Movies in Review: “The Muppets”

When I went to the theatre to see this film, it was funny to see how the audience consisted of 90% adults, and 10% kids. And the theatres were full too! Everyone should be blessed with the joys of the muppets in their childhood. These guys have shown me so much. Seeing them on the big screen sent me back…

Omg! They are still the same. They all sound the same, do the same stuff. It was crazy that after all these yrs nothing had changed about them, and this is what I appreciated most about this film. I forgot that the Muppets like to sing so much. I was a bit confused at first when the singing started happening…lol…yeah its been a while. They kept the movie as corny as the show use to be. Come on, as much as we loved the muppets, you know that show use to be corny…lol. As in true Muppet style they always get star cameos. Some of them included Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, and a slew of others.

I liked the story, but I don’t think the younger generation would be able to relate. But if you grew up watching the Muppets you will be happy to check out this movie. I forgot how much I loved the song that they performed at the end…Ma Nam Ma Na!…B


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4 Responses to Movies in Review: “The Muppets”

  1. nice review! yeah, a lot of the younger audiences may not be able to appreciate the nostalgic appeal and small tributes to past muppets films, but I think that The Muppets can be loved by all ages in any decade! I look forward to seeing more from the muppets…hopefully we wont have to wait another decade or so for another film!

    • It was really fun to see how many adults the characters made an impact on when they were kids (including myself). It was like sitting in front of the TV on saturday morning again :). In my opinion every kid needs Muppets in their lives! lol

  2. Nostra says:

    Really looking forward to seeing this one, although I still have to wait two months before it finally shows up in the cinemas in The Netherlands. Good to see that so many people are enjoying this one.

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