Movies in Review: “Peeples”


I’m pretty sure most of you were not checking for this movie this weekend. I had very little interest in seeing this film myself, as the trailer looked like total nonsense. The only thing I enjoyed from the trailer was David Allen Grier, and S. Epatha Merkerson. The trailer however looked to have a faint resemblance to Jumping the Broom, but looked far less interesting.

And far less interesting it was…This movie did not come together at all. Except for Grier and Merkerson, everyone else seemed to be miscast. It was hard to believe the Peeples were actually related, or that Washington’s character would actually be in a relationship with Wade. I’m not trying to say that the acting was bad…well…Robinson was horrible, and Kerry was over the top with her funky facial expressions, and Tyler James Williams acting was on crack…ok ok…so the acting was bad…lol. The writing and story were super predictable and boring. I only laughed at one scene, which isn’t great for a comedy movie. On a positive note, everyone looked beautiful, and I did enjoy Grier and Epatha. They were a great match, and kept me from calling this movie an epic fail.

This movie is nothing to rush out and see. In my opinion it should have went straight to DVD. It’s an ok watch, but nothing you haven’t seen before. Catching this one on TV may be more appealing than a movie ticket purchase…C-


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2 Responses to Movies in Review: “Peeples”

  1. what I expected. but sad. I like Craig Robinson.

    LOL at Kerry Washington’s “funky facial expressions.”

    • Craig Robinson is cool. As a matter of fact, all of the actors/actresses in the movie are decent individually. They just weren’t believable or great together. There is no way you would believe Robinson and Kerry’s characters were in a relationship, or that the “Peeples” were actually related…smh. But seriously…Doesn’t Washington have some over the top facial expressions? And it’s usally centered around her mouth, and eyebrows…lol


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