Movies in Review: “Prometheus”

This was initially supposed to be a prequel to Aliens, but they later decided to changed that idea a little to develop it as its own separate story. The promotion for this film was huge and was set up to be another major blockbuster. The idea behind this movie was enough to help it stand alone. Although a bit too long, the movie was decent.

This film was receiving rave reviews from critics. I liked it, but it wasn’t really exceptional. There were some holes in the story that left me with too many questions. There were events taking place in the movie that wasn’t clearly explained. But perhaps you won’t notice. There is definitely enough going on in the film to keep your attention away from the nonsense. It was a little strange to hear Noomi Rapace’s character get call Lisbeth (short for Elizabeth), the name of the same character she plays in The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo (Swedish version). You would think that they would have named her character something else, or at least make it a point not to call her Lisbeth…eh…maybe that’s just me though.

I loved Charlize Theron, but I had a hard time understanding why her character was so uptight. I think her story could have used more development. I enjoyed Michael Fassbender, but did not understand why he was so familiar with the planet that they had just arrived on…smh. Guy Pearce is listed in the cast, and if you’re not paying attention, you might miss him. They did a great job with his make-up, he’s almost unrecognizable.

The movie was decent, but that doesn’t sound like much when I expected it to be great. I think that many people who see this will give this far more credit than it deserves. It was good…excuse me…decent, but that’s about as much as I can give it. Sorry if you don’t agree with me…B-


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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9 Responses to Movies in Review: “Prometheus”

  1. yaykisspurr says:

    Yeah I’ve been reading this all over the place. I’m going to see it but I’m in no rush now… Sounds like someone needed to go to the drawing board with the actual humans! Cheers.

    • Lol @ your “humans” comment. Yeah I was anticipating this one, but there is no need to rush. Its entertaining enough, I just can’t get on the bandwagon with all the praise it has been getting.

      • yaykisspurr says:

        Yeah the critics seemed to love it but bloggers seemed willing to admit that it didn’t make much sense…

  2. Geek Soul Brother says:

    I caught your comment on ‘Today I Watched A Movie’. From what you said, I had to check out your review. I think you’re right, there were aspects of the story that needed fleshing out. I liked Prometheus a lot, but it was disjointed at times. Oh, David was familiar with the planet because he was studying over 200 languages and cultures while everyone else was asleep. But that really didn’t explain the whole ‘black ooze’ thing. That’s probably what your talking about, right? I think that bothered me the most.
    Anyway, nice review. Check out my blog if you get a chance…

    • I understand David was studying languages and other things, but how was it possible for him to study and know about a planet they just arrived on. How is it that he knew exactly what to push on the walls in order to open doors. That made no sense to me.

      And did the fact that Guy Pearce’s character expected these creatures to give provide him with the fountain of youth make any sense to you? Their DNA was the same as humans so what could these creatures do for you that humans couldn’t…made little sense…lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! I will def pop over your way.

      • Geek Soul Brother says:

        Haha.. Yeah, you’re right. David was walking around like ‘This is My House fools’. And even though it was far fetched for Weyland to think ‘Since they designed us, they ought to know how to fix us’, that didn’t bother me as much as how they marginalized his character like that. If he was this powerful business man, why hide in a hole, begging for longer life. I know they wanted the element of surprise, but it just made me go “huh?…Well, okay I guess.” For a moment, this film gave me the same feeling I got from THE THING prequel, but then it got better.

      • Lmao @ “This is my House fools”…Exactly! Agree with your point on Weyland too. I don’t know about The Thing. I think I may have like Prometheus better…lol

  3. I liked this film about the same as you and for a lot of the same reasons. Though, I’ve got to say that I did like Charlize’s character for what she was…the annoying, money-centered, corporate head that was easy to “hate.”

    I was upset with Idris’ lack of character development.

    Fassbender truly was tops in this movie.

    • I liked Charlize, but I felt like I was missing the reason behind her attitude. Only got a glimpse of where it was coming from when we saw her interraction with her father. I think that could have been developed more. Idris I didn’t mind at all. He was the captain of the ship, and played his role as such. I didn’t feel like I needed much background story on him. I liked this movie, but I wasn’t overly excited about it…eh…lol

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