Movies in Review (DOCUMENTARY): “Bully”

Bullying in recent years has become quite serious in the school system. This is a documentary that gives us an in-depth view of this growing problem as we watch 5 different kids ordeal with it. I didn’t find this documentary easy to watch, as I was filled with heartache and anger. Any of you that have children may find it even harder to watch.

In this film you will have the opportunity to see the bullying of 5 kids, but the one that sticks out the most is a 12 yr old boy named Alex. His situation provided the most extreme footage…smh. Alex seemed to be getting hit from all ends. All he wants is a friend, but he’s so awkward that usually all he gets is a slap upside the head from his peers. His family offers very little help, and even less from school officials. If you find yourself watching this, you may find yourself wanting to deck the Assistant Principal for more than enough reasons.

The school buses seem to be a stomping ground for bullying. For the life of me I could not understand why the bus drivers aren’t more involved. As a matter of fact it seems that all the school officials are taking the high road instead of getting involved. I don’t remember being part of a school system where the children seem to be in control and the adults tip-toe around situations. If this is what the world is coming to we are all headed for a heap of trouble.

I found myself angry because we are failing our kids. All of us…authorities, school officials, parents, and no one seems to have a real solution that WORKS to save these kids. I believe all parents, tweens, teachers, anyone planning to have children should see this film. Unfortunately for me this documentary is one of many that have become a source of birth control. To all of you who already have kids, I will pray for you…B


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  1. Documentaries often have a way of pointing out some of the worse parts of society. It’s good that they do so if they prompt change. On the subject of bullying, I hope that is the case.

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