Movies in Review: “Lawless”

This movie was a must see for me when I first layer eyes on Tom Hardy in the trailer, but it lost a few points in my eyes when I saw Shia LaBeouf. Shia isn’t horrible, but I think his off-screen antics seem to get in the way of him reaching his full potential on-screen. Tom Hardy on the other hand can do no wrong in my eyes. So on that note, here are my thoughts…

The movie started out exceptionally slow in the beginning in my opinion. To the point where I was on the verge of giving up on this film. Shia LaBeouf was giving his usual performance, which is just ok, but I did believe and like his southern accent. But his southern accent made Mia Wasikowska seem out-of-place, as she had no southern twang at all. Honestly she had the same tone she seems to carry in every movie I’ve seen her in so far. As a matter of fact her character in this movie reminded me of the same character she played in Mr. Nobbs, which just made her boring.

I love Tom Hardy the most when he is playing a tough guy role, so needless to say, I was drooling over him in this movie. He didn’t say much, but the grunting he was doing was still enough to get his point across, and made for comical moments in the movie. He was my favorite character, but the plot of the movie didn’t pick up until Guy Pearce came into the picture. This is when the mayhem begins and doesn’t stop until the end. Pearce and his over sized center part were sinister, and made for a better movie.

Thanks to Pearce and Hardy’s performances, this movie was very entertaining to watch. I would recommend checking it out, but please be reminded to not let the slow start bore you to death because it does get better…B+


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4 Responses to Movies in Review: “Lawless”

  1. Also thought Tom Hardy was awesome, though probably for different reasons. Awesome review!

  2. Bravo! I, too, enjoyed this film very much. I just saw it again last night. the cast was superb and I was very impressed by Shia in the film. Pearce was so despicable! I was a little annoyed with Oldman’s “cameo” but overall, I am glad to see this high score from you.

    Go see Lawless everyone!

    • Yeah I was surprisingly pleased with Shia. Absolutely loved Hardy, and Pearce did his thing…dispicable is a good way of starting the description of his character. He had me shaking in my boots…lol This movie is definitely worth seeing…and Im glad u agree 🙂


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