Movies in Review: “The Hangover Part III”

The_Hangover_Part_3I don’t know why they felt it was necessary to extend Hangover to 3 movies, and after seeing the second installment, I wished they hadn’t. I had no clue what they had left to offer as far as this series was concerned, but I had already seen the first 2 movies, so I went just to see it to the end. The second movie had left such a bad taste in my mouth, I walked into the theater not expecting much from 3…and I’m glad I did…

Where 2 tried to be a repeat of the first Hangover, 3 luckily had its own story, nothing like the first 2. As a matter of fact, this 3rd installment worked to bring the storyline for all 3 movies together. There were some blotchy spots trying to meld all 3 films, but the idea was still good enough to be on board with it. What I enjoyed most about this movie was that the Wolfpack was now on a totally different adventure. I was so interested to see what was going to happen to them next. The beginning started out a little slow, but once the guys came together, the comedy never stopped. Allen to me has always been the funniest, but I liked that this wasn’t the case in this one. Each character carried their comedic load.

As funny as this movie is, there are scenes that are far less appropriate for the younger audience that in he first two movies. Some of the scenes were even shocking to me. Needless to say PETA is not a fan of this movie. I think this movie may not be appropriate for anyone under 13yrs…ijs.

Most women didn’t like 2 as much as then men did. Well don’t worry ladies, this one is a winner. I liked the movie to the end, and then the actual ending had me in tears! Please stay in your seats until the end. You will know its the end when you find yourself pissing in your pants from laughter…lol…B+


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2 Responses to Movies in Review: “The Hangover Part III”

  1. a B+? oh I hated this one! it was not funny and the story…what story? took them forever just to get into Vegas and there was almost NO hangover at all. ha.

    oh, I love it when we disagree. haha. The end was the ONLY funny scene. I am so glad the series is over! ha

    • If there was another hangover in THIS movie I would have shot myself. I liked that there was no Hangover, and that this story evolved as a result of their actions from the 1st Hangover. I laughed at this one way more than I laughed at the 2nd one. I thought Chow was a bit much at times, but I enjoyed the comedy performances from all the other characters. I do agree with you on one point…I’m glad its over too…lol


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