Movies in Review: “Mission-Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

OMG! Mission Impossible was freakin amazing! Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, except on this mission, with a whole new crew. His new entourage includes Benjii, who is played by Simon Pegg. He is the tech expert, and his performances is exceptional providing great comedy relief…omg I loved him! Then there is Jane, played by the beautiful Paula Patton. Come on! Every spy movie needs a woman of seduction, and Paula was a perfect fit. I like that they didn’t make her overly sexy, but when it was time to turn it on, the “VaVaVoom” was there. Lastly, but definitely not least, we have one of my top underrated actors, the wonderful Jeremy Renner as Brandt. He is not the star in this movie, but he definitely out shined everyone in every scene he was in. I am pleased with him as a new addition. It brought a bit of freshness to this franchise. Although I was pleased with Tom Cruise, he is looking a bit Old…I’m just sayin.

But regardless of how he looked, Cruise put on some amazing stunts. The action and stunt sequences in this film were remarkable, and well worth the IMAX experience. If you don;t see it in IMAX you are loosing half the fun…and you don’t want to do that. I enjoyed everything about this movie. It had humor, and action sequences that only verged on unbelievable. If you have teenage boys, they are going to love this movie. There is movement, a great story, and some pretty flashy cars, and car sequences. This is a movie the men will love, but the women will enjoy too. Action movies have not been living up to their title lately, but this one does…A-


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