Movies in Review: “The Bachelorette”

I am becoming a huge fan of Rebel Wilson’s comedy style. This is the only reason I went to see this movie. Unfortunately this comedy-drama lacked comedy, and was filled with too much drama. In my opinion there were just way too many characters with their own personal dramas that saturated a potentially clear storyline.

This movie is mistakenly titled The Bachelorette, because the story spent most of its time on the Bridesmaids than the actual bachelorette. Rebel Wilson did not add much to the comedy aspect of the movie, and I found this to be unfortunate. She wasn’t in the movie nearly enough, and she seemed to be playing a character that was unable to take advantage of her comedic acting. This was my least favorite role for her. It seems that most of the comedy was supposed to come from Isla Fisher, who wasn’t bad, but her character was a bit too much at times. Kirsten Dunst seemed to be the lead in the movie, but there was nothing exceptional about her acting. There are a number of other characters that added more chaos than clarity to the story. The whole “Dress” storyline that was obviously in place to hold the storyline in place was lame, especially because things that made absolutely no sense were put in place to make the situation bigger than what it was…smh.

In my opinion this movie tried too hard to be another Bridesmaids, but failed miserably. This movie could have used more character editing and more comedy. This movie is a mess, but not the worst mess I have seen…C+


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  1. I had no expectations of this being anything more than a Bridesmaids copy. meh. Thanks for braving this one for us!

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