Movies in Review: “American Reunion”

Ummmmmmm…am I the only one who didn’t know that this is the 4th movie since the original American Pie…wth. I thought this was the sequel…lol. So needless to say I never saw American Pie 2, or American Wedding. Now that I think about it I believe I saw the trailers for the other films, and none of them looked like they were worth seeing, but for some reason the trailer for American Reunion captured my attention. I felt that it was a perfect time to release this movie, and I liked the fact that all the original characters were returning.

Soooooo how was it? It was cool…It wasn’t horrible, but I think a lot of that could be credited to Stifler. Honestly without him and his mother, the movie would have been a dud. All of the character’s adult lives were pretty boring, but to make the storyline interesting, the writers played up on all the things that we loved about the original film. I was happy to see everyone return, and see Tara Reid get a check. Unfortunately, she was absolutely horrible. Reid was so stiff, and it seemed as if she was reading her lines off of a teleprompter. Her face had a Botox overdose because she had the same expression on her face throughout the whole movie. Poor Tara Reid…smh.

 I can’t say its better than the last 2 two sequels of the original (since I didn’t see them), all I can say is that its nothing exceptional.There are better comedies in the theaters right now, so I only suggest this one for the theaters if you are a die-hard American Pie fan. If you’re not, you can definitely wait until this one hits a TV near you…C+


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2 Responses to Movies in Review: “American Reunion”

  1. So, did you finally end up seeing American Pie 2 and American Wedding as well? In the end you say this one is better than the last 2 movies, so I was curious as to your thoughts on them as well.

    On Reunion, you’re right. Stifler and his mom take the cake, but I felt they toned it down a lot more than the previous installments. and, LOL, at the “Poor Tara Reid” haha.

    It was a fun trip down memory lane, that’s for sure.

    • Yikes! Typing error that has been changed. Thanks for pointing that out T, because like I said at the beginning of my review, I didn’t see the other 2…lol. Agree a nice trip down memory lane. But there are also better comedies out there, like 21 Jumpstreet, which u stated in ur review 😉

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