Movies in Review: “Happy Feet 2”

Well if you saw the first Happy Feet, its hard not to get excited about this 2nd installment. I couldn’t wait for this movie to be released, as I expected all the joys that I felt in the first. Hmmmmmm…I don’t know… I can say that I did like it, but not as much as I enjoyed the first. There are a number of your favorite characters from the first movie like “Ramon” played by Robin Williams, “Mumble” played by Elijah Wood. Both put on great performances as in the first, especially Robin Williams. He is super adorable, and I actually wish there was more of his character in this movie as in the first.

In the 2nd installment we get introduced to a number of new characters also. One of my least favorite characters was “Seymour” played by Common. Omg I found Common’s voice as this character to be overwhelming. It was hard to see the penguin he was playing and not Common himself. It got so bad that I wished that he didn’t have so many speaking lines…smh. There is also “Gloria” Mumbles wife who is played by Pink. If it wasn’t for Pink there wouldn’t have been much singing in this movie. Although Pink’s singing was extraordinary, it got kind of boring to have her have the lead in all the musical selections. “Will” & “Bill” Krill were played by Matt Damon & Brad Pitt, these guys provided the best comic relief for the movie. Their characters were so funny. I actually would like to see an animated film that was centered around them. I also enjoyed the actor who played the elephant seal “Brian”. I thought all the kids were cute. To me it was the story that lacked motion that made the movie kind of dull. The singing was great, and I found the movie to be very kid friendly. However I don’t feel that its necessary to see this film in 3D. The 3D graphics are not as great as they should have been. There were many scenes which should have jumped off the screen, but didn’t. Adults don’t go expecting what you got from the first. It’s really not gonna matter much to the kids, they’ll be happy going to see this movie either way…B-


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