Movies in Review: “A Good Day to Die Hard”

A_Good_Day_to_Die_HardYippee Ki-Yay! Another Die Hard movie! Whooohoooo!…This is the excitement I felt when I watched the trailer for this film. Excitement filled my body as a fan of Bruce Willis, and the Die Hard series. I have anticipated being reunited with John McClane for months. After seeing a number of disappointing films this month, I was sure Die Hard would not fall into this category. Boy was I sadly mistaken…smh

This has to be the worse Die Hard movie from this series. I was over this film within the first 10min…wth. This film lacked everything that made the earlier movies so appealing. Instead of fun, wit, and charm there is just a lot of senseless movement, like the overdone car chase scene at the beginning of the film. I have never seen a car chase that I wanted to end so badly. The chase sequence was just as hard to follow as the point of this movie. Hardly anything made sense, starting with McClane’s estranged son. Ummmmm…where the hell did he come from? I do recall a daughter, but I do not recall a son. And to make matters worse, a back story explaining their relationship was never provided. As audience members, we are forced to take their relationship for what it is…womp womp.

This is an action film with too much action and not much of anything else. The direction of this film was horrible. This was the first time John McClane came off over the top and fake. The few scenes with dialogue were poorly executed, case in point, the cab scene. Seriously? This scene could have been edited down to a 1min shot…horrible. I understand this is Die Hard, but it seems dying is nearly impossible for McClane and his son, making the entire film horribly unbelievable.

This movie was a major disappointment. I wasn’t expecting much, but was hoping for a good time. By the second scene, I wanted out. Take my word for it, you will find yourself leaving the theatre hoping that McClane Jr & Sr never live to see another day…D-


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  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Taj. I refuse to believe this is a Die Hard movie, and if it is actually one: it’s crap.

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