Movies in Review (INDEPENDENT FILM): “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

Ummmmm…wow…such a disturbing film. If this movie alone isn’t enough to reconsider having children, I don’t know what will…smh. This movie still has me frazzled and off kilt a bit just thinking about the story. The story is told in fragments as it follows Eva (played by Tilda Swinton) in her life today, but switches to flashbacks of her past. This can seem a little annoying at first, but just bear with it because it does get better, and everything comes together as it should. If you do not read up on this film before going to see it, you will probably feel lost about what the hell is happening to Eva. She looks as if she has been through hell and back. Swinton hit the mark with Eva.

The flashback’s show her in a much happier place, and your intrigued to know what has happened to make her the way you see her today. Then Kevin arrives, and it all starts to make sense. OMG! Talk about postpartum, prepartum (I made this up) depression…wow. I’ve never seen such a disconnect between a mother and child. It’s just frightening. John C Reilly also co-stars in this movie, and I was quite surprised with his performance. I am use to seeing Reilly in more comedic roles, but he takes on the character of Eva’s husband like a champ. Although there were certain positions Reilly was placed in that I could have passed on seeing ~shiver~.

I swear the torment that Eva has to face will have your skin crawling. Kevin is the Omen, except he’s not possessed by the devil. I think I would have felt better if he was…lol. If you haven’t reached your limit of anger, then I know the last part of the movie will send you over the top. If you could see the expression on my face when I think about the last thing he says to his mother after he asks him “Why”…smh. All I have to say is you need to see this. Unfortunately most of you live in cities that don’t support/show independent films, so you will have to catch it on video. But it doesn’t matter…just see it…A+


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  1. Yeah, I’m in a city that isn’t showing it. Yet the daunting trailer and content had my attention. Seems to be just as gripping (if not more) as the trailer promised. Tilda Swinton is getting some major nods for this performance. Thanks for your review!

    • Yes the trailer is gripping, but the movie doesn’t play out like the trailer at all. I can’t even explain the emotions felt when watching this. Swinton deserves everything they give her for this performance.

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