Movies in Review: “The Campaign”

I will be the first to say that I’m not a huge Ferrell fan. His movies are usually hit and miss with me. However the trailer for this movie had my interest and had me laughing. I was at least hoping that the movie would be half as decent as the trailer. Hmmmmm…well I’m happy to say that it was, and this Ferrell movie was definitely a hit.

For all Ferrell fans you are definitely in for  a treat. Ferrell and Galifianakis kick the humor into high gear. What I enjoyed most is that I actually believed Ferrell as a politician…in a way. This had to be one of my favorite roles for him. He wasn’t goofy funny, he delivered great comedy while also taking hold of his character. Galifianakis and his voice were enough to have you pissing in your pants, but he also gave so much more. You will easily find yourself cracking up. Jason Sudeikis also co-stars and he was a great addition. Loved his southern twang. I think they added Dylan McDermott for sex appeal…and all I have to say is Amen to that! Damn that man is fine! Oh, and he was funny too…lol.

I am just happy to say that this is a comedy that did not fail with the comedy, and had a decent story that kept it from entering a world of nonsense. I got more than I expected from this movie, so The Campaign has my vote…A-


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  1. Sounds good, in UK we have to wait a while until it comes out 😦

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