Movies in Review: “Alex Cross”

I was not convinced with the trailer for this film. Every time I saw the trailer all I kept asking is “why the hell is Tyler Perry in this film”. The fact that Tyler Perry was cast in the lead role, almost had me counting this movie out. It was Matthew Fox’s character that kept me on board to give this movie a chance. However when opening papers Friday, critics had nothing good to say about the movie. Although I don’t read critics reviews, but I do skim their ratings of a film, and those were not looking great at all. So needless to say, my expectations dropped even further…

I’m sorry, but after watching this movie I have come to the conclusion that critics do not like Tyler Perry. This movie wasn’t as bad as the ratings that it was being given. I have seen worse films. The story was ok, I didn’t hate what was going on. I thought Matthew Fox made a great villain, but I thought they would show more of his torture than they did. His torture scenes were a little too watered down for me. They showed the result, but his process would have added so much more to this movie, in my opinion. But don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt that he is one ruthless character, but I still wanted more.

Tyler Perry as Alex Cross wasn’t as bad to watch as I thought it would be. When I first saw the trailer, I was wondering why Perry instead of someone like Will Smith. But Perry did his thing. I think the problem most people have is separating him from his character Madea. There was only one point in the movie where he starts speaking so quickly that he starts to sound like Madea, I think you will notice. But other than that, Perry was decent.

My only issue with this movie is that it could have been pushed further, especially Fox’s character. Other than that, it was a crime thriller that played out like most of them do, but it’s not the worse film I’ve seen. It was actually better than I expected…C+


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  1. this film’s reception (or lack thereof) actually was not Perry’s fault at all.

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