movie dull early. I can’t say that there was anything to give this movie new life. Katie Holmes co-stars, and she’s a major bore herself. Her acting ability is like watching paint dry. She has no dimension…if you can’t already tell, I’m not a fan of Katie Holmes. My apologies to the Katie Holmes fans… The two young actors they chose to play “Jacks” kids were a waste of money. This is the first time that I have not been pleased with the young actor/actresses performance in a movie. Usually kids are just naturally funny, but I guess the director of this film, Dennis Dugan, was unable to capture this. The funniest parts were shown in the trailer, as I’m sure you guessed. And the double dose of Adam Sandler was more annoying than anything else to me, but again, I’m not a Sandler fan so Sandler fans can take my comments lightly.

It wasn’t all bad though. There are some really cute cameos of actual twins that was entertaining to watch. As I stated in the beginning, I did have a chuckle here and there. I honestly would feel bad if you went to pay your money to see this movie. It’s a cool watch, but something that you can wait for on DVD, preferably REDBOX…I’m just sayin…C-


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