Movies in Review: “Sparkle”

Sorry my reviews for last weeks movie releases are so late, but I was on a much deserved vacation. I am sure most of you have already ran to the theatre to see this film. I know I was looking forward to seeing the late Whitney Houston do her thing on the big screen. I did not have high expectations for the overall film, I just wanted to see Whitney. Surprising enough, this movie was better than I expected it to be.

I enjoyed most of the performances. Jordin Sparks is not the strongest actress, but she did a decent job holding her own. Her voice is what took her over the top for me. With her voice, and decent acting, I wasn’t disappointed with her as the choice for the main character Sparkle. She was quite adorable, and gave the character what she needed. I enjoyed her and Derek Luke together, and I felt Luke made her better. Mike Epps was cool. I am happy to see him take on more serious roles, although that fight scene with his wife was a little wonky…lol. I loved Tika Sumpter, and wished her character had a more vocal role in the story. My least favorite character was Sister. They tried to portray her as the sexiest sister, but the actress who played her lacked in so many areas. There were scenes that showed seductive shots of her body, but there was no body to show. She had absolutely no curves whatsoever. In my opinion, she wasn’t that cute, and it was obvious that they worked hard to play down Sparks looks as to not upstage her. Eh…they could have done a better job casting with this one, but oh well…

Although she did not appear in the movie as much as I hoped she would, I enjoyed every scene Whitney Houston was in. This was my favorite performance from Ms. Houston. She really felt like the mother of the 3 women in the story. I thought she looked and sounded amazing…considering. In my opinion this movie is definitely worth seeing if it’s just for Whitney alone. If you are expecting great singing, you also won’t be disappointed because Jordin Sparks does her thang…that girl can sang! This is a great date movie, or personal matinée. This movie doesn’t sparkle as bright as some of you may hope, but there is a glimmer…B-


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