Movies in Review: “Albert Nobbs”

This movie was based on a short story by Irish novelist George Moore. I’m guessing that it was a really short story, as the film adaption felt a little unfinished to me. Glenn Close does a remarkable job as a woman living his life as a man, the ever so eloquent Mr. Albert Nobbs. As beautiful as Glenn Close is (see pic below), besides the bone structure, it was hard to see her as anything but Mr. Nobbs. I enjoyed what was presented in the film, but the character development fell way short of presenting a strong story.

Quite honestly I was left feeling like what was the point? What was the purpose of the tale? I was left feeling empty, instead of fulfilled. Such character stories that needed more depth were Mr. Nobbs himself. I could not understand if she was actually a woman who felt like a man, or a female who took on the role for survival. You get to hear a piece of Mr. Nobbs story, but it wasn’t nearly enough for this complicated character. I also could have used more development with Helen and Joe’s story. Their whirlwind romance blew in and out so quickly, and I would have liked to know their background. Even the crush Mr Nobbs had for Helen was just strange, and rushed. My favorite characters were Mr. Page and his wife Cathleen. I loved their story, and brought the most depth to the film, especially Mr. Page.

The story is just sad in a way. The ending left me thinking…WTH…smh. I have no idea who Mr. Nobbs is, only that he wanted to purchase a cigar parlor, and take on a wife…smh. This movie could have been better. Maybe it should have been adapted from a whole story, instead of a short one…I’m just sayin…C+


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  1. I didn’t really have interest in seeing this one. I feel I would’ve left thinking the same as you and not sure what I watched afterall. Seems to be somewhat of a touching tale nonetheless. Thanks for this review.

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