Movies in Review: “The Internship”

The-internship-posterI think it’s always wise to remind my followers that I am not a Vince Vaughn fan, and even less a fan of Owen Wilson. It’s not that I hate them, I often find their comedic styles to be flighty…if you know what I mean. It was only because I enjoyed these two in Wedding Crashers that I even gave The Internship any interest, although I was still expecting to far from overwhelmed. Well you know what? I am happy to say that I found myself to be pleasantly surprised.

As in Wedding Crashers, Vaughn and Wilson made an excellent team. Neither outshining the other, but providing the best compliment. The writing was decent, and was cute and funny. The comedy is far from reaching hilarious (although the dinner scene with Rose Byrne had me laughing out loud), it was funny enough and I enjoyed the movie. I would have to say that Graham was my favorite character as Vaughn and Wilson’s nemesis. There were parts of the story that were a little predictable and far-fetched, but nothing that ruined my totally ruined my enjoyment for the movie

Cute and funny is how I would describe this one. If you enjoy Vaughn and Wilson in Wedding Crashers, you won’t be disappointed with giving this one a go. It’s a great date movie, cute matinée, and enjoyable breezy movie to watch…B-

FYI…Due to a very busy weekend I was unable to see and review “The Purge”:(.


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