Movies in Review: “The Heat”

The_Heat_posterAlthough I disliked McCarthy in Identity Thief, her performance wasn’t bad enough to keep me from going to see this one. There wasn’t much to the trailer, but it was entertaining enough to spark at least a little interest in the comedic duo of Bullock and McCarthy. My expectations weren’t high, I was just hoping to maybe get a few laughs.

To my surprise this movie delivered more than a few chuckles. Thanks to McCarthy, I was cracking the hell up. McCarthy was on her A game. She delivered the best performance I have seen from her so far. I loved her in Bridesmaids like everyone else, but with more screen time her starred shined even brighter with this performance. Most of her performance felt as if she was improvising, making her delivery even more hilarious. Bullock and McCarthy made a decent team, although Bullock’s performance didn’t differ much from many of her other comedic roles. In my opinion, Bullock didn’t add much to the movie, but she didn’t take anything away from it either.

The story is predictable, but if you want a good laugh, this movie isn’t a bad watch. It’s a great matinée pick, or fun date movie…B-


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