Movies in Review: “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”

Hmmmmmm…not really sure what to say about this one. I can say that when I saw the trailer I thought the movie would be entertaining and humorous because of Steve Carell. However my interested was a bit wavered with the addition of Keira Knightley. I’m on the fence with Knightley, and I can’t say I was too interested in seeing her in a “comedic” role.

This comedy-drama unfortunately had more drama than real comedy. As a matter of fact, I didn’t laugh once. This movie only had a running time of 104 min, but it felt like it exceeded that by 30 min. I honestly found myself falling asleep as we watch the characters stories unfold before the end of the world. The journey to fulfill their last wishes was long and dull. I disliked this movie because it was predictable to the end. I am trying to figure out who thought this story would be worth bringing to the big screen. By the time the credits rolled, I left the theatre feeling this film was totally unnecessary.

I like Steve Carell, but I can’t say I like Steve Carell with Keira Knightley in a comedy. This movie was  dry and dull, as well as predictable. Most critics gave it a so so rating, but I honestly can’t say that I liked it that much. It is as weird as the trailer, but less funny…D

*Side Note…for those of you looking for a review for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…Im sorry but I just couldn’t get myself to walk into the theatre to watch this movie. Every time the trailer played in theaters the audience would laugh. The trailer did not capture my interest, therefore this film would not receive my hard-earned cash with the purchase of a movie ticket. However my friend T of The Focused Filmographer has written a very entertaining write-up if you are interested to know how it was. Please check it out Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


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3 Responses to Movies in Review: “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”

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  2. Ok, so I finally saw this one and liked it a bit more than you did!

    I know what you’re saying about Carell and Knightley, but I found it to be rather delightful in its thoughts towards what a doomed world would be like. It def tossed in some surprises while still keeping you in wonder as to if the world really was going to end or not.

    I found myself a little shocked. Def not a blockbuster or exciting overall film. and Carell and Knightley don’t really explore new territory, but I still thought it was good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

    • Your the 1st person to say something positive about this film. It didn’t keep me in wonder at all. It was dull and the first movie in a while where someone told me they walked out on it…lol. The statement I can agree with you on is that its not a blockbuster…You Got That Right!

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