Movies in Review: “Thats My Boy”

I am not a fan of Adam Sandler. Honestly out of all of his films I think I may have enjoyed 2. So Why did I even go check this flick? Well it was either this or Rock of Ages, and I had no interest in watching Tom Cruise act like a rock star, nor was I interested in a musical. I was at least hoping to get a few laughs by choosing to watch That’s My Boy…unfortunately the laughs were non-existent.

I actually don’t know which was worse Jack & Jill, or this catastrophe. The garbage pail jokes were lame and had nothing new to offer viewers. Almost everything about this movie was predictable and simply not funny. I was surprised that I didn’t find myself laughing once. Quite honestly I found myself more disgusted than anything. Some of the material was more disgusting than humorous…#EpicFail.

I don’t ever want to see Ciara in another movie. I couldn’t take listening to her recite her lines in every scene. Her team should have advised acting classes. Thank goodness her role was small, but still too much in my opinion…smh. You might find this movie more entertaining if you are under the influence of an alcohol induced coma, or über high on that ooooohhhhWeeeeee. If drugs or alcohol are not in your system, I’d recommend that you stay away from this one because it’s not even worth a rental…F!


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I am creative by nature, and analytical by design. My escape from the riff raff of everyday life is a great movie. I do not title myself as a movie critic. I am a part of the viewing audience simple and plain. I started this blog to give a real life review of films, as an avid movie goer. Movies are expensive, and not always worth the money. I hope my reviews help you in your descision.
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10 Responses to Movies in Review: “Thats My Boy”

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Sandler should just stop making comedies like these and go back and try out some more of his dramatic roles. They don’t do so well at the box office but with time, I have a feeling they will. Good review Taj.

    • He definitely should go back to his dramatic roles. They are better than his comedies. And I agree with you, eventually they will do well. I loved him in 50 First Dates & Just Go With It. But I guess he’s not worried about his movies being a box office smash. His Happy Madison Production company is doing quite well.

  2. It’s a shame too. Not that I had high hopes for this film at all, but I would love to see Sandler return to some of his better films like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and, yes, even Mr. Deeds. I will admit that I really enjoyed Grown Ups and Just Go With It, (oh, and Click), but so many of his films have been horrible lately. Zohan, Little Nicky, Jack and Jill, Funny People…

    good review on this one…thanks for biting the bullet. I went to see Rock of Ages instead. ha. My review will post real soon.

    • Yeah Sandlers movies have def gone down hill…smh. Im still going to give him another shot though if he drops another film soon. I don’t want to count him out yet. I think Im still hoping for a movie from him comparable to Just Go With It…lol This past wknd was a bust for movie releases. I knew I wasn’t going to waste my money seeing 2 lack luster movies. Can’t wait to read ur review! I see u saw Brave already…IM SO JEALOUS!!!! Not gonna read ur review until after I see it this wknd of course 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY!!!! I saw this movie last night. It was filled with disgusting crude jokes. I was hoping it would get better, or I would of left earlier and asked for my money back. I could handle the jokes about masturbating, and the bride asking why there was sperm and throw up on her wedding dress, but When the sex jokes about the grandma started thats when I had had enough.

    • Yeah these jokes are more fit for men, or anyone under the influence. The jokes tried to be over the top and failed in my opinion. Women is not this movie’s target audience. Thanks for Commenting!

      • Lianne says:

        You’re right, women are NOT the target audience for this movie. Still, I liked the Hangover and Hangover 2 way better than this and I’m not about really crude jokes at all and that was more funny, maybe because the story line was way better….. who knows.
        I just know that not everyone is gross minded that way…. and really it could’ve been way better.
        Thank You

      • The Hangover movies couldn’t even be put in the same category as this Sandler flick. Sandler’s flick was bottom of the barrel and should have went straight to DVD in my opinion…lol. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Lianne says:

    I very much agree with the predictability of this movie….. my boyfriend was sitting next to me telling me oh yeah this happens right, etc…..
    And it was NOT meant for women at all….. and really if most guys thought this was great… I don’t see it….
    My daughter who loves Adam Sandler wanted to leave about 15 min into the movie….. people laughed but not towards the end and we left with no laughter at all…..
    I was hoping for more from Adam Sandler….. I didn’t expect this at all and was very disappointed in it.
    The premise was bad to begin with and seeing kids applaude the kid with the teacher was really sad to me. I don’t understand how approving underage sex with a minor is good at all, no matter if it was a male or female teacher….. it isn’t right.
    It was just sloppy and crude and disappointing. I wanted to laugh and found myself trying to forget what the movie was about.
    I am glad VERY glad I did NOT pay to see this movie. I only hope that there is something that comes after to make up for this one.

    • I agree with ur comments expecially about the student/teacher sexual relationship. I think they played on that too hard. It kind of made me uncomfortable, especially since this is becoming a serious problem. I was expecting at least a chuckle from this film, but I found myself cringing throughout most of the film…smh. Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts! 🙂

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