Movies in Review: “Safe”

I’m sorry I have to say this, but if you’ve seen one Jason Statham film lately you’ve seen them all. As much as I love Statham the repetition in his movies is getting a bit redundant and boring. The action is always great, but the story usually lacks depth and Statham usually plays the same character attached to a different name. Unfortunately this movie is no different.

The movie starts out a bit confusing as we meet Statham and the young Asian girl in their respective life situations. They story shows glimpses as it back tracts 1 day earlier, then a yr earlier. Finally Statham and the Asian girl’s characters meet. Thank goodness for men like Statham, but his reason for going out of his way to save this little girl is a little unrealistic. The story moves along like most of his movies with corrupt cops, everyone being bought for the best price, and Statham unbeatable and untouchable…smh. This story has run its course with Statham in my opinion.

I like Statham, but I honestly haven’t seen him in a decent movie since The Italian Job (2003). If you need an action fix, this one may have you wanting more. Safe isn’t packed full of gripping action, but filled with empty story lines and nonsense. All in all its a Jason Statham flick…same ish different title…D :/


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  1. yaykisspurr says:

    Yeah you love Statham but worry about his judgement. 😦 Cheers!

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