Movies in Review: “Savages”

Well it seems that Oliver Stones latest flick did not register with movie goers. It ranked a disappointing 4th, only bringing in 16.1 in ticket sales…smh. I wonder what it was that turned many movie goers off. I was personally intrigued by the trailer. It had all the elements I look for in a movie, a decent story, action, and a great cast that includes Selma Hayeck and Benico Del Toro. I can’t say what was missing to get viewers into the theatre, but I was anticipating this movie more than The Amazing Spider Man.

I can honestly say I was happy with this movie until the ending sequence. It was sexual, which didn’t bother me, it worked with the movie. There is a deep violence element, which kept the movie interesting. The story got a little lost, and wasn’t as tight as it needed to be, but it was easy to follow. Blake Lively had to be my least favorite character. It is obvious she was put in the movie for sex appeal. I honestly found her annoying and unfit for this character. I think her character need someone stronger. I was hoping for her to suffer a detrimental death just so I could feel like it was worth the time I had spent to watch her on screen…I know…that was mean…oh well.

However what Lively lacked Selma Hayek definitely made up for. Hayek was amazing and looked even better. If it weren’t for her and Del Toro, this movie might have found itself more fit for the dogs. Oliver Stone needs to recognize how to leave well enough alone. The dual ending to this film only killed the ending as a whole. When I felt like I may have been ok with the 1st ending, the 2nd came along and left a bitter taste in my mouth for both.

So like I said at the beginning of this review, I enjoyed this movie up until the end. Unfortunately an ending can make or break a movie for me, but luckily for Stone, this ending only left me bruised. For the most part, this movie was entertaining and I was interested to see how it would end. Too bad it didn’t end as strongly as I hoped, but it wasn’t an epic fail…kinda…C+


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  1. I enjoyed this movie at the…well…at the end when the credits rolled. del Toro was great in it though. But there was so much just, not good. ha

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