Movies in Review: “The Dark Knight Rises”

This was the most anticipated movie of the summer for me. Without a doubt I thought I would claim this as the best movie of the summer when I walked out of the theatre. With a 3hr running time I was expecting to be taken on the best ride of my life. Well…unfortunately this movie did not meet my expectations at all. I wish someone would step to me because of my views, because I honestly don’t have too many positive things to say.

When the movie started, I can’t say I really understood what the hell was going on. I was totally confused about all the memorials being held for Harvey Dent AKA Two Face. From what I remember he didn’t die at the end of the last movie, but was not represented at all in this film. But no worries, that was no big deal because the villain Bane was more than enough…kinda. This villain had so much potential, but in my opinion was not given full opportunity to shine. Maybe this is because the story was a little all over the place and had no real focus. There was really too much going on, that made for chaos.

There was a great deal of focus of Bruce Wayne coming out of hiding with a number of ailments to overcome…smh. There was also the addition of the cat burglar played by Anne Hathaway. Her infusion to the story caused a little confusion for me and I wonder if she was actually necessary if there we already had Bane. I can’t say I felt this installment was better than the previous with Heath Ledger as the joker. I was expecting to be amazed, but instead found myself underwhelmed. Unlike The Dark Knight, the action and gadgets were also lacking. There was the introduction of only 1 new gadget, which I wasn’t too impressed with. I was expecting great action sequences, but instead was bored to death with fist fights, and gun battles…lame.

I was upset that I was unable to catch this movie in IMAX, but after seeing it, was happy that I saved a few extra dollars. This installment is definitely not worth the extra dough. For all of you expecting to get that same feeling that Dark Knight gave us, will find themselves disappointed. I honestly found myself falling asleep more than once. As I was watching, I kept trying to hold on hoping it would get better. It didn’t…until the end. I can say that I did like the ending, or maybe I was just happy for it to be over…lol. I was hoping to give this movie rave reviews, but it hurts me that this is not the case. I know most of us rushed to be one of the first to see it. For those of you that decided to wait out the crowd, good decision…C+ 😦

Please leave a comment and let me know how you enjoyed this film. I honestly was going to give this movie a better grade, but I just couldn’t force myself to do it…


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8 Responses to Movies in Review: “The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. Man, I’m def gonna have to send you some energy drinks or starbucks cards to keep you awake for all of these movies you keep nodding off in! 😉

    I’m not certain, but it seems that it may have been a better experience if you might’ve watched the previous 2 within a close amount of time of viewing this amazing conclusion. So much in this film was true to the tone and words of the title. He had to rise from so much throughout the film. It’s not the same movie as The Dark Knight. It has a different focus and I wish that more reviews out there stopped comparing and took TDKR as it is. (Yours isn’t comparing, I’m just sayin.)

    the film DID get better? No? once it started moving after the first 30-40mins of foundation and background, it just took off and didn’t really stop. and Bane was so sinister!

    I’m sorry it didn’t meet up to the expectations you had for it. Hopefully a few more films in the future will. I really liked it and am sad, as you, to see your score for this film.

    • Lol @ ur first comment about me sleeping. But as u stated, the film didn’t pick up until 40min in. There was alot of background given at the beginning. And I did feel like maybe I should have watched the previous ones againbefore I stepped into the theatre as well…at least thats what this movie made me feel like because I was a little lost. I did not go in expecting it to be anything like The Dark Knight, but I guess I wanted it to be as thrilling. There were a number of stories that I had a hard time following. Not to mention that sometimes Bane was hard to understand, and sounded like a radio announcer. I wasn’t fond of what they made him sound like. I thought Bane was sinister, but somehow, not sinister enough. I do believe that the movie fit the title, but the rise of Batman wasn’t that entertaining to watch. Many comic book readers of this series said that they were satisfied with the ending. But I felt the story was bloated, andalittle dull. I was anticipating giving this film the best movie of the summer award. I guess it was my fault for going in with my expectations too high. You were right about it getting better at the end, because I really liked the ending. The ending alone had me on the verge of giving it a higher mark…but I couldn’t…

  2. 🙂 Are you going to go see it again soon? I saw it again last weekend and still enjoyed it

  3. GaryLee828 says:

    I watched this at the theater on the regular screen and was underwhelmed; but then I went back and watched on the IMAX screen and the difference was night and day; it really was the amazing movie it set out to be. They say some movies are meant to watch on IMAX, and this was one of them. It felt like watching 2 different movies on the regular screen or the IMAX screen. On the IMAX screen and advanced sound you could FEEL the score bursting thru the speakers and it felt like an entirely different experience. I don’t mean that it was overly loud and bursting your ear-drums out! It wasn’t an offensive loud; it was mixed to perfection, and didn’t hurt your ears or head at all; you could just hear it and feel it. The score was incredible and fit Bane to the tee.

    There was a lot going on, but the story was clear – even in the first minute; Harvey DID die at the end of Dark Knight; that’s why Commissioner turned his head as he laid on the ground; so the public would see him as Harvey Dent, Gotham’s white knight, and not Two-Face, Gotham’s dark knight. B/c Batman didn’t the public to discount everything Harvey Dent stood for, he and the Commissioner kept Dent’s transformation a secret, and Batman opted to take the fall as the bad guy so that he could go into hiding and the public to believe there is good in the world as Harvey Dent preached. This was what Bane revealed to Gotham after he blew up the football stadium. Everything does tie-in together and make sense; as above poster suggested, you should watch Batman Begins, then Dark Knight, and then watch this. This is the best trilogy of all-time. And Rises makes perfect sense. You just have to follow along very closely, and it may require multiple viewings to absorb everything.

    • Honestly I am not a fan of the Batman series. Dark Knight was the 1st Batman movie I decided to see, and of course that was because of Heath Ledger. I am not a follower of the story, so I am sure alot of what was going on was over my head. But I enjoyed Dark Knight without having to watch any of the earlier movies, but Dark Knight Rises didn’t fulfill me in the same way. Bane’s voice was annoying, the storyline of Batman being in hiding dragged, and I am not the biggest fan of Anne Hathaway. Her portrayal of “catwoman” I was on the fence about. What you explained below answered alot of my confusion with the film, but I still left the theatre underwhelmed.


      • GaryLee828 says:

        You would have liked it on the IMAX if not for anything else the music and high definition. I don’t like Anne Hathaway, either. But I learned that after doubting Heath Ledger as Joker not to question Christopher Nolan anymore. I thought she did a good job. But I still don’t like her much. She’s just overrated. And I get tired of hearing how “hot” she is when she isn’t. If you watch the DVD or rent the movie online you can turn on the subtitles and understand Bane better. It’s easier to understand him on the IMAX version b/c the sound is so much better. You may like the movie better with subtitles for Bane; he had the best dialogue in the movie.

      • Bane’s dialogue wasn’t the problem. I honestly couldn’t get past being annoyed at how his voice sounded. It is not likely that I will go out of my way to see this movie again. There are very few movies that get a repeat view from me, unless I catch them when they come on tv.


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