Movies in Review: “Madeas Witness Protection”

For all you non-Tyler Perry fans please save your breath and complaints about all of Tyler Perry’s movies playing out the same. It is what it is, and this movie falls in line with the rest of them. When I go to see Perry’s films I know that I am going to get the same format, I just want the movie to be funny, and have a half way decent story, if I also get a great acting performance, then that’s a bonus. So how did this one measure up? It was ok…

It wasn’t his worse. I definitely enjoyed this movie better than Madea Goes to Jail, or Madea’s Family Reunion…awful. The story was cool, but nothing grand. The one thing I enjoyed the most about this movie is that the character Madea was a big part of the story. She was the most entertaining element in this movie. The most annoying element however was Romeo. Again Perry always has a problem in all his movies with one of his characters laying it on too thick. Romeo was the culprit this time. He almost ruined the movie. Every scene he was in I cringed. I wanted him to be good, but unfortunately he was just awful.

I have nothing great to say about this movie. I would never call it a must see, but it wasn’t a bad watch. If you’re a Tyler Perry fan and need to get your fix, try checking this as a matinée. All others who are not as pressed, waiting for this to hit your local Redbox might be your smartest move…C


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  1. Momma taught me: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    …I guess with that, and reading your opening statement, then I’ve got nothing to say! 🙂

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