Movies in Review: “Good Deeds”

I was not looking forward to seeing this film at all. Mainly because I found Tyler Perry’s last movie to be so horrible, and because Tyler Perry himself was actually starring in this movie. I haven’t found Perry to be a strong actor when he is playing a man, only when he is in Madea mode. So I didn’t think I could take a film of Perry himself.

Well the man must have taken some class, because I enjoyed him as Wesley Deeds. And for the first time I was actually able to separate him from his Madea character and see him as a Man. Perry’s movie performed ok at the box office as usual, ranking #2 with 16million in tickets sales. But this is less than what Madea’s Big Happy Family brought in its opening weekend, and this movie was far better.

I usually have a problem with the production quality of Perry’s films. Too often the production looks cheap, and looks like it’s being filmed on a sound stage. I was happy to see an upgrade with this movie. It is filmed in California, as opposed to Atlanta…thank goodness. I know that people have a problem with Perry’s writing, but I usually don’t. Perry tries to develop a story and characters that is usually relevant with his audience. He has deep messages that come across very strong, well that is when he has a strong cast to get the messages across…luckily he did. We are blessed with the ever-so-lovely Phylicia Rashad, who always brings more to any simple character she is playing. Gabrielle Union takes on the role of Deeds’s fiancé Natalie. I’m here and there with Union, but she was on point in this film. Thandie Newton was the glue that sealed this movie shut. I had so much fun watching her. She reminds you of the character she played in For Colored Girls, but more refined, and with different circumstances, but she has that same energy, if that makes any sense. It always seems that there is always one character in Perry’s film that could have used some restraints. This time it was Brian White, who plays Wesley’s brother. Someone should have given him a volume. I seriously wanted to punch this dude in the face…lol

All in all this is one of my top 3 movies from Perry, which also includes Why Did I Get Married, and The Family That Preys…B+


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2 Responses to Movies in Review: “Good Deeds”

  1. hmm, i was just discussing this movie last night with a film and why I haven’t bothered to see it yet. Not a big Tyler Perry fan anymore. But I am glad to know that this one ended up better in your eyes than previous Perry films.

    I may give this a rental shot in the future.

    • I don’t think I can call myself a Tyler Perry fan anymore either. His movies are hit or miss, but mostly miss. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I can understand your hesitation with purchasing a ticket…lol. Did you make it to see Journey 2?

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