Movies in Review: “The Possession”

It is no secret that Horror films are my least favorite genre of films, especially lately. The main reason is most of them are just plain stupid instead of being horrifying. So Possession was not a movie I was looking forward to, especially with a PG-13 rating attached to it. However I am a fan of Jeffery Dean Morgan, and the trailer had a nice “Exorcist” appeal to it. So when I entered the theatre I was hoping for the best.

I am pleased to say that the PG-13 rating didn’t hurt this movie much at all. With a rating like this, there was only but so far this movie could be pushed. It was pushed enough to at least be thrilling, and I can honestly say I found myself jumping a few times. For those of you who loved the Exorcism, this movie has a way of giving you the same scared feelings. I give alot of credit to the musical soundtrack in the film which helped to add to the scenes. Although it was PG-13, the opening scene freaked me out enough to almost leave the theatre…lol…I know, I’m a punk…

Possession had a decent story which kept the movie interesting instead of stupid. Keep in mind its rated PG-13 so don’t expect too much, but I think you will definitely get your monies worth…B+


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  1. haha. I can just imagine u in the theaters watching this one. I can’t believe this one won the box office both weekends. albeit two of the worst weekends of the year, but still…

    Not sure I’ll be seeing this one. but nice review.

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